Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunset 'cross

I spent all weekend in a rotovirus-induced haze. Full on "bleeehhhhhh". Today I took a restorative nap at work from 1.40-2.20. I'm sorry for all you taxpayers that I spent 40 tax-supported minutes asleep, but it was better than $80 or whatever they're paying subs these days. With nap in hand, I convinced Dave to meet me for our usual Monday night 'cross ride, although this was to be a bit more relaxed than our usual "hot laps". We rolled around RRCC a bit and then linked to the Eva Bandman course which has been ridden in recently in preparation for the Storm the Greens race there this weekend. So far for this Fall I'm 0/2- no camping and no cross. Now I have to get extra-focused for Gravel Grovel. The EB course has a nice mix of steep short ones, sand, twisty turns, grass drags and a few steps thrown in. Given my present fitness and health I'm glad I'm not racing, but I think I'll have to head down this Sunday for some pics.

My hero, Dave, 'crossing it up in work clothes on a LHT.

A crew doing crew on the Ohio at sunset.

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Anonymous said...

This is awesome. You guys rule!

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