Saturday, September 29, 2012


Los 3 Amigos ventured yon for a S15O last night. We planned it such that the dads (with childrens at home) could do the family thing, which for me meant a nice date to El Mundo with 2 absurdly fine margaritas to start the evening. Perhaps that's why I was so giddy for much of the night.

Our 7.00pm meetup at the Loop became more like 7.20 with Patricia running late. In our usual fashion of always stopping, we first stopped by Dave's house so I could better air up my rear tire. 35lbs on the 650b wasn't ideal with a rear load. Our route had us roaming through Old Louisville and down 4th street in a bit of a round-about way to better avoid an athletic contest I won't name. We made another stop at the gas station to pick up more crap, you know, Gatorade, cookies, snack crackers, Tums, etc. Instead of running out Manslick, the usual hook-up to the SWJeff area, we three fatly took our lane on 4-lane New Cut and cut straight into Fairdale, again stopping by the office dropbox to get the permit, and then on to the Holsclaw climb, where I kept out of the big ring so as to not embarrass Patricia. Dave walked, as expected.

The events, so far gay and sprightly, took an interesting turn when we arrived at our campsite, which I had paid for and reserved previously. We first saw a car and then a tent tucked back deep at the site. "Okay, here we go!" We had paperwork and numbers so we didn't think it would be too much of a problem. It became more complicated when we learned that the squatter in question was a deaf-mute guy. He found some paper and a pen and an awkward conversation ensued, the end result being that he moved his tent down by his car, still a perfectly agreeable spot. Tears were shed. By him. Really. At the time I personally felt guilty to cast out the poor handicapped guy. Further reflection says that he's a mobile adult who is capable enough to drive there and squat. If that's the case, he's capable enough to unsquat. Strange.

Once that weirdness was resolved the remainder of the evening ensued: good beer, good fire, good fellowship.

In August I slept pretty well in the tent set-up, but last night was rough. Either via user error or damage my pad lost air, so at around 6.00 I awoke suffering from: hard cold ground, gas, headache, cold with mostly unzipped sleeping bag, loud talking from neighboring mom, anything else? Oh, I had to pee too. After that I blew the pad back up, zipped up and fell asleep hard for another 40min until everyone started rustling about.

We had a quick cup of coffee and hit the road due to family obligations. I had a rough trip back but we were efficient enough that we had time for a full breakfast at Twig-n-Leaf where I celebrated our mini-adventure with biscuits and gravy. Apt.

And now I suffer.


Pondero said...

Interesting story, yet so many unanswered questions. Since temps have dipped below triple digits, I'm looking forward to a fall overnighter. Thanks for the inspiration.

Scott Loveless said...

S15O? That's impressive. Most of mine involve a car, and a long drive to get somewhere that's fun to ride. Then farting around and taking too long to get moving in the morning before riding back to the car and driving home. S24O? More like S36O.

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