Sunday, March 02, 2014

Optimum Yes, Optimum No

David and I rolled out for a coffee this morning, both of us needing to stretch the legs with this crazy winter. Yesterday was a very nice one in Louisville, with temps above 50F, and a mild, Spring-like feel. Instead of riding I dithered and dathered, finally ending up with a nice walk with the wife in Joe Creason Park. Nice.

This morning, though, we are awaiting Snowmageddon III or whatev, with ice and heavyish snows coming our way. Or not. The Ohio River has an interesting and profound effect on weather, and often spares us the winteriness that S.IN. experiences. That said, while waiting for Dave at Breadworks, God began crying in earnest. By the time of our roll-out, it was a nice 33F and raining heavily. We were cold.

We wynded out way through the 'hood and Cherokee a bit before stretching into the faint mud along the Beargrass Trail. Amid the gloom only the Mallards made an appearance. We shortly made a decision that more coffee would be much more satisfying than more wet, cold miles, so our attention was turned to the new Gralehaus, a cafe behind the popular Holy Grale beer heaven. I had an Americano, Dave a pour-over, whatever that is. The pic below shows my egg and biscuit. I believe Dave an an egg crepe. It was a fun change of pace, but I think my advanced age and mundane lifestyle did not contribute to the ambiance of what might be the hippest place in Louisville. Trying so hard. That said, it was packed and we were lucky to be just in front of 12 or so visitors, some of which were turned away due to lack of seating.

We parted ways to look for dryer options. Once home, I cleaned off the chain, rims, and pads of the Sogn, thinking all along that the cSogn, as it stands now, is about as good an all-rounder as I can imagine. I'm sorry, but I like the fit and fortitude of it better than the Atlantis. I just seem to trust it more, and care about it less, which is to say care less about nicks and scratches and such. It has been great with 35s and drops, great with Jones' and 2.2"s, and now great with 2.0"s and alt-drops again. Perched atop the fire-engine red mount, I imagined myself barreling through any and all manner of terrain and situations, loaded to bear. It's nice when a mount works, and the cSogn, for me, is working indeed.


Pondero said...

That Rawland sure does look to be everything you describe it to be. The set-up appears balanced, proportional, and just right.

I admire you two for getting out, even for coffee, in such weather. It was 83 and sunny yesterday, and now (less than 24 hours later it's 22 with wind and sleet.

David Crowell said...

I appreciated the wake up call to get me up and moving. It was nice to stretch the legs (even in the cold and wet) rather than lay around the house again.

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