Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i'm in the thick of my world unfortunately being dominated by high school tennis. this is the best chance we've had to win a state title and i've let that goal dominate my life this spring. i haven't ridden in forever and haven't done much of anything else either except go to the boys' soccer games when i can.

the last 2 mornings i've chosen to get out and take a kind of meditative walk, maybe 1 mile+ or so, just to get the blood moving. it's been very refreshing and it's a bit easier to do than get the bike out and all that. one day this silliness will all end and i'll redevelop a normal bike-centered routine.

on the health front, i'm alive. my meds seem to have calmed my ticker. i had my first booze, 2 beers, on Sunday in what seems like 2 months, which for me is a record. this Thursday i go for a sleep study overnight. we'll see whether the sleep apnea thing is legit; they've found a correlation between afib and that condition. a 'darth vadar mask' might be on the horizon for me. if it helps, i'll take it. don't know if the good wife wants that kind of noise in the bedroom, but it will work out.

i'm not practicing anything of late, mindfulness, meditation, good diet, healthy regimen, kindness. i'm just stressed and grumpy. it's a pretty dumb way to live life. but there is always tomorrow, right?

peace to everyone.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Am I a cyclist?

Date: April 13 Sunat
Mileage: 18 (LHT)
April mileage: 18
Year to date: 460

Wow! A little shocking! I entered the mileage from today's ride into my Excel program and found that I had done 1 11-mile ride in March and this was the first in April. The March ride was an epic- albeit short- one in a near Blizzard. Thusly, today's ride was the first standard road ride or commute since February. In looking at some previous entries I found that the recurrence of the Afib happened in early March, so since then it's been various shades of disorder, doctors, and a fair amount of tennis responsibility. To honor today's Paris-Roubaix, I took on the elements here at home, 40F and raining, choosing the LHT for its fenders and existing dirt. Having not ridden in forever, I took things very slowly and casually. I even walked one time up a not-so-big hill; I just felt the need to. Really they were somewhat bizarre conditions to take a ride in after experiencing 60s and 70s in Hilton Head. Oh, I went there last week on a tennis trip. Why? Well, we have a good team and I'm trying to give it the ol' college effort. I can't help, though, wanting more free time for my own health and well-being.

Today's ride was nice, though. I took in St. Matthews and the parks. I almost ventured towards the river but found I lacked the energy. I'm experiencing a little dizziness, which is listed as a side-effect on my med. Is there a correlation? Don't know. I also have to have a follow-up for potential sleep apnea. The first consult is Wednesday. Apparently (I'm asleep, of course) I snore and with my "chunky" body type I'm a candidate. I just figured you slept less well with age. Now I'm off the wine and caffeine, so the sleep apnea and ensuing oxygen loss may be the next culprit for the Afib. Who knows, but life is going one. I ain't done yet.

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