Monday, September 26, 2011

Golly Gee, I've been better. Work was a Monday. Same ol', same ol', but I was sort of wiped all day. By the time I got home my head was pounding, but L had soccer prac so I wanted to continue my new-ish tradition of riding during his practice.Dave was wandering around so he met me down on the river and we took an *easy* bike stroll. Post-work and pre-home I went by Swag's Sports Shoes- a running store I first visited literally back in '83 or so- and bought another heart rate monitor, in this case a Polar F6, which they sold me for a very fair price about $30 under the online list price. I have an older Polar which is sans battery at the moment. The prob with Polar is that they strongly suggest you send them back to the workshop for a new battery and re-pressurizing and such. So, if you have to do the switch you're out your HRM for a few weeks. Now I have 2. Overkill? No, I've decided not at all. I'm going to use one on most of my workouts both to improve my workouts, i.e. to not go too hard, and to have data on file if I have another "issue". I think it's $$ well-spent.

Dave and I did almost an hour, an easy hour, even more subdued by the headache. By the end of it I was experiencing heart burn too. Geez! But I got a workout in, which is better than nothing.

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