Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fall Plans

There's been lots of talk on google+ about bike plans among the bike guys of late. I have 3 rides lines up, one per month. That'll keep me sufficiently motivated and excited, but it will also allow for soccer and cross country time too. So:

  • Sunday 9/25- I'll be driving up to Brown Country, finally, for a half-day of trail riding up there with Apertome and Dave G. EVERYBODY talks about how fun the BC trails are. Also, mostly everybody talks about them in terms of good flow instead of gnarly technical challenges. I like that.
  • Sat/Sun 10/22-3- At least 3 of us will be going to Red River Gorge for a 1-night bikes+camp weekend. We'll drive down early Sat and take in 100K of E.KY/DanielBooneNF mixed-terrain goodness. After a good camp we'll do the 28m RRGorge Loop, road in nature this time, before heading home at lunch Sunday.
  • Lastly the posse is all planning on taking on the Gravel Grovel, Saturday 11/26. That's another 100k worth of pure gravel, double track and some singletrack. Given it's status as a "race", we/I'll need to be in reasonable shape to not miss any cut-offs.
Big Fall. Exciting stuff. I was just prepping a bike for a 50m "training ride" tomorrow morning moving out at 5.00am and thought to myself that I'm really enjoying bike riding these days. The older I get, the better it is. Can't say that too often.


Apertome said...

I've been meaning to do a similar post. I'm on fire excited about all of these rides. And I agree, they are spaced apart just enough to keep from overwhelming, but close enough that the gap between doesn't feel too long.

LvilleTex said...

@Apertome, Completely agreed!!! Hope this weekend doesn't get rained out. I'll be on the bike regardless.

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