Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Swift Campout 2016

Using the Swift Campout 2016 concept as some inspiration, Mr. Crowell and I set about a short-n-sweet S24O on Saturday night, the first in a while. Why we don't do more of them, I just don't know.

 Pre-ride meet up at Against the Grain.

Tree bridge


Field dinosaurs 

Google algorithms having fun.


 After a warm, sunny 34 miles on the bike, I was craving some salt, so the Pringles did the trick. They might have lasted 5 minutes, maybe less.

 DC with his trusty Alps 2-man. I was trying my Kammock for the first time as an overnight option. Because I rarely write on the blog anymore, I doubt I'll review it, but suffice to say that it was much comfier than sleeping on the hard ground, but even at 72F, the chill woke me up. I look forward to giving it further tests. And with some gift cards I bought the Dragonfly that goes with it. Looking forward to testing even more, because sleeping with the headnet is annoying.

Preparing morning cup.

Leaving camp there is a signed cut-through hiking path (no motorized vehicles). It was a fun diversion, but I probably didn't need that much cobweb action so early in the am. 

 More field dinosaurs.

 Two raptors in the tree. The one to the right is obvious. Can you find the other? I assume these are red-tailed hawks, but I'm not 100% sure. The size would suggest so, but no red tail was obvious when one took flight.

I miss blogging, and at the same time, I don't miss blogging. It's all so immediate now. You can find me at @transytex on Instagram, where I tend to post more regularly.  

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