Monday, May 28, 2012


Washed frame to sell (cable lost, so no pics yet). Removed fenders to sell. Gardening. Nap. Quick one before mom's. Good.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Metric Hundy

It was rather unexpected, but I did a metric century, right at 62m, this morning, all before 12p.m. I had planned to ride early with Patrick, a tempo ride early before his parenting duties kicked in. We did a good tempo out River Rd. and I was feeling my mtbike effort from the previous day; in fact I was pretty poor. Patrick distanced me on the Wolf Pen climb, but I got him back on the short, steep Barbour Ln. climb.

Once I dropped PJ off I made my way back into town for coffee and to briefly meet up with the gang, which was going back out for an undetermined jaunt at 9.00. Having no other particular plan, I follow them through the Highlands and down towards the Riverwalk. Ian was on the Dummy, so I knew I could at least draft him. Dave was on the 'bent and Timothy on his new Soma. We ended up having a very pleasant ride out the Riverwalk (with some BD disc issues en route) and then to a water stop in Shawnee Park. From there we used Algonquin to complete the westward loop before finishing on B'town. We were going to avail ourselves of food and libations but it wasn't 1.00 yet, the magic hour on Sunday. Instead I went home, first with a brief stop at Kroger, and as I approached, I noticed that I was going to be within tenths of a metric, so around the block I went, finishing with 62 miles en punto. I felt crushed after my mtbike ride yesterday- one where I finished early defeated- and then started the morning pretty rickety. By Shawnee I was pretty warmed up and feeling better and I finished adequately.

Of course, I almost came to blows with the good wife b/c she was between me and my burrito, but fortunately I ate it, stemming off the food-deprived mania. Good mileage start to the Summer Cycling Season.


Friday, May 25, 2012


  • The end is near. School lets out next Wednesday, and I'm in through Thursday. SummerCyclingSeason beckons.
  • After driving Wednesday to take back the final tennis crap, I managed to commute the past two days, today doing 25 with a westward loop thrown in during the afternoon. Today was actually somewhat unique b/c I convinced Dave to meet me for morning coffee before school, a good 2hrs earlier than I think he gets out to work. Thanks Dave! It was a very mellow, pleasant way to start the day.
  • My afternoon route presented me a nice route- a little warm- but eventually I stopped by OYLC for some shop talk. A bookended commute day with coffee in the am and shop hydration in the pm.
  • I just got done grilling and eating some italian sausages, peppers and pasta, along with a nice mellow Chard. Damn nice Friday!
  • Bike tour coming up. Guess I need to post about that in some capacity. This weekend will be for finalizing gps routes and acquiring goods- mostly camp food to prep. As I understand, we'll be heading to the mother-in-law's on Thursday evening, so packing will have to happen before, not after. 

Monday, May 21, 2012

Camping List

Plenty of other people have done this, but I'm going to do so myself for my own purposes. Following is a bike camping list a couple upcoming trips, so a  3-night mini-tour in early June, and later perhaps an overnight in southern KY. So:

  • tent- AlpsMountaineering much like their present Mystique1. (needs a tent floor. someone suggested painters drop)
  • bag- MountainHardware 45F- a little lightweight, but I don't do too cold.
  • pad- BigAgnes IronMt. mummy pad- bought on sale and with dividend from REI. Hope it works. If not, I'm out $6.
  • pad- older, more useless Thermarest Zlite. I'm sure this is great for a lightweight, but a heavyweight like myself I need mucho mas.
  • new Thermarest pillow
I think that takes care of basic shelter. Now prep/food:

  • Esbit fueltab stove- for coffee, extra food prep as needed.
  • Trangia mini- New alcohol burning stove- going to use it for meals. Not here yet, but lightweight and burns any and all kinds of fun stuff. Nice too b/c it comes with pot.
  • REI cookpot+spork.
  • One and maybe two Nalgenes. Actually I have one standard 64oz and a 32oz bottle that I found. That and 
  • ???Don't have camp?? maybe use my KleenKanteen insulated bottle. It doesn't fit too well in a cage, but  I might just make it happen in lieu of spending more goofy $$.
  • Some MountainHouse meals for the evening. Some ClifBars and the like for the road. Oatmeal. After that it's some fruit to keep things rolling. 
Bike stuff. Hey! We all know what bike stuff to take, in  general. Extras for a 3-day include extra tubes, ?an extra tire?, semi-full tool kit, extra flashies, a couple extra grocery bags for protecting saddle.

What else? Time to steadily get things together.


Not much has happened. More things are about to happen. Tennis is over after a very good season, but now we're going to try and transition into summer cycling/adventure season. I have some plans cooking but don't really want to divulge until closer to time. I know, Lame, but if I don't have pics, reviews or hard plans, screw it.  The bloggage here is certainly not up to 'Vik Standards' (he's so fly you can't even grab the specific post, 5/8/12), but we all can't be Vik. Of course, he can't be me either. I don't see him dragging offpsring to soccer practice.

I had opportunity for my first commute in ages (best as I can tell, the first work commute since early March)- 15.4 miles on the Ute, clement morning, afternoon filled with bizarre sunny skies intermingled with spitting rain and localized deluges in the park, but not on me, just right before me. Weird. Nice to be out, though, and we're out of school tomorrow for election day. Score!

Sunday, May 06, 2012

Sundaymorning ride

It wasn't the most exceptional,the most adventurous, the most epic, the most anything. What it was was the opportunity to spin some nice miles sans traffic on the start of a busy Sunday. We were on 3 completely different rigs which made things interesting. Otherwise, the temps were moderate, the fog sort of refreshing, and no one had any agenda to speak of other than ride a bit. Success.

Thursday, May 03, 2012

Epic Thursday!!!!

psych! Haven't ridden s@#t for days, if not weeks. Lots and lots of tennis. Lots and lots of junk food. Tired.

But some sunshine on the horizon. Coffee Ride date in the morning. Another ride date Sunday morning. A spin can do the body good.

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