Sunday, November 09, 2014


We rode our bikes today, in the blue, breezy, crispy sunshine of November.

We found gravel and hills galore, spread out before us like a patchwork quilt of evergreen, shrub, deciduous, and leaf.

I wouldn't say we made new friends, but we did reacquaint with some, and found a few four-legged kinds to bond with too.

Sometimes the best pace was the right pace, one for gabbing, not for achieving (right, Pondero?).

Although mellow and conversant, every now and then we had to perk our ears and rise to the occasion. Conditions demanded a feathery, firm grip.

I daresay it wasn't all fun. Sometimes the gravity just seemed to suck us down more than we would have liked. But we kept on keeping on.

Things got even more bumpy before our lunch stop. We weathered the baby heads with a deft touch.

Reservoir Road demanded a big smile, hearty lungs, and a complicit agreement that failure is relative.


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Anonymous said...

We have to submit ourselves to riding slow when we travel on dirt roads. I'm fine with that but I know many who cannot adjust to life under 20 MPH on a bike.

Loved the photos. Nice work.

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