Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Old Bikes

Considering what to do with the blog. I like the ride reports. I really don't like the bloviation and excessive share. I came across this post from '08 or so. Alot of turnover in 10 years. Only leaves the Litespeed in the daily stable. Geez.

87 Trek 410 Elance- black and red- Clarksville Schwinn- repurchased from my uncle
'88 Cannondale criterium road bike- blue- PA bike shop- in state of disrepair
('91 C'dale mtn bike-black- turned into great commuter- stolen)
('94 or so C'dale mtn bike- purple- stolen)
'93 Bridgestone RB-1- yellow and white- used personal
'95 or so C'dale hybrid- marroon- tricked out for commuting pleasure- Clarksville-bought with stolen bike $$- sold
'95 C'dale mtn bike- orange- sold to law student in OK
?? Trek hybrid- white- piece of shit originally for baby hauling-stolen from Mike
'99 Litespeed Blueridge- titanium- Clarksville
'01 Surly CrossCheck cross bike- pea green- Clarksville- son's
'03 Rans Rocket recumbent- Danville Bicycles-
'04 Redline singlespeed mtn bike- Clarksville- son's
'05 Surly Long Haul Trucker- puke green- ebay- sold, frame repurchased, to be sold
'06 Rivendell Bleriot- Hiawatha cyclery in MN. Juicy, sweet mount
'07 Cannondale F-29er Caffeine- Clarksville- purchased whimsically by my father unit while buying a birthday present- son's

the ones i couldn't part with are, in order, the:
1. Litespeed
2. Surly cross
3. Surly LHT
4. Rans
5. Redline single speed

More old posts (drafts) about bikes: "Meine Bykes"

  • IF Club Racer- YES!- Beautiful in every way. A benefit from a public sell-off that will never happen again. The fancy Campy shifty bits make me nervous. I trashed a bottom bracket early on with no justification save a bit of rainy weather. I can't afford to replace the Campy finery. It petrifies me and limits my usage. I constantly fight between wanting to keep it sleek, simple and fast- NOT a festooned, mudguarded all-rounder- and making it a usable bike. I don't train; I ride.
  • Litespeed Blueridge- STILL!- A 700c all-rounder that saw a new life with a new fork, raising the front end and cancelling out some wheel flop and toe overlap. The new do-it-all, especially in the muck. Less expensive than the IF, less grand, but perhaps quite as fine in its own way. I suggest you all buy Avid Ultimates. Best canti brake by far, ever.
  • Cannondale 29er- In ex-wife's garage supposedly for son- Don't remember model; it's a dumb name anyway. Gets the job done on the trails. A little piggish with the 29er geometry on our tight local trails. Those with more run like at BrownCo love it.
  • Kona Ute- STILL, but not much used-cargo bike. Most rides in last two years, many of them short and succinct. Great bike.
  • Rawland Sogn-YES!- reddish-orangy one. 650b. Nice all-rounder. Looking forward to trying it out some more. As of now it's set up as my commuter/gravel bike.
  •  Rivendell QB- YES!- My one RBW. SS only, but fits me like a (large) glove.  I go through spats of riding it all the time and then letting it rest.
I see no need to get rid of any of these. They're paid for and in hand. It's close to Grant's magic 7, a number which I respect.

In flux:
  • SSFrankenTrek- It's worth $100 maybe, although I got a sweetheart deal on some wheels back in the day. Considering those maybe it's worth $200. Maybe I'll list it. Is it worth it to sell? SS. Good in rain, Beatable with no remorse at all. 
  • Surly Troll 16"- Selling the frame and starting over. Sold my LHT to finance the new toy and didn't like the loadability of the Troll. Need a true touring hauler. For me personally, Troll wasn't it. It's FOR SALE.
  • Bridgestone RB-1- A wall hanging piece. Nice stable ride but a racing frame with limited space and adjustability. Needs to go, although a nice memento of the '90s. Still a great bike. FOR SALE, although not listed nor prepared just yet.

  • Redline 26" SS Monocog. Teenager #1 has taken this over as his neighborhood bike. He thrashes it as it was meant.
  • Surly Crosscheck- prolly 2nd year model of  CC. Never quite comfy on it although periods of active use. I'm 5'7.5". Teenager #2 is currently 5'3". The CC fits him great, so sizing too small for me. It's not 100% ready to go for him, but can be in 30min. He'll have a used CC to run in the future.
  • C'dale 'Criterium' road bike- gave it to my uncle. He can keep it as long as he likes.
  • C'dale mtbike orange- for LHT $$
  • C'dale hybrid maroon- for LHT $$. Nice, lightweight commuter.
  • Bianchi found bike- ended up through food chain to Lithodale.
  • Bleriot
  • Rans Rocket
  • C'dale mtbike purple- stolen from garage. Ridden prolly 5 times with birth of first child.
  • C'dale mtbike turned commuter- black w/pink. Loved it. stolen from garage.
  • Trek400- sold to uncle-purchased back and turned into SS

Let it snow?

Date: Feb 11 Mon
Mileage: 17.5 (Trek400)
February mileage: 98
Year to date: 368

Ah, the fresh exhilaration of the cool, no, cold winter air! I made a ride today that I would never had done 3 years ago. All these MN blogs, much less Doug and Jill's amazing wintry feats, have inspired me to ride in conditions previously thought un-doable. This morning I rode alone with temps around 12F. I bundled up pretty well and felt comfy except for feet. I wore a stripped wool/plastic bag/thick wool sock combo that left me cold digits after 25min or so. Suddenly I realized that I had purchased miraculous 'lady slippers' not long ago, but forgot completely about them. Tomorrow, I will use them to full effect.

This afternoon may be bringing a 'snow event'. Mind you northerners among my readers that we haven't had a sleddable snow in 3 years. The younger L is now 8 and hasn't had a "real" sled in that time. Ridiculous. Here in the mid-south/mid-midwest we have many a "wintry mix". Today, though, they upgraded us from 1"-3"+rain to 4"-8" legit. It was sorta fun feeling my first flakes with a kilometer from home. Hopefully tomorrow will mean sledding for the boys, a snow ride for me, and no school for all.

FS Bridgestone RB-1-DONATED

*Donated to a young bike-hungry friend. Good luck!* And to acquaint yourself with the Cult of the RB-1: