I sold my LHT frame to Derrick from Lexington today, a somewhat bittersweet moment, more than I had anticipated.  It was showing its age and so I decided to sell the 26" LHT and move everything over to the new Troll. The (out-of-focus) pic above was the from Parkers Mt. Fire Rd. in the final 10m of our Big South Fork camping/biking adventure in 2010, personally my favorite adventure by bike. The pic below is from our mini-tour this June '12, a grand time except for the day of cold rain.  

The LHT carried me, more than anything, on many commutes, along with numerous gravel miles. It served me super-well. Derrick's household is full of bike usage, bike love and bike adventures, so I'm pleased that it's being passed along well. I only hope that my Troll can serve me as well as the LHT did. 

Adios amigo, ugly pea-green rusty bike thing.


Apertome said…
Craziness. Honestly it's a little hard to believe it's gone. The Troll seems to be a worthy replacement but yes, you went far on your LHT. It does help that it went to a good home. Can't wait to see the Troll in person.
Pondero said…
Love the Troll. Probably too much. It probably compliments my current collection as well as anything, but I'm trying to not think about that.
Doug said…
Sad to see the LHT go. But it will be keeping my old Cross Check company in Derrick's garage. Derrick has a knack for finding deals on used Surly's.
DerrickP said…
That's right! It's funny how similar the acquisition of this bike is to when I got your CC. The timing lined up perfectly to what my needs were at the time. The LHT will certainly get as much saddle time as your CC is getting!

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