Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Coffeeneuring, Controle 1

In keeping with the 2013 3rd annual CC, I'm now at 1/7. This past Sunday, after a brisk Saturday tempo ride, I rambled and ambled to Quills and then Highland in the same morning, giving me one "check" at my first control. Per rules, I'm going to have a problem with the lack of photo documentation. I did have a g+ check-in at Quills, so that will have to suffice. As to details:

11.4 miles
Ambling, ramling tour with some bird watching and easy miles.
Quills (930 Baxter Rd. location): 1/2 caf au'lait + pumpkin bread. Sat outside and enjoyed the cooling temps.
 Highland Coffee (1140 Bardstown Rd.): small decaf, bacon/parmesan quiche plus a little NYT to pass the time. Busy and found one of the few open tables.

I think some of the rules might put me in a spot of bother, but I will survive. As such 7 different locales could demand a bit more creativity, as I often take advantage of Quills and Highland Coffee. I think I'm up for it, with 6 more trips up until the 11/17 cut-off.


amidnightrider said...

My nutritionist soon to be daughter in law suggested I give up coffee. I really don't know if life is important enough to go on without coffee.

LvilleTex said...

Booze or coffee? Hopefully no one ever makes me choose.

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