Monday, September 28, 2015


I recently got one of these. Pretty cool so far.

  • battery life solid. I don't constantly use the "bike" feature for long trips, but have used it. I suspect it won't hold for days and days, but it doesn't suck down like a phone.
  • I like the steps feature. Seems more real-world than, say, the phone. Steps are random and not the be-all, but I think they are a good way of assessing sloth. And I'm trying to defeat sloth.
  • "Bike" gps works well. I've like using it for commutes when I'm not interested in "fitness" and extra data. I switch it on quickly, roll to work, and then turn off.
  • Comfy on the wrist.
  • Sleep feature is limited but instructive. I don't need mega-data, but sleep length is good info to have.
  • Bought the watch w/HRM strap. It's been a while since using one. I used it, for example, on a mtbike ride this weekend. I can see using it (I combined with Edge500, not watch) for "big rides", not the day-to-day.
  • I'm old so the face is a challenge to read in certain situations. No, I'm not going to get lasik to use it.
  • Did I say the face could be challenging to read?
  • Notifications, I'm on the fence. Sort of annoying, really. I turned the "buzz" off. I don't want to be assaulted by notifications.
I'm gently moving into the Garmin+Strava universe. I like seeing improvement. I like seeing my own records and segment bests.I like seeing my fitness begin to reach 2011/12 numbers. "Thumbs up"

I got a pair of these:
My Lake mtbike shoes are probably 10 years old at least and have been total workhorses. Just great, beater mtbike/commuter shoes. It's the only reason I bought to replace. It was time. These have plenty of toe box room and generally have a comfy fit. They're not 100% dialed in as I am still not quite there with left cleat placement, but I've used them for two weeks and they're exactly what I wanted, a replacement commuter shoe. They walk confidently on hard surfaces, are generally easy on the feet, and will tack a thicker sock come winter. "Thumbs up".

I have another thing on the way, nothing quite so reviewable. I'm riding my bike, losing weight (down 13lbs), and feeling pretty good. I'm gaining fitness. I'm moving forward. That's all you can do, right? Just move forward.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Sleepy Hollow

Another pic-less post. Another round of good ol' solid tempo. Patrick and I did the L'ville classic Sleepy Hollow loop, with a newly-discovered extra-mileage wiggle at the top of Sleepy Hollow and then a later detour for brown water at the large Seattle company brand shop. I felt really solid the entire ride and my "10 achievements" perhaps reflect that.

Yes, Pondero, "no achievements" is good, but growing fitness is good too. It's all bike riding.

FS Bridgestone RB-1-DONATED

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