Let it snow?

Date: Feb 11 Mon
Mileage: 17.5 (Trek400)
February mileage: 98
Year to date: 368

Ah, the fresh exhilaration of the cool, no, cold winter air! I made a ride today that I would never had done 3 years ago. All these MN blogs, much less Doug and Jill's amazing wintry feats, have inspired me to ride in conditions previously thought un-doable. This morning I rode alone with temps around 12F. I bundled up pretty well and felt comfy except for feet. I wore a stripped wool/plastic bag/thick wool sock combo that left me cold digits after 25min or so. Suddenly I realized that I had purchased miraculous 'lady slippers' not long ago, but forgot completely about them. Tomorrow, I will use them to full effect.

This afternoon may be bringing a 'snow event'. Mind you northerners among my readers that we haven't had a sleddable snow in 3 years. The younger L is now 8 and hasn't had a "real" sled in that time. Ridiculous. Here in the mid-south/mid-midwest we have many a "wintry mix". Today, though, they upgraded us from 1"-3"+rain to 4"-8" legit. It was sorta fun feeling my first flakes with a kilometer from home. Hopefully tomorrow will mean sledding for the boys, a snow ride for me, and no school for all.


David Crowell said…
Was this from 2013?

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