Sunday, March 24, 2013

So, something arrived.

Much of the nerdy end of the blogosphere has migrated for daily minutia over to google+, for good or ill. I suspect none of us need to read brain farts in paragraph form, so in that sense it's a positive step. The unfortunate part, though, is that I think there is a bit less content to read out there. I posted a few pics onto G+ earlier this week about a box that arrived on my doorstep, so I though I would throw them on here, mostly to impress Chris. Maybe the post will be exciting enough for Doug to make an appearance, because his bike opinions (amid others) are valued, but his blog is invite-only now.

So, as some may know, I sold my trusted LHT frame last summer to a fine gentleman from Lexington, who from appearances is using the bejeebies out of it. As expected. It was/is a great bike and I regret selling it. As to date, I've sold the following bikes (in no order): Rans Rocket, C'dale mtbike, Bleriot frame, LHT frame, C'dale commuter (nice bike, that one), Bianchi steel road bike I found on the street. There might be something else in there. Life is vexing.

I used the funds from the LHT and purchased a Surly Troll frame/fork to augment my mixed-terrain, off-road touring options. I wanted "new", "shiny", "bling". I've put my thoughts of the Troll down in print several times, so they are there for all to see. It's an interesting bike, but in the end, I have decided to move on. I tried to sell it once to limited consequence. I received many a nibble, but the hook thusly dangled. Recently I have been very stressed with my tennis coaching. I have found it unrewarding, stressful and unsatisfying. It provides a reasonable income to fun family projects like soccer, tires, tune-ups, sax lessons, etc. It serves a purpose, but I just wanted out. After some soul searching I decided to move in a different direction. I took some my the proceeds I earned with those many hours and bought myself a new project, one I hope works to adequate ends. A seller- Frank- on the RBW group had a 56cm Atlantis for sale. My size. My exact size. And furthermore, it was a 26" model, which is my preference in a touring bike. I like the stronger wheel. I like the proportionality of the smaller wheel with the smaller frame; I'm not a basketball player, mind you. As we know, too, the Atlantis has symbolized the RBW philosophy for these many years with few changes. None have been needed. This Atlantis frame/fork/HS arrived from Frank in excellent condition, which reflects the seller. He could not have been a nicer person to work with. My future negotiations will mirror his approach.

The general build list- not RBW spec- will follow the pics. Once engaged and rideable, I will post a series of pics to better capture such a great bike, a potential great bike. If the future Atlantis can ride as stoutly as the LHT but with a bit less piggishness, then I will have found a remarkable mount, one I hope carries me along the West Coast and across America at some point. However it may be, tennis practice seems a bit brighter of late. More to come.

Nitto B-135 Rando bars (from LHT)
DiaCompe brake levers
Shimano bar-ends
Nitto Technomic stem
HS- ?? came with bike (well cared for)
Shimano 105 front mech (leftover from Bleriot)
Shimano Deore LX rear mech (from Troll)
VO setback SP and Brooks (from LHT)
Sugino triple (from Bleriot)
RBW Grip King pedals (from Bleriot)
BB- to be purchased
SON/Aeroheat front wheel + IQ CYO light
Shimano LX/?? rear wheel- New wheel to be built
VO cages (will be changed out for King cages. The cost-efficient gold standard)
Tubus Logo while touring
OMM Lowrider while touring- Am looking into Canti mounts, as this is an early gen Atlantis w/out mid-fork mounts

**Much of this comes from the remains of the Bleriot, which was to be used on a new 650b frame. Instead I ended up with an entire cSogn. The other comes from the Troll, which will be parted and sold unless an agreement can be reached for more parts.

I can't deny. The image of the summer cycling season in Keen sandals, laden for some days of wandering evoke a state of mind difficult to attain in the cold miserable wet of mid-March. It's been a tough Spring. This ray of sea foam sunshine does quicken the pulse a bit.


Scott Loveless said...

Oh, dear FSM, that's purty. As I gradually piece together the XOXO I've also been tinkering a bit with the MB-2. The MB-2 is now my fully-loaded touring bike. It deserves pick-a-tures and it's very own blog post, too.

Meanwhile, if you need another mid-fork mounting solution, I've had super good luck with the Tubus aluminum alloy fork mounting kit.

LvilleTex said...

Just took a look at rhe Tubus solution. A little cleaner and less ghetto than P clamps. And, yes, please post on the XOXO. Schwag must be studied.

Pondero said...

This is fantastic!

I saw this one come up for sale, and paused to consider it myself. But couldn't pull the trigger.

I'm really happy to see one of my buddies snagged it! You're going to love that bike.

Doug said...

Very excited for you. Back in 2008 when I bought my LHT I was seriously considering an Atlantis. In the end I went with the less expensive option. I'm happy with my LHT, but there are times I wish I'd scraped up the extra dough for the Atlantis.

Looking forward to seeing the final build and all the ride/trip reports done on it. Have fun.

Bone said...

If g+ is the hot new thing, then that makes blogging the retro-grouch, downtube-friction-shifters of the Internet.

Nice bike.

Unknown said...

I am jealous. I have wanted an Atlantis for many years.

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