Old Bikes

Considering what to do with the blog. I like the ride reports. I really don't like the bloviation and excessive share. I came across this post from '08 or so. Alot of turnover in 10 years. Only leaves the Litespeed in the daily stable. Geez.

87 Trek 410 Elance- black and red- Clarksville Schwinn- repurchased from my uncle
'88 Cannondale criterium road bike- blue- PA bike shop- in state of disrepair
('91 C'dale mtn bike-black- turned into great commuter- stolen)
('94 or so C'dale mtn bike- purple- stolen)
'93 Bridgestone RB-1- yellow and white- used personal
'95 or so C'dale hybrid- marroon- tricked out for commuting pleasure- Clarksville-bought with stolen bike $$- sold
'95 C'dale mtn bike- orange- sold to law student in OK
?? Trek hybrid- white- piece of shit originally for baby hauling-stolen from Mike
'99 Litespeed Blueridge- titanium- Clarksville
'01 Surly CrossCheck cross bike- pea green- Clarksville- son's
'03 Rans Rocket recumbent- Danville Bicycles-
'04 Redline singlespeed mtn bike- Clarksville- son's
'05 Surly Long Haul Trucker- puke green- ebay- sold, frame repurchased, to be sold
'06 Rivendell Bleriot- Hiawatha cyclery in MN. Juicy, sweet mount
'07 Cannondale F-29er Caffeine- Clarksville- purchased whimsically by my father unit while buying a birthday present- son's

the ones i couldn't part with are, in order, the:
1. Litespeed
2. Surly cross
3. Surly LHT
4. Rans
5. Redline single speed


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