Thursday, October 30, 2008


Date: Oct 30 Thurs
Weather: 60F
Mileage: 10+2
October mileage: 306
Year to date: 2473

Se me perdio el mojo. I'm a rhythm guy and I've lost my it. A week or more of intense gunk and the loss of the morning routine have my commuting difficult lately. Fact is, we're getting our tile this week after a year without a kitchen. That is something to celebrate, behold as a gift to the family and to our peace of mind, but it means that I don't have access right now to my clothes-strewn bathroom. No excuses though. I prepared a paper bag of appropriate cycling clothes last night to ride, but waking up with snot and a scratchy throat do not make jumping out of bed for a coldmorning ride easy. On top of that is the fact, well, BMC. I'm out of routine and that is that.

Tonight I'm going to a Rawk Show here in the 'Ville, going to see the Drive-By Truckers and the Hold Steady on their Rock-n-Roll Means Well tour. I rode the Trek401SS down there to buy tix (with an extra 2m from Wednesday when the boys and I went to Staples and home). The best would've been to rid down a little later, watch the show and then ride home, but I need to come back and support the kiddies' trunk-r-treat even at church. There was good chocolate to boot (oops, pun, boot? getit?), but now it's a quick entry of an actual bike ride and then a rawk show to razzle dazzle. Being a bit more mature, I'll decide whether to rock into the morning or whether at some point I'll say, "OK, fun, but it's bed for me". I predict I last until 11.30, at which rawk music saturation will take hold and I'll pull a Duran. "No mas!"

Tomorrow it's back on the horse. The weather will be nice, so a 30m day should get me back into the groove for a 3-grand year.

Monday, October 27, 2008


Date: Oct 27 Mon
Weather: 40F/46F cloudy
Mileage: 15
October mileage: 294
Year to date: 2461

I sit here with a bemused grin on my face. I rode for the first time since last Monday, having licked 80% of the great ick that had beset me last week. It was somewhat chilly this morning, so I moved to thicker gloves and a warmer headband. The plan this afternoon was for me to stay after and get some extra work done and then go to the boys' school at 4.30 to help set up for tonight's band concert. I did so dutifully. Upon arrival, I found that everything was already set up- tables+chairs, band, orchestra and choir pits and food tables in the lobby. The fam was to meet me there at 6.00, 'Z's call time. I hemmed and hawed as to whether the good wife should bring the truck down to transport me home, as I'm not feeling entirely perky and ready for a 9.00p.m. return home. I finally grew some and said, "no way. I'm riding!".

Since the concert set-up was a go, I decided to rideo on home to meet them here and go back down to the show with en carro. Riding up the street I notice no wife car. Oops. I come in to find no wife nor children. Oops. I have an overwhelming suspicion that they left early to grab some supper since I wasn't here. Well, now I'm home but they're not. I have to go back down to the concert, so that's not an option. The option IS whether to ride back down or drive. Again, if I could ride down and get a tote home that would be the best. I'm still tired enough and still snifly enough to not want the 9.00 shift. I predict that I drive down and destroy all that good commuter karma I've spent the day building up. Oh well.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Beckham, Figo, Ronaldo, Zidane, Raul
Impressive lot, the Galacticos were.
They didn't win much, oddly enough.
  • Real pulls out the ugly-but-fun 3-2 win over Bilbao. Mean match with lots of fouls, sketchy calls, pushing and bitching by Bilbao's manager. That said, some of the goals were "cracking", in Ray Hudson's parlance.
  • I have no comment about the UKvFlorida result from Saturday. It seemed that this modern version of UK had distanced themselves from that kind of performance. I question whether they'll win another game this year, and I'm not trying to be a "boo bird".
  • I was actually on the bike today for about .4m, but turned around. I'm tired, and this past week has been downright awful physically. I got through the weekend soccer driving- thanks LuvDug down in the 'Green- but I'm just bushed. This week is busy, but if I can get some pep back, I'm back on the horse, hopefully.

Friday, October 24, 2008


Still full of it. I felt better yesterday, but had a disjointed sleep again last night so today has been tiring. I didn't ride again, meaning it's the first 4-day stretch of non-riding since late July when the boys and I went to NY. I hope to be back on the horse soon.

I'm feeling the need to get into the gym a bit. I've done really good mileage since June and the only thing to happen, other than really liking my miles, has been to gain weight. I ride. I burn calories. It makes me hungry. I eat. I eat shit. I gain weight. I lost more weight- what is now 9 years ago when I lost 40 and toned up- lifting weights than I have doing anything else. It takes substantial discipline, though.

Oh well, such is life. 'L' has a soccer tournament in Bowling Green, so we're off tonight to see the LuvDug and maybe cuz' A. We'll be back tomorrow (except that 'L' and I have to go back Sunday morning). With that soccer will be over for the winter months and I'll be jacking up the Saturday morning mileage. Even with the lost week I want 3,000 for the year and it's achievable.


Thursday, October 23, 2008


After Monday's effusive enthusiasm for getting in the pedaling "zone", my zone came a-tumblin' down just he same night. Out of nowhere, around 10ish, a great virus descended upon my body rendering me incapable of anything save bitching and moaning. Since then I've dealt with a deep chest hack, a painful hack, with the required stuffy nose, soreness, foggy mind and, again, inability to be in the least bit productive. I haven't missed work, but should've yesterday after a rotten night's sleep. Today I feel marginally better, but still about a 2/10. Yuck. I won't be reaching 400m this month unless I have an amazing week next week, and I know I have activities all this weekend (soccer, but only 1 more tournament). I can't imagine how folks like reflectorcollector do it. It took a full-on 't-boning' to keep him off the bike. Does he not get nasty chest colds/viruses? I'm thinking about Sunday as a goal for the next bike ride, but really it just sounds painful right now.

Monday, October 20, 2008


Date: Oct 20 Mon
Weather: 41F/68F sunny
Mileage: 16
October mileage: 278
Year to date: 2445

First morning in a while where I felt "cold" at 41F. I know that in 2 months this will be balmy, but I had to wear warmer gloves and a wool hat. I can't seem to find my wool tights- i have a sneaking suspicion they're at work- so i had to find other tights as well. i wore a long-sleeved wool base, a short-sleeve wool top and a thin windbreaker. It worked pretty well. I went the part route this morning and at some point got this stupid grin on my face for most of the ride. There was nowhere else I would've rather been than on the bike in the cold-ish in the dark on the LHT with the SON doing the job. It was great and that mood carried through the rest of the day. I wish I could bottle that for other days too. Maybe I can. Just ride more and let it all release.

There's a Buddhist meditation chant that can do anybody some good:

Breathe in/Breathe out
Breathe deeply/Breathe long
Be calm/Be at ease
This is the Perfect moment/Every moment is a Perfect moment

I know many a cyclist have hit that moment, that relaxed, steady perfect moment where you just turn the wheel and that's all you do. That's meditation my friends (and I hate that McCain has stolen that from us). Be in the moment. And this morning, I was in that moment.

Peace and happy miles.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sports Notes

  • An article about la Furia Roja. They have so much talent in the attack that it should be an interesting qualification and Copa Mundial.
  • The Cats came back with a big win, proving what a terrible fan I am. I saw a few portions of the game and lost any hope of a positive result and didn't watch the end, you know, the last 5 minutes when they scored 2 TDs to take the win at home vs. my homestate of Arkansas (born in Monticello).
  • The 'Boys lost again, leaving everyone flummoxed at the amount of talent and the lack of results. I'm not a huge NFL fan, leaving only a Cowboys run to interest me. That said, they haven't done a damn thing in the playoffs in a long time, so at least I won't waste Sundays in December on football.
  • Real came back in a wacky game to win the Madrid derbi in dramatic fashion, in the 6th minute of stoppage play on a PK. Drenthe was taken down for the 2nd time in s.p. giving Higuain a chance to take the 1-2 win for Real, snatching victory from the jaws of a draw. Both teams played the entire 2nd half a man down, and this after Ruud scored in the 34th second- yes, second- to put Real up early. I missed it b/c I thought it was Sunday, and came in from 'L' soccer to watch the last 5 minutes including the winner.
  • And finally, 'L's team lost Saturday and tied today to bring us close to a fall-season end of minor futility. I haven't seen a team suffer so at the hands of gods of fate in the while, so many lucky goals and so many unlucky bounces. As is said, you make your luck.

Fall Ride

Date: Oct 17 Fri
Weather: 62F overcast
Mileage: 14
October mileage: 233
Year to date: 2400

Date: Oct 19 Sun
Weather: 62F sunny
Mileage: 29
October mileage: 262
Year to date: 2429

I had an anonymous commute Friday, staying to watch tennis and then crawling home on the TrekSS. An effect SSs certainly have is that, when tired, they're not quite an amenable as geared mounts. I completely goofed in the morning and had both front lights go out. The Niterider obviously did not have another 30min in it and went out mid-ride, and the flashie PrincetonTek is so dim as to have no impact. Should all bikes have SONs on them, at least those which may see darkness? May be.

After yet another weekend of soccer (almost over), I spirited myself away for an afternoon ride in the Southwest co. area. It only took me 15min to drive to Iroquois Pk. Driving to a ride is something I rarely do, but I wanted rural roads and I didn't feel like town traffic, something I see every day on the commute or as an entryway to the country. From there I did the usual Manslick/3rd St./Manslick/Penile route to get into the more rural roads. First, a word about "Manslick" is needed. There are 3 "Manslick" roads in JeffCo., none of the connecting. I don't have any clue why although Tom Owen might have an idea. As for Penile, well...My mom actually went to Penile Elementary, a most unfortunate name indeed. In the place of the school now stands a church, but it remains a most unfortunate name for a church too.

Penile Rd. brings the inital pleasure of this route. It's pancake flat but relatively open and devoid of houses on either side. The "plain" also abuts the local hills to the south, giving a nice blend of open field and forested hillside. From there you turn onto Bearcamp Rd. one of the pleasures of this route. It begins in the first .5 passing a few homes, but shortly thereafter beings a long and gradual climb through the Jefferson Co Forest, giving a verdant "tunnel" through the trees, with sleep climbs on either side of the road cut. Only at the very top of the aclivity does it require any real climbing. From there Bearcamp eventually leaves JeffCo for Bullitt Co, which is decidely more rural. The road then descends for several miles along a creek through the valley. Today I chose to climb Pendleton Rd., which is a nasty little climb taking me out of the valley and onto the scenic hilltop of Barrelton Hill Rd. Sad, no not sad, to say, I actually had to walk about 50ishft of the climb. I had a bad shift as I was looking for a gear in the steepest portion and banged up the works. I was in a small climbing gear and needed a larger one to stand on and just goofed. Oh, and I was sucking wind in the steepest portion. I started soon and headed towards the downhill at Weavers Run and towards my turn-around point. At the far end at Pauleys/Weavers I returned via Medora and then Blevins Gap. Every time I'm in that SWJeffCo area I think about my uncle. He first rode in the early 80s during the college years and piqued my interest in longer riding. He has since stopped and I think now has a shitty Wal-mart bike, mostly b/c he's too cheap. He was like an older brother at one point but drank the kool-ade and is now a evangelical/redneck/paranoid 'murcan. You get the idea. He doesn't live far from Medora/Blevins Gap but refuses to ride out there without a gun. ??? I don't have a response.

I'll also give some props to LithoDale today. After our spirited ride a few weeks ago he's gotten me thinking about pace. In 2 months of semi-regular riding he's worked up to a pace that is definitely more aggro than mine. I really don't mind toodling along at 12mph and that certainly develops a kind of endurance. When you go out for a harder ride, though, the higher VO2 just isn't there though. Today, in honor of myself and certainly thinking of Dale I tried to push a regular, larger gear. The wind played some tricks on me, but I generally stayed in my 2nd-lowest cog on the rear and ground out some pace. On the return on Blevins, which is a general uphill until turning east, I had to drop a cog or 2, but once over the 2 hills on Blevins I again tried to maintain a larger cog if possible. I juiced it up the last hill in Iroquois and finished almost at 15mph, and that with the walk and slow slog up Pendleton. Without that I would've had a healthy mid-15mph, and I'm pleased with that. Had I taken the BR, I'm sure I would've gone a bit quicker. I love, love, love the Bleriot, but I certainly don't feel fast on it. It just makes me want to pedal circles and see the countryside, which is something I certainly prefer over hammer, hammer, but hammer is good sometimes.

A final note is props to I/Grant at RBW. In their design philosophy, they/he mentions designing bikes with enough clearance such that if you have a broken spoke, you can still ride and get home. I noticed a wobble on the Oldham ride 2 weekends ago and again today. When I got back, I found the guilty party, not just a wobble but a broken spoke. It wasn't even rubbing the brakepad and I still had good stopping power. Great stuff, the Bleriot. And great design, RBW.

and no pics b/c my camera batteries are dead.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Peaceful Commute

Date: Oct 15 Wed
Weather: 62F/76F overcast
Mileage: 13
October mileage: 219
Year to date: 2386

After my ick and Tuesday fallout I was back on the bike today. I still feel like the ticker is jiggly on occasion, but I'm going forward. This morning was short, sweet and painless. I did decide to use the Serfas taillight on static and the Planet Bike clip on flash. This observation would only be important to a small ## of those who were trying to decide the best way to protect themselves from a certain mauling at 6.30a.m. :-)

I worked all the way from 7-8p.m., staying for an after-school program that basically went from 5-8. I head home quite calmly. I don't like riding the night darkness near as much as the morning- more traffic. But tonight's traffic was relatively light and the evening air had a cool, clean feel that this morning's didn't. Less humidity? I picked the fam up at church on the way home and the good wife had some spaghetti/bread/salad leftovers from Wednesday Night Out. Thanks to her and 'L' for a nice welcome home after a long day's work.

And I still love the LHT, even though the rear mech/derailer isn't shifting for shit right now. Billy at Clarksville fiddled with it, but to no avail. It's another trip, another shop, or worse me screwing with it. I think all the SS riders have the idea. 'Course, the SS Trek's BB is squeeking like shit too. good I have more than 2 bikes. :-)

Peace and safety out there.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Sycophantic picture theft from Little Circles. I want to be them. 200K in the Vermont hills at prime time leafage. "Priceless"

No, this may be better.

Bike Depot II

After a great meal at El Mundo, the fam and I quickly drove by the new Bike Depot on Frankfort. This is a 2nd location in addition to their downtown location on Market. I've certainly been by that one several times due to its location, with my best pickup being the excellent Paselas presently on the BR. The new location is tight along the RR tracks, but it looks to be relatively full service. Particularly attractive were a couple Masis in the window. The Bike Depot is doing it right, in that because they were started by Jackie Green as a sustainable shop, they offer lots of interesting, non-roadie wheels to partake of, including the Breezer line of commuters and a variety of Bianchis. Below is the Masi "Soulville". It's gorgeous and they have theirs tricked out with some sporty fenders too. Below that is the "Speciale Commuter". It could have been a different bike, but it was a fixie/SS with white tires and a snazzy look to it. The SC looks to be an intersting offering.

A further interesting note on the Bike Depot is that the website indicates that their 3rd shop is/was in the Churchill Downs area on 4th. On the Monday commute on the Trek I noticed a nappy building with a yellow "Bike Shop" sign. I though it was more a joke, but it's for real. The fact is, there are more commuters around the track that any other place in the 'Ville; the track workers are heavily Latino and are often bike commuters too. It's brilliant, if not in a money making way. Jackie doesn't mince words. He puts his own $$ and efforts into sustainable cycling here in the community. I can never leave my beloved Clarksville Schwinn, but the Bike Depot is doing it right.

I couldn't help but again post a pic of the San Jose. It's Bianchi yummy.

Monday, October 13, 2008


Date: Oct 13 Mon
Weather: 60F/85F overcast
Mileage: 17 (+2 Sat, +3 Sun)
October mileage: 206
Year to date: 2373

Had a reasonable commute today. Stayed for a tennis mini-tournament and then rode home on the Trek. The bb is making a bunch of noise again, so it's back the drawing board- i.e. mechanic- for that.

When I got home I had another Afib. Strange. Out of nowhere. They make me tired, whether it's physical, psychological or psychosomatic. I'm driving tomorrow. Oh well.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Kindred Spirits

I spent some time Saturday reading race reports of the Dirty Kanza 200, a most righteous and ridiculous bike "race" in June in the wilds of Kansas. How else do you deal with a 200m race run almost entirely on farm roads, gravel roads, non-maintained roads and goat paths. Yes, Paris-Roubaix is king, but this looks just ridiculous. I read too many reports to count them all, but a google search yields a variety of results. I can never imagine doing such a thing, but I can certainly romanticize it. Here are a few reports.

"You cannot be SERIOUS?!?!"

On a different, and yet similar note, the pics from Kansas reminded me of those found at the Rough Stuff Fellowship, which I had mentioned in September. Not all the roads are goat paths, but many are. Below is a vacant landscape I imagine some of Kansas to be.

I'm still flummoxed at the reality that backwards KY here has paved over many of our former "textured" roads. It's a first that we're more modern than somebody else.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Buddhists don't feel left out

I've heard 2 different npr/pri reports this week about new products in the entertainment world, each of which is a treatise on the role, the negative role, of religion in the modern American cultural climate, and neither include Buddhists in their list of guilty parties. The first is the much ballyhood Bill Maher movie, Religulous. No doubt many of my fine readers have heard of this skewering of all things religious from Maher and the maker of Borat, Larry Charles. Apparently he also left out the Hindus, although I'm not sure how innocent they are with all the hubbub they regularly stir up with the Muslims. The 2nd just this evening on the Tavis Smiley show was an interview with Larry Beinhart about his new book Salvation Boulevard, a mystery thriller thing with lots of differently religious people, all except any Buddhists. I, for one, am pretty happy about all this. One thing, an important thing, that has attracted me to Buddhism is the reality that they don't seem to start as much trouble as the other religious groups. So far they have no apocalyptic war under their belt, and at worst are guilty of practicing non-violent passive resistence during various southereastern Asian conflicts. Hey, non-killing is one of the 5 Precepts, precepts which Buddhist seem to keep better- at least that one- than Xristians. Oo, that's a slap, but God-mongering Bush and Palin certainly both think God told them to attack other people. The Dalai Lama doesn't tend to espouse such things.

Food for thought.

'Ville map

I found this from a post on our local "utilitybike" listserve. You will have to visit the site to connect to the map, but it shows the different projects in play right now. I admit. I use several of these facilities. I regularly use the Bluegrass Creek Trail, which runs from Spring to Lexington Rd. I wish there were 20 miles of this kind of trail in the area. Although it's near to civilization, it's completely apart from it too. I also use portions of the Riverwalk with regularity. I certainly use some of the routes marked as "signed routes", not b/c of their signs, but b/c I know the roads. To me, the most exciting development will be the project to improve the River Rd. corridor, one I was on during Sunday's ride. It's pretty dangerous now, especially on a non-Sunday. That can connect downtown with emptier roads east.

The 'Ville site also has other news like the Commuter Pork Project and new PSAs on local TV. I wish someone would inform me how to actually get that $20/month. I work for public schools and the certainly do not fund my bike commuting.

Friday, October 10, 2008


Date: Oct 10 Fri
Weather: 52F/79F sunny
Mileage: 36
October mileage: 181
Year to date: 2351

After feeling like crap yesterday I feel asleep in the chair upstairs at 9.00. I woke up sometime later and went to bed and didn't wake up until 5.00, thereby getting a full night's sleep. This morning was a struggle. I was up early enough to ride but just wasnt' feeling. I pondered all those folks who commute 100%, every day for months and months. I seem to be a person who can ride 4 days a week but there is always that "except" day. If I didn't ride this morning it would mean 3 days on the bike this week, but I just didn't feel peppy. I showered and picked some clothes out, and at the last minute I threw the bike stuff on. I just did it. I decided to take the Blueridge for a change of pace (3rd bike this week for my ADD self). Once packed and on the road I had an easy, flowing trip to school, albeit the shortest commute that I rarely take.

This afternoon, even with a week of work tiredness, I headed west. Yet again we have 79F and sunny, which is about the most amazing weather possible. This morning I needed wool tights, long-fingered gloves and a jacket, but this afternoon shorts and a T like usual. I took Hill to Northwestern Pkwy, meandered through Portland and into downtown. On Market just west of the 8th street overpass I felt a presence to my right, even though I was in the rightest lane. A gentleman on a motorized scooter was in the bike lane and he asked for my attention. I took out the earbud to find him asking me if he, the scooter, was allowed in the bike lane. He was nice about it, but we were on a busy street and it just struck me as odd for some reason, like I, on the bike, was the rule-giver. I told him I didn't think so, but that I hadn't seen anything of a rule to that. I should've stated that scooters are certainly faster than bikes and probably should remain in the motorized lane. I wasn't in the bike lane, FWIW.

From downtown I fought the incredibly foul smells by the Fisher meatpacking plant- horrible, burning flesh-, and proceeded to Mellwood, Indian Hills and home from there. Every time I go by the Fisher plant I want to become a vegeterian, but I lapse shortly thereafter. Today I rode hard and got my average above 15mph for most of the ride, which I'm proud of. All the signs and lights certainly break your rhythm, although I guess they provide resting time too. In all I did a flat 30m in the afternoon, giving me 36m for the day. Not bad after feeling like crap yesterday.

  • 2 wars- both mired and one in potential danger of serious losses
  • worst economic situation since the Great Depression
  • 25% approval rating
  • totally lost reputation throughout the world
  • energy policy- behind closed doors energy policy- providing most expensive fuel prices in history
Can you imagine anyone other than Thomas Sowell and Charles Krauthammer supporting this stooge? We've lived through the one of the worst presidents ever, one who stole his election in the first place. Perhaps it can get any worse, so it can only get better. That's unless McCain/Palin get the reins. They may be more dangerous.

On that note, happy weekend and peace to all beings, even Bush.

Thursday, October 09, 2008


Date: Oct 6 Mon
Weather: 60/85F sunny
Mileage: 16
October mileage: 113
Year to date: 2280

Date: Oct 8 Wed
Weather: 60/70F rain
Mileage: 17
October mileage: 130
Year to date: 2297

Date: Oct 9 Thurs
Weather: 55F foggy/73F sunny
Mileage: 18
October mileage: 145
Year to date: 2315

I don't even have that much energy to post. I'm bushed and feel sort of icky. I've had a small chest cold for several days now. It hasn't gone full blown and I chalk it up to the dry, warm weather we've had lately, but this week brought rain and I don't feel vastly better. I'm not sick, mind you, just pre-sick. I've ridden 3 of 4 this week, every day with a little added on, but I can't muster the juice to do a long one even though the weather is fantastic. This morning was especially cool. We had thick fog, quarter-mile visibility fog, with cool 50ishF temps. Coming up golfcoursehill I couldn't see more than 20yds in any direction. The fog encapsulated the B&M beam perfectly. At one point, at the top of golfcoursehill, the headlights of a van sifted through the fog and trees to look much like the scene in Close Encounters when Roy (Richard Dreyfuss) was sitting in his truck on the empty farm road and was "visited" with all the dust and up-lighting. The whole morning ride, enveloped in mist, warmed up by the bizarre mixture of cool temps and cool mist, was a delight.

The afternoon provided the counterpoint. With near perfect weather, it begged for a 30-miler. Instead, I slowly made my way down to the riverfront. I've been secretly working on a "rock" project. There is a random pallet of granite paving stones next to the river. They aren't marked. They've been there for a month now. They have no obvious use anywhere near the pallet; I've checked. Buddhism, and Xristianity for that matter, say to not steal, so I've been quite conflicted on this. The other part of my brain, though, has seen it as a kind of game. Each time I've taken one, and they're heavy, I put it in the extra pannier on the LHT. It makes for a heavy ride home, but I've at least earned my rocks. 'BB', admonishing me all the while, said, "Why don't you just pull your truck up and take them all?". That's not the point though. This is a bike project, although one maybe coming to an end. I got home with 2 today, but it overtaxed the pannier and the bottom mostly ripped out. That's karma my friends. Action and reaction. I saved $$ stealing stones, but now I'm out the $$ for a new pannier. I've thought of calling Metrocall here in the 'Ville to alert someone of their presence. There are only 3 left out of 25+, so someone else is availing themselves as well. And remember, there is no evident project in site.

Maybe my malaise is karma as well. Serves me right.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Snarky Old Coot

I didn't have any particular opinion of John McCain the person before all this. I think his party and all of its intolerance is rubbish, but him,?? Tonight, though, from the debate I get picture that he's an arrogant asshole. He always has a look on his face that he is ALWAYS right, regardless of context. I'm tired of that. I tired of the self-righteousness. I want intelligence, not sanctimonious belligerence. I trust for nothing to be written in stone until after it IS writ. I don't trust Rove. I don't trust Cheney. I don't trust the 'Pubs. I don't trust the military-industrial-corporate oligarchy that has o'ertaken all effective control of our existence. I know we're all pods, cogs in the wheel. I don't like it, though, when the powers that be make it so evident, and take so much pride in having it be so.

And I really dislike the American Taliban. At least that message- outside of Palin- is a bit played out.

los osos

How can a patriot like John McCain, a man who has spent his life having the government pay his income, possibly speak out against our beloved arboreal mascot, bears? How could you John? How can you look at yourself in a mirror and call yourself an American?

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Aryan Nation

Date: Oct 5 Sun
Weather: 60-75F sunny
Mileage: 57
October mileage: 97
Year to date: 2264

My title might be a bit strong, but it partially symbolizes the first half of today's excellent ride through Oldham Co. This route takes in many LBC roads that were mainstays of club riding some 15yrs ago. Back in the dawn of time, before the metastasizing rate of subdivision growth in eastern Jefferson Co in the Prospect area, rides would leave Prospect Point for miles and miles of empty farm roads. This area now feels more like a Disney movie set. These folks want to think of their humble abodes (well, not so humble) set amid the bucolic scenes of rural America. What they really have are pretend farms and ranchettes with heaps of new construction set to gobble the countryside. This area is like Garrison Keiller's Lake Wobegon, "everyone is above average". Everyone is white, upper-middle class, has an SUV and hoards their school space like the Vatican does with church property. It's just all too unctious for me. Right now many of these roads are still rideable, but less so than 15 yrs ago and they certainly have a finite shelf life in the years to come. That's "progress". Let's hope they farmer Johns and Janes enjoy their divided highways and McDonalds when they arrive.

I assumed this was around 40m of riding; what I instead found was a 57m route, one which gave me tired legs in the last 15m. I started with arm warmers, sock inside my Keens and long-fingered gloves. Around halfway in the route I removed all three warmers b/c the temps were approaching 80F. I traveled across Indian Hills to River Road and took that all the way to Prospect. River Rd. is another local flashpoint, one I've griped about before. The 'out' trip proved relatively empty and trouble-free. I made only one stop at Avish Ln. This is listed as a private drive, but there was a "for sale" sign out front, so I thought to pretend to be a potential buyer of a surely million $$ dwelling. Avish Ln.'s claim to fame is to be the dwelling place of Owsley Frazier Brown, a scion of local culture and one whose fame all came from booze, Bourbon originally and now from a bit of everything. I took the opportunity to explore Avish Ln. a bit more b/c it seems to have become a bit more of a multi-dwelling road instead of someone's driveway. I kept turning discreet corners until crossing a creek and coasting uphill into an obviously stunning setting, mowed lawns, trees, an estate of impeccable quality. Out of the corner of my right eye I caught the movement of 3 dogs, big black dogs. It was, perhaps, going to be an interesting moment. Then, behind the dogs I spied 2 people on their horses, out for their morning jaunt. I really would've liked to speak with them. We both were on our mounts enjoying a perfect Fall day. The prob, of course, was that I was trespassing on their yard. I waved, didn't wait for a response and turned heel and the hell out of there.

Avish Lane north, an amiable country lane.

"The Avish", the Brown estate. Boy would that be a groovy house to check out.

From there I continued out River Rd. and 42 and took Rose Island Rd along the river. I would imagine not many years ago RIR was a completely empty, rural farm road. One local point of interest is/was Henry's Ark, the pet project of Henry Wallace, who was a long-time leftist firebrand of both KY and of the US. The "ark" has had a variety of animals: bison, zebra, ostrich, antelope, etc. Henry died a few years ago, so his ark is slowely deteriorating.

I found this charming pile of shit on Rose Island. It's "The Reserve..."

And this pile of shit faces "The Reserve". Gotta love folks who dig up the land for their McMansion, and all the while justifying it with a pond out back for their environmental contribution. Grrrr!

From there I continued on RIR until my first turnoff. This is where googlemaps is giving me problems. As I've found moreso recently, googlemaps is great with the big roads, but it flat out makes mistakes with smaller ones. Googlemaps shows that "River Bluff" climbs the hill and continues to 42 (I tried to cut and paste the portion but to no avail). It also shows that Mayo Lane does not climb down the river bluff. In fact, there is no "River Bluff" reaching Rose Island and Mayo certainly connects RIR with 42, b/c I've done that before. At Mayo Ln. I did the short steep climp up and continued on Mayo, which may be rural riding at its best barring the McMansions sprouting here and there. I crossed 42 to Locke Ln. to find a sign stating that Locke would be closed to through traffic starting in July. I went anyway. What I found, but didn't snap, was a former country lane- I had been on it 8 or 9 yrs ago- that had been paved and had received concrete drainage gutters. It looks like a road just crying out for subdivisions to be added at any moment. By this time I was grumpy with the subdivided Aryan nation and didn't have real good legs to boot, plus the rear wheel of the Bleriot developed a wobble that made the back end hop a bit. I turned left on Covered Bridged and climbed the 3m climb out of the Harrod's Creek valley. It's not a 3m climb like would be an alpine climb. It's probably 1.5 of steady climbing and the rest "acclivity". I wasn't feeling fresh at this point and was a little grumpy although I had gorgeous weather and relatively empty roads. I made it to the turn off at 1694 and at this point was on the far end of my loop. The fam has good experiences of 1694 b/c this is the road we took to take 'Z' and somtimes 'L' to their horse riding lessons back in the day. The good wife loved to be out on the farm, but neither boy was super enthused about continuing their riding, but those are good memories. 1694 drops down to Harrod's Creek again and back out. For some reason, my attitude on the climb out changed. My mood just improved for no particular reason. Perhaps it was the good memories of those sessions. Perhaps it was the horse returning home to the stable. I found that the entrance road to the farm had been moved and improved a bit. The previous road is below. Or, as it were, the not road. It appears to be crops now save the driveway of a house to the right.

One part of the ride that I wasn't looking forward to was 42. This is a "major" road through this area and can be heavily trafficked. Instead, I found it to be pretty empty and a pleasure today. Again, my mood was improving. I turned right on Goshen Lane and headed back towards RIR. At the bottom of the river bluff (previously climbed up on Mayo), I witnessed another googlemap mystery. It lists Rose Island Rd. as continuing north past Goshen Ln. What I instead found- and I wasn't really traveling in this direction- was a gate. From the pic below you can tell that it would be a fantastic mixed terrain jaunt, but instead of being a "road" it's a farm road or driveway. It was tempting to jump the fence, but that's outside my purview, and 2 chains give the impression that it's a private road. Oh well.

Does that look inviting or what? The mysterious Rose Island Rd. extension.

At the end of RIR I stopped at a gas station to buy a Coke and some Swiss Cake Rolls. While they offer no nutritional value, those SCRs sure are good when you're out of gas, which I certainly was today. They didn't have Swiss Cake, so I bought Ho Hos instead. I like the SCRs more. By the time I stopped at the station, my head was swimming a bit. After the snack, I returned via River Rd. and today used Glenview Ave. to climb up out of the river valley. I have done enough Indian Hills and Mockingbird that I needed a change of pace. I came home via Rudy Ln., which makes it 2 days in a row of exploring the St.Matthews/Brownsboro corridor. I came home tired but satisfied that I put in a full day, half of which was on pretty, empty roads. Although I wanted to take more pics, I didn't, and that's fine. It's a good start to October.

Saturday, October 04, 2008


Date: Oct 4 Sat
Weather: 55-65F sunny
Mileage: 23
October mileage: 40
Year to date: 2207

I was going to take some pics of this mornings ramble, but the pilas were stone cold dead. I had to deliver, ah hell, I'm not in the mood to blog. It was a great ride with sunny temps. I found a couple rocky "trails", former roads in the tony Glenview area of the 'Ville. I went on the Bleriot, and other than a bit of back stiffness for some reason, it was great as ever. Hope everyone got a ride in too. Peace.

Friday, October 03, 2008


Date: Oct 3 Fri
Weather: 67F sunny
Mileage: 5
October mileage: 17
Year to date: 2184

I had ample opportunity to commute Thursday. I didn't. I had ample time to ride today, Friday. I didn't, well, except for dropping off the truck for tire work and riding back to the garage later with 'L'. We're off for St. James Art Festival. I spent time with the fam and in and around the house and didn't ride and I'm fine with that. 'Z' and I just got back from a fine concert from the Louisville Orchestra, who played Debussy's Nocturne and Holst's The Planets. 'Z's 13th bday sleepover is tonight, so the good wife stayed with the teenies and the younger and I attended the show. It was a novel and fun time to have the little man out for some 'culturin'. Tomorrow has soccer (as usual), but maybe some bike time too. Peace.

Fisher, Breeze and Cunningham

I don't much. I don't like to hurt myself on roots and rocks. The heyday of my off-roading was in the early and mid-90s when I was still in my 20s. I first had a nice black and pink (oh the early 90s) C'dale, the one which was stolen. Then I moved on to another C'dale, a purple one which was a surprise gift from my father. I rode it maybe 10x b/c 'Z' was a newborn and there wasn't alot of time for that. I rode it only 10x b/c it was stolen in the same theft as the original. With the $$ I bought another C'dale, this a blazing orange one. That bike always seemed cramped and uncomfy, so I sold it an bought the Crosscheck around 2001 or so. I then bought a cheap Redline monocog which has been used in a variety of duties, most of them non off-road. And finally I presently have the C'dale 29er "Caffeine", another gift from my complex father.

The reason, though, for this trip down memory lane is that I read on of the 2009 UCI Mt.Bike racing line-up. Next year's schedule does not include one single race in the U.S. It's well founded that the mountain bike movement began in the U.S. in the late 70s, and took off in the mid-80s again here in the States. It was the "thang" all through the 90s. I remember reading mtbike results as much as those from the roadie world: Tomac, Overend, Juarez, Furtado (whatev happened to her?), DeMattei, Tilford (like Nedly, still racing). I attended a NORBA race in the mid-90s in Bloomington, IN to watch Tomac take a great win, all the while seeing a post-roadie Bob Roll smash and crash around the course. It was fun and big. Yes, there are a couple races in Canada, but nothing in the States, not Mammoth, not Stow, not Traverse City, not Vail. I just find it all odd. Does it matter in the grand scheme? Not a damn bit, but it was fun and now it doesn't exist. Strange.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Left-Wing Libertarian

The Political Compass test, as stolen from Planetary Gears. As previously stated, I steal everything; I have no original thoughts of my own. In looking at this, I come down basically in the same place as Gandhi and Mandela. I like that. I hate greedy corporations. If we could have a business model based on small, local businesses and vendors, then I would be decidedly more to the right economically, but our world is ruled by nasty ass multinationals who bulldoze everything in their paths.

Date: Oct 1 Wed
Weather: 53F/67F sunny
Mileage: 12
October mileage: 12
Year to date: 2179

The only thing of note during my short LHT commute today was that this morning provided the first opportunity to wear tights (wool) and warmer gloves (fleece) of the season. I was tired of 83F and sunny, and now we have 73F and sunny, which is enough of a temp change for a change of pace.

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