Friday, July 27, 2007

Vino, Brother Floyd, and Tugboat

I don't have much to say other than to review, or not, the contents of this article. Seems Vino is using Phloyd's and Tyler's lawyers. Yuck!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

More Whiney Cadel

Yes, many of the pundits are 'rah rah-ing' for a Cadel, and an Aussie, tour win. I guess they figure a Disco win would be more of the 'Lance's Team' domination yadda yadda. Well, I pointed out the other day that Cadel has a strong tendency to whine, previously about his team and about his collusion claims. Now it's he's grousing about his fellow riders, the ones who want a clean race.

"To be honest, I am happy to have [the mountains] behind us," he wrote on his website, "[The stage was] a bit of a mess at the start, with some riders trying to protest. I thought we were here to race our bikes, not to make political statements."
I and most others would say it's the perfect time for a political statement, a statement that his sport, his industry and way of earning a handsome living, isn't a complete pile of shit. As sponsors run away, as TV coverage goes black and as his livelihood gets bashed every day in every form of press, he just wants to "race our bikes". Sorry Cadel, it's too late for that. Have some stones, man! I'll be pulling for poor down-trodden Cadel to have 4 flats in the TT and for long-timer Sastre to pass. Then he can spend the rest of his career stewing about useless teammates and unnecessary political statements.


Date: July 25 Wed
Mileage: 10 (LHT)
July mileage: 367
Year to date: 1314
ipod: Urban Dharma, Buddhist Geeks

First ride since Friday. Sat around like a damn lump all day, got fed up, and went out at 11.00 for a night ride on the LHT with appropriate B&M light and Seras taillight. I even wore a reflective vest. I'm used to being out in the a.m. on commutes when everyone is asleep, but the nighttime is prowl time for the drunks and teenagers. Lo and behold, about a mile from the house a guy almost T-boned me coming out of his stop sign. Didn't "see" me. probably texting someone. pleasant temps, though.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Chicken is cooked

**apparently Rabobank pulled him b/c he lied to the team. He missed the June out-of-competition test supposedly b/c he was in Mexico, but instead he was actually in Italy. oops. guess Disco is suddenly in good shape. yellow jersey w/ Contador. stage wins with Contador and today with Levi. team lead. OR, one of them will go down in the next few days. maybe Bruyneel's genius is not in mileage and preparation but rather w/ how to best managed and mask the pharmacopia that is modern cycling. I watched much of today's stage hoping for a Disco romp. instead naughty Chicken won. now that he's out, my hopes have been realized; Disco is king. but what a hollow victory.

and I haven't ridden for days. the weekend was busy and since then i've just Not.

"The Cyclists"

littlecircles has an interesting YouTube experience today. check it out. It's sort of funny or sorta scary. not sure which.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Unfortunately, I'm not meeting Ken's expectation of writing, only typing. Surfing around, I found this pic of a LHT with Scott mt. bars. The catch is I had these bars on a black w/ PINK accents mt bike circa 1991. I received this bike for a graduation present from college, and quite quickly turned it into a commuter to-and-fro to uni classes (pos-bac teaching stuff). I also mounted Avocet Cross-Ks and a rear rack with (now) tiny C'dale panniers. Damn, I liked that bike. It was stolen from the garage we have here now quite a few years ago. The LHT is certainly my fav commuter vehicle, but that C'dale did the job. Like this, I had the full pink, black, and grey wrap job. It would be interesting to take a ride on such a bar now. I think they discontinued it.

Here's another fine LHT from Gotta like the green/leather Carradice action and wood fenders. Not sure about the Speedplays, though. Sorta limit the terrain, no?

And to show off the blue model, here is a more standard road version, albeit with rear rack and Brooks.

It'll be school time soon, and more miles on the LHT will commence.

Mas Pollo

I see Velonews has lot's of "Chicken is bad for you" coverage:




Hearts and Minds

What you have are tainted winners of le Tour de France going all the way back to '95 with Riis. I don't think the EPO epidemic ever touched Indurain, although it's quite assured that a 2nd-rate Chiapucci must've done the deed. I think he and Bugno both tested postive for stuff later in their careers. Ack!


I certainly would prefer Cadel to Chicken, but quotes like this make me question his character as a patron.
"Unfortunately yes, but you have to play the cards your dealt. Twelve km from home and I am on my own, what am I supposed to do," the Australian complained. "Today I rode to conserve a little. Unfortunately the team hasn't got the budget to hire a rider who can close those gaps for me."
I also heard him complaining about Contador and Rasmussen "ganging up" on him on the previous stage. Dude, if you want to win then you ride people off your wheels. That's how it works.

Concerning the final TT, as follows are the present leaders and time gaps. Some of the pundits have been talking of Chicken needing 3-4min going in, but I disagree entirely:

3. Evans 1.14
5. Klodie + 25"
8. Kasheckin +30"
2. Contador +1.04
4. Leipheimer +1.25
10. Astarloza +1.28
1. Chicken +1.41
9. Kirchen +2.04
6. Sastre +3.47
7. Zubeldia +3.17

Yes, the last one is flat, but Chicken has proven his "methods" for improvement to be sound in this year's Tour. He only lost a minute and change to Evans. Contador proved a better tester, but he seems to be the only one capable to taking the necessary time out, unless Chicken has a monumental meltdown like a couple tours ago (last year's?). Looks like a done deal to me unless something big happens tomorrow. Disco should send George and somebody up the road. Levi should attack. If Chicken follows and catches him, Contador should then attack immediately. Levi doesn't have that spurt, but does have a long-term motor; his only chance is long-range. That's the one thing I've been disappointed in. Popo's support has been great, but Contador and Levi don't provide a 2-pronged attack. Contador sprints and leaves Levi, taking Chicken with him every time.

We'll see.

Monday, July 23, 2007


Pretty hard to root for a guy who ducked national dope controls 3 different times in the last year, who was accused in pretty specific detail by a former cyclist, and is mentioned as one of this 'men in black' group also maybe trying to avoid controls. Really pretty hard. Oh, and managed to cut his average TT deficit in half, losing 6 and 8min last year and only 2.55 this year. No, the magic of the yellow ain't that strong. really, it's about as unbelievable as Phloyd's miraculous comeback from the depths last year. the "epic" stage. Ick.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Jim Rome

I was listening to the Jim Rome show for a brief spell in the kitchen today. I do that sometimes, though not much. I like sports and his show isn't too terribly "talk radio". But...

He opened his show today with a tirade about a cyclist who got in his way this morning on the way to work. Seems he left early, 5.30, and ended up behind a "Lance Armstrong" (his words) who was descending the local hills of L.A. out there. He claims he "has nothing against the guy" and "is impressed with his commitment", but then relates this story of how, at the bottom of the hils, the cyclist drops a huge F-Bomb at him. "Dude, I was just minding my own business". He goes on about why should the cyclist take up the whole lane, and why he is in a car and should get right-of-way and why this biker is distracting him from his important sports radio life. Can you imagine Rome tailgating this guy all the way down the hill and crowding him and being a menacing brat? No, the cyclists didn't have to drop the F-Bomb but I can see it now. Monster Truck, Soccer Mom, and self-important Jim Rome all out there too busy or arrogant to take a @#$@ 30-sec. breath and let the biker get out the way.

The ultimate point it, no matter how much education and information cyclists and clubs do, Jim Rome can do more damage in one 1min. spiel with Joe-Redneck than all these organizations in a month, a year. Depressing.


I know that I've been infected by the wool, leather and steel set b/c yesterday I almost broke my neck rubberneckin' at an older guy on the sidewalk on Frankfort Ave. Black 3-speed Raleigh. Berthoud-like saddlebag. From afar the bike looked to be in good condition. The frame was too small for the gentleman riding it, so of course he needs to sell it to me. I'm sure I'll never see it again. And I'd have to sell a bike or 2 just to have the room. Nuff said.

Pillowy Marshmallow Cushion

Date: July 20 Fri
Mileage: 32 (Bleriot) + 3 (9.2.5.)
July mileage: 357
Year to date: 1304

The Buddhist Middle Path teaches to neither become too despondent nor too elated. I should take this approach with respects to my rides this week. Monday I was quite bereft with failure that I didn't achieve my ambitions of a substantial country ride. Today I had very few expectations other than to get out, but boy did I have a great ride this afternoon. I was languishing mid-afternoon and preparing for a siesta; I had woken up at 6.50 with nature calling and I have also been in my summer mode of going to bed at 12 or 1. Sleepy.

Suddenly, I jumped up and hit the road with a general agenda. I would do the Locust Grove Loop, but instead of coming home straight via River Road, I would do a very extra hills out of the river valley just for practice. And I did just that. Let's be clear that Louisville is in ridiculous shape at the moment- 80F, no humidity, clear blue sky, a total freak condition brought on my northerly strong storms last night (or is that southerly, from the north?). It would be hard to not enjoy such conditions. I took the Bleriot out, but first removed the Powerstraps. I've gotten used to using Keen sandals for my riding. They're quite comfy, but have a big, wide footbed that doesn't fit too well in the straps.

The park was nice. Rudy Ln was nice. The Blakenbaker hill was pretty easy. I had considered going out to Lime Kiln, but the 5.00 traffic made that safety-prohibitive. Other than risking death on the every-busy River Rd., I was great at this point. The first extra climb was up Totem Rd. in Indian Hills. I looped back down to the Cox Park trail and proceeded to Mockingbird Ln., taking in that pleasant climb while passing some roadies. Back down and this time up a short, steep climb on River Dell. This put me into the Crescent Hill area. From there I decided to head down Brownsboro and back out through the parks.

Given the gorgeous weather and the yummy comfy ride of the Bleriot, my ride became more interesting when I crossed paths with a couple of the roadies I had seen on Mockingbird. They were headed down Story, I assumed, in preparation for working back towards the park. I, garbed in a Tshirt, Keens, MUSA shorts and my heavy-ass Bleriot, headed out in pursuit. I caught up to them shortly afterwards on Spring. When we all turned onto Lexington, I ended up in front so I upped the pace. I felt pretty dang good in my Keens giving the lycra crew a little tow up to Cherokee. They took the lead going in and up golf course hill. If I had been on my own I certainly would've taken my time at this point, but I nestled in behind the two and held pace up golf course hill. After that, they must've gone in a different direction b/c I didn't see them anymore. I wanted to than them for the motivation, b/c otherwise I think I came off like a creepy fred. And although my good wife will perhaps read this, one of these 2 roadies was not your everyday ugly, skinny 25yr-old dude. It (the roadie) was something to watch while riding, so that was some extra motivation even if it was creepy. Sorry dear. It happens so rarely on the bike.

Later I took the 9.2.5. up the pizza joint w/ fam and friends. Coming home, I saw a girl get pulled down by her dog who was chasing a rabbit. That image made the whole 3m loop worth it.

Ups and Downs. That's life.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fixie Flattie

Date: July 19 Thurs
Mileage: 16 (9.2.5.)
July mileage: 322
Year to date: 1269

I was going to go 'Crossing this morning while L was at soccer, but 'doings' arose that made me temporarily insane, so i sat around brooding instead. L has been invited- identified- to be on this 'select' team, a first for him and for the family. I and the boys like sports, but I wouldn't call any of us "athletes" until know. It's then complicated by the fact that we found out that one of the 2 possible 'B' teams has as members 2 really good friends of his, but the other team no one. Do you see the quandry? So I watched Moreau lose his Tour chance while thinking of how to ensure that L is on the "right" team. Grasping leads to suffering...

This evening after supper and near a very rainy twilight I took a flat fixie ride through the barrio. Due to the weather and impending darkness, the crepuscular shadows as Neruda might lable them, I wanted to stick to side streets and to a course as flat as possible. No challenges. Just a ride. It was great. I really, really like the changes to the 9.2.5. and I like getting out no matter what the artifice.

And L gets to play select. This stuff is a big deal for him, and henceforth for the parents, vicariously or not.

Dave Z

Someone I've been disappointed in during this Tour is Dave Zabriskie. He's been going on about wanting to be a member of the Tour team, deserving spot, blah blah blah. Today he got bounced on time, this after consistently finished at the back of the pack every day. I'm sorry for his injuries, but he's one of those enigmatic guys who can be sensational ('05 1st stage), but often doesn't come up with the goods ('05 TTT). Good luck to him, but a little longevity would be nice. Not unlike poor George. Who falls in a ditch 2nd on the road with a teammate to Museeuw in PR?

Beer Run

Date: July 18 Wed
Mileage: 2 (LHT)
July mileage: 306
Year to date: 1253

Yes, I'm greedy and like to count every mile. I've had a hankering for some yummy summer brew, so last night I put 1 large Guiness and a 4 pack of Scottish Ale in the left pannier and a 6-pack of Brooklyn Summer Ale in the right pannier. No, I didn't drink it all last night. In fact I only had 3, but "My" they were cold and refreshing.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Date: July 18 Wed
Mileage: 20 (Blueridge)
July mileage: 304
Year to date: 1251

took a brief ride today after nothing yesterday. i had set the Blueridge up for a long club ride this morning, but i had to facilitate getting tires for the wife's Scooby-Doo (Subaru), so no ride. I could've; let's be clear. i slept fitfully last night, so i helped out instead, and went out this afternoon. with the Blueridge devoid of B-17N and Banana Bag, it's a lightweight machine ready to climb, so that's what I did. i took in a total of 8 hills plus a couple hard flat sessions. it felt sort of weird "training" since i mostly just ride now, but my lack of presence on the hills of late is starting to get to me; a little hill jam herenthere won't hurt. i didn't entirely "lycra" out though. i wore the Lake sandals and a plain shirt, but otherwise i looked very club-like.

what's really interesting, to me at least, is that after 1 ride with a small saddle (old Avocet O2) and padded cycling shorts (Performance), i got a nice little raw spot. and this after a summer of riding more normal shorts on Brooks saddles. I think those RBW types are on to something. the B-17N is in bad shape, listing and smushed to the right. it's going to take some major triage to make it usable. i've learned to ALWAYS carry a Kroger bag on Brooks rides.

i also visited the fav LBS to help with some bike work. the "F-29" got a free tune-up. one thing i do like about the shop, for sure, is that if it's small, they try to get me in and out without waiting on the bike. Billy- I like Billy. He's got lots of tattoos and sometimes samuri swords, don't ask why-Billy adjusted the rear mech and more importanly fussed with the disc brake. Apparently, well, according to Billy, the really nice hydraulic disc brakes do really well with few problems, but the cheaper cable-pull disc brakes can sometimes be very contrary. They have 2 different adjustments, and the pivot one doesn't stay put. I can fiddle with the rear mech a little bit, but i'm better with brakes, BUT i'm out of my class with disc brakes, so better Billy than me.

the other job was a little bit bigger. i had them swap out the chain and cassette on the Crosscheck. i had ridden in the slush during winter and didn't attend to it. naughty naughty. so both were nasty rusted. i think it cost me $15 labor plus parts. Now, I know I'm in the grand minority with this mechanic thing. Bloggers, RBW and Surly types and commuters all do their own work- Real Men. me, I'm a Spanish teacher with no skills, so i'll pay $15 any day for Billy to properly set all this shit up. i have an Ultegra cassette now that's a little bigger at the top end. well, smaller. well, it's got easier gears. i like that. and tomorrow while L is in soccer camp i'm going crossing @ River Road CC, the present 'Cross location. there is debate about future locations, but i'll take advantage of it when it's there.

And finally, i'm going to start making political statements or showing various kinds of animal porn, b/c I'm getting no comments. my blog isn't that bad, is it?

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Goings on at le Tour

As much as I complain about el dopaje and Phloyd Phraud and the like, I watched every bit on the last 1.5hr of today's last Alpine stage, and a thrilling stage it was. Disco, in the form of Popo and Gusev, put men in the early break. Levi stayed tough with the big boys and Contador climbed even better than on Sunday. It's too bad the 2 Discos- Pop and Contador- couldn't catch stagewinner Soler on the descent of the Galibier. Instead, we had a battle royal on the 1k minislope in Braincon including all the now favorites: Contador, Levi, Valverde 'Bala verde', Mayo, Sastre, Chicken, Cadel, el viejo Moreau and lastly Kloden. Of these leading riders several are terrible cronistas, including Chicken, Mayo, Sastre and Contador- all lightweight climber types. Of the remainders, all are solid cronistas, although Levi, Valverde and Cadel are very up-n-down. Kloden, to me, is the danger man. With Vino more than 8min down, he's free to ride as he needs, is the best remaining time-trialist, and has finished on the podium. I would hate for him to win with all the old T-Mobile stuff hanging overhead, but he's the most consistent, most complete rider left.

That said, I agree with Phil, Paul and Levi. There are several potential winners still in the field. Chicken has 2.35 on 'Bala Verde' and some 3-4min to the remaining riders. I don't know if Moreau, Levi, and Kloden can consistently put in enough time to beat Rasmussen in the TTs, and certainly they won't drop him on the climbs. It's really a free-for-all, but Chicken certainly looks tough.

ed.- I just checked last year's TT results and Chicken lost a total of 15.5min! I know he may have the yellow to work for, but 15min is MUCHO TIEMPO. Maybe it's not all said and done. Los Pirineos will certainly give us some answers.

Monday, July 16, 2007

#14- Shaker Village edit

Date: July 16 Mond
Mileage: 35 (Bleriot)
July mileage: 284
Year to date: 1231

The pessimist in me sees dissatisfaction in the ride today, although the countryside was lovely and I enjoyed myself. After dropping Z off at camp in Casey Co. at lunch, I set about an afternoon of bike adventuring, first on a drive to scout some potential future roads in northern Casey Co. on a "mixed terrain" ride, or at the tail end of the Ride to Family Camp. Lovely roads, although beastly steep on occasion. I wasn't too awed by the length of them, but I'm not sure I could make it up the steep pitches. I didn't find that many gravel roads (I think the state is modernizing slowly but surely), but where the roads are dug into the hillside an enormous amount of gravel run-off covers the hillside. It would/will make for interesting "texture".

The second part of my adventure, the actual cycling, began at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill- Shakertown. Ruminating on the area while on the ride, I came to the realization that it's very similar to the utopian village found in the movie "The Village" by that British guy with the long name. Needless to say a co-ed utopian society organized around the premise of celibacy problem won't last too long, and it didn't. It's a delightful area if you're in central Kentucky, though. As stated, I got the routes for today from Joe Ward's "Wheeling around the Bluegrass". The plan was to link 2 different rides and give me a total of just short of 50 miles.

I started off on the 'Providence Church' portion of the ride, taking me through Mercer Co.'s version of central KY horse farms. Say what you will, this region of the world is damn pretty on a pretty day like today. This portion of the route was relatively flat and very pleasant. My first stumble was taking a right at one point when I needed to take a left. I remember stopping at the intersection and being unable to exactly decide. I decided wrong. I made a loop of just a few extra miles, but the cut-through road was the hilliest and most annoying of the day, my second stumble. You could tell that, while the rest of the area has nice brick homes and well-maintained fences and such, this road had the trailers and scrubby yards. I think the constant climbing up short, steep pitches really impacted my legs. I'm like one of those Belgian roulers; I can climb steady stuff, but unlike 'The Chicken', I can't do steep. I eventually got back on track and pretty-well finished the 'Providence' portion. The third stumble was the availability of water. It ended up pretty hot today, perhaps 92F or so, and I seriously went through some water. I gobbled down the first bottle. I took my time on the second, knowing I was running low, but there just weren't any resources to refill. Once I stopped at a church looking for a spigot, but it was rigged for pliers and I had none.

Knowing I was hot, lacking water, and had already taken 1 wrong turn, i cut short the 'Shakertown' portion of the ride, still wanting to do a portion of the southern route but looking for short cuts. The only thing that really got me through the last bit was the semi-frozen bottle of Gatorade I stowed in the Longflap. I froze it at home, stored it in a water cooler on the way down, and it still had a little slush in it at mile 27 or so. Damn, it was wonderful. I got slushy tummy shortly thereafter. Too much, too quickly. The southern route was okay, but not that scenic, and awarded me a nice steady climb away from Dix Dam and back towards Shaker Village. This is the disappointing part. All that planning and such and the best I could come up with is a 35-miler. My legs feel like they've done more. And certainly there is NO way I could've done an effective job on the much-hillier 'mixed-terrain' ride. Sitting here on July 16th, I can't imagine going from today, a difficult 35-miler I would characterize as "rolling", to a 100-miler to Family Camp in just a month and a half, one that would be much hillier. Reality sets in.

Don't know. I shouldn't be so negative. It was a good ride, a fun afternoon, and one I would do again. The highlights of the day are those little mundane moments that make the bike more worthwhile than the car. Firstly, I had a golden finch follow me for what seemed like a half mile, I in the road and he along the fence row. He was about 20 feet away, but we were going the exact same speed, he and I a pair in flight. Their flying motion is interesting; they beat their wings very quickly for a brief time and then begin gliding only to fall a bit and then beat their wings to gain altitude. It had a very wave-like quality to it. The second was the imminent dog attack, only this time it treated me so much better. Kentucky is known for its dogs, especially to those on an Adventure Cycling route. Today I only experienced one dog approach, but he was chicken. The only other time was in this downhill swoop where I was going at least 30mph+. I heard the pack on the left, but I was too fast and they didn't have a chance. I looked back when I could and there were 5 of them, their own gang, but they couldn't catch me! Shortly after that, while climbing a bit, I spied some ripe blackberries to the right. I had to, HAD TO, partake. The first was good, the second very good, but the third came with its own new gang, this time of bees or yellowjackets. They were all pretty pissed I was interrupting their lunch. I had a nasty bee sting a few years ago, so I skedaddled. Great moments, all three of these. I'll try to keep these more in mind, and my "failure" less so.

Classic bluegrass territory, with a nice road lined with trees and horse-farm fence

New Providence church. (scroll down for info at link) See if you can read the markers below for key info.

You probably can't read this. It deals with that fact that New Providence Church was home to Revolutionary War-era soldiers and pioneers. The church was established in 1785, and this building (above) was started in 1861. Old stuff here in the original frontier.

River. I'm too lazy to get the name of it from the Delorme Atlas. May be the Salt River, but I doubt. it.

Shiny Bleriot on bridge of same river.

Blackberries ripening.

Just like the Bleriot, "Old Style"

Gravel lane at Shakertown. "No vehicles allowed" Being on this briefly told me I would/will change to CdlVs for "mixed terrain".

I don't care about the shadow so much, but I sort of like the bike portion of this.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Shakertown Ride

Here is a link to MapMyRide and the Shakertown route I entered. Pretty groovy site, but sometimes needs a membership. Be wary. I love digital maps, though. Don't you?

#13- Random Pics

Date: July 15 Sun
Mileage: 15 (9.2.5.)
July mileage: 249
Year to date: 1196

Quick trip up to church to sing this morning (well, practice singing. i've promised to sing next week). tried out cork grips on fixie and i'm very pleased, for a change, of one of my mechanical projects. others remain. this evening i went out for a little more in the neighborhood. muggy, sticky, wet 'ville evening. fixie did great. really thinking of moving up(down) a cog or 2, but no more than. i have to find the happy medium between performance and maintaining knee structure.

Blertiot pic from "Flat Distance" ride on Riverwalk. Colors are washed, but it also displays one of the fine sitting rocks along the walk.

Another from "Flat Distance", this a pic down the walk.

This is the first of two of one of my favorite new gardens in town, this one found on Burnett near to Manual stadium. I pass this sometimes on my commute. It's very free and open and natural- all qualities I appreciate. Although you can't see as much from this pic, there is a nice gravel path winding through this. Oh, and there is the top of the LHT on my ride yesterday.

Another of the same garden, this of the obelisk further towards the house. I like this.

And yet another, this one mirroring my "Monkey Mind" entry from a couple ago, only this one is far more impressive. I think overall this image speaks for itself, whatever the message may be.

I took a couple different pics of the updated 9.2.5. I'm pleased both functionally and aesthetically of the change to flat bars. The Chrome is nice and shiny and the cork contrasts with that. It's a much more comfy bike to ride, given that I really don't like to bend over anymore. And it reflects the switch to the better Terry saddle which has been on several bikes. Sorry for the hose and trashcans, but c'est la vie.

And finally, a pic of Rex, new kitten of friends. I generally don't like cats and find them smelly and unfriendly. This kittie, though, is much sweeter and in this pic, quite cute asleep at the base of the stairs. I should've cropped out my shoes, but I'm lazy.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

# 12- la Bici

Date: July 14 Sat
Mileage: 18 (LHT)
July mileage: 234
Year to date: 1181

Got my mileage in 3 chunks today, starting off with a trip to the grocery @ 2m. The next leg was a trip to Joe Creason w/ the family to meet a friend from Philly who's visiting her dad @ 2.5m. The remainder was my post-picnic toodle through Audubon Park, Schnitzelberg, Germantown, Phoenix Hill, and back through Cherokee Pk. I found out after leg #2 that my back brake- now tightly tweaked- may be rubbing some, so it's certainly giving me a workout. I'll have to work on that a bit.
  • Pretty mundane result for the Tour today. I didn't realize it wasn't a mountaintop finish, so a mbig pack coming in together, with German youngster taking all the prizes and no real change to speak of with the heaviest hitters. It was good to see 4 Disco's in the lead pack. too bad Big George couldn't hold the pace throughout. What is to become of him? Isn't Hincapie a rider who deserves 1 big result from his career?
  • The interesting thing, to me, is that of the main favorites, Kloden is first listed among the favorites, with around 30sec to the first batch of main rivals. Firstly, that should worry everyone else b/c Kloden can certainly win, especially with Vino injured. And secondly, it sticks me the wrong way that Kloden of all should still be a leading figure. Here's a guy that for many years was part of that whole dirty Telekom/T-Mobile operation. And when T-Mobile tries to clean up, he runs off to Astana run by former dirty boy Godefroot.
Concerning bikes:
  • Seemingly properly adjusted Bleriot rear brake yesterday. It wasn't releasing well off the rim, even though I could hand move the brake arm. I first lubed things a little and then lightened the tension of the screw on the right brake arm. It seemed to work. Now, I'm sure the right brake will fall off mid-ride sometime.
  • Glued on cork grips on 9.2.5. I've yet to try them b/c I want them to be good and set. It's a nice look with the chrome flat bar, and I hope a better feel than the budget 'Stache bars that it came with.
  • tried mounting a new spoke on an old 'Dale wheel. I realized that, for the moment, I'm out of my element. Better to practice on a beater, though, right?
  • on my night ride last night (redundant?) I became aware that my Serfas taillight was completely out of juice. it's one thing to ride at night and tempt fate, which I do every morning on my work commute, but another to leisure ride at night with not taillight. not smart and something to remedy. The B/C light on the LHT is also pointed way too much upward, so it does a great job letting the cars know I'm there but doesn't illuminate the road one bit.
  • now i have LHT brake work to attend to every slightly.
  • Blueridge needs a rear wheel trued, but I can't find my good spoke wrench of that size. and the Brooks B-17N on that bike is really trashed right now. it got wet and has this droopy side. i rode briefly on it the other day and it's pretty uncomfortable. might have to do leather saddle triage like I saw in the RivReader.
Lastly, I'm planning a big ride for Monday and I'm feeling quite indecisive about it. I'm taking Z to camp in Casey Co. in southern KY and I've made arrangements to have the afternoon to ride down that way. Here are some different options:

Option 1- Casey Co. safe- There are lots of nice country roads in Casey Co., and I've ridden a few before. This would be fine.

Option 2- Casey Co. "Mixed-terrain" ride- northern CC (map) seems to have some unpaved roads, which are very uncommon in my neck of the woods. I could put together a ride of varying length and explore what is probably hard-core territory. These unpaved roads also happen to be in the knobs area, so it could be ridiculously steep. I don't know if I'm fit or brave enough for this, but it's what the Bleriot is built for, right? "Go beyond mundane, paved roads!" I have this gut feeling that this kind of ride would be better in someone's company for sake of mechanicals or whatnot. I'd be SOL way out in the boonies.

Option 3- Shakertown ride(s)- based on some rides found in Joe Ward's "Wheeling around the Bluegrass", this would comprise some classic mid-KY rides in and around well-known Shakertown. I could do around 30 or 50 depending on how I feel. This is listed as my 3rd option, but I'm leaning towards it now b/c I feel my fitness and abilities best match a 50 combining these.

Any thoughts dear readers?

Monkey Mind

This is one of my favorite terms from my readings on Buddhism. It is to imply the fractured, frantic, out-of-balanced mind that tends to control me day by day. I say with confidence that my life has been dictated by my Monkey Mind, even though I'm quite shocked how much more competent and functional I am than so many. There are some crazy, dysfunctional folks out there, aren't there? I haven't been meditating much of late until this morning, so my quiet sit was productive in that it was nice to just sit and try to accept the Monkey Mind. Buddhism is so much a state of balance equanimity, the Middle Path, and when you (I) briefly glimpse that state, it's one to consider. I don't want to say strive for or desire, b/c of course those efforts of clinging, desire, would be counterproductive to becoming more at peace.

  • been watching the tour sparingly, though a little. Today's the first mountain stage of note. We'll see how Vino responds given his crash and chase the other day.
  • planning a late trip to Florida before school starts. we're homebodies, so it's a big deal for us to head out. of course, i'm not too much of a home body b/c I went to Spain, right? but that was overwhelmingly done with someone else's $$. my dad, who is very generous, is helping out, so thanks to him.
  • did some gardening yesterday, trying to revive the 2 hybrid roses. i poorly pruned them in early summer so they've been kaput for 2 months. i'm disinclined to use lots of chemicals on the plants these days, so it's a decision to get out the spray bottle of death.
  • Brasil vs. Argentina tomorrow (Sunday). Might have to watch that. And waiting for the next U.S.A. U-20 game. Save Midnight Rider, i don't think my readers are too engaged in the Beckham arrival.
  • does anybody really care about Bonds' record-breaking? it may be another sign that baseball as the "national pastime" is dead. i grew up loving baseball, but i'm just not as interested. the payroll disparity between the Yanks and my Reds is almost insurmountable.

This, to the right, is the "album" cover of Feist, aka Leslie Feist. This is one of the best albums/CDs that I've heard in a long time. It's almost indescribable. She's very eclectic, with hints of jazz, rock, standards and sings with a very smokey, emotive sound. If, dear reader, you are in to Music and not just product, this is some great, great stuff. Some of the reviews are so-so, but I have almost 1,500 CDs to tell me that this girl has it.

Friday, July 13, 2007


Date: July 13 Fri
Mileage: 15 (LHT)
July mileage: 216
Year to date: 1163
iPod: Bruce Springsteen "Born to Run", Feist "Reminder", Roots "Phrenology"

Given my pessimistic, negative nature, once I lost my July mojo I threw away several other opportunities to ride both Wednesday and Thursday. Frankly I was sitting around (sub) consciously feeling sorry for myself for not being able to meet a goal. Instead of "pulling up my bootstraps" I just languished.

Suffice to say tonight I got on the LHT and took an evening/night ride. I had been promised an ipod cover so I went to Circuit City in St. Matthews to find one. It was a really nice night to ride, with the temps very moderate for this time of year.

It was an example of one of those errand rides that are so doable if folks just got on the bike. In my case, Circuit City is about 6+ miles from the house, with only 1 real hill. So doable, and I'm glad I "did" it b/c I also passed on a couple commutable (not exactly precise usage there) opportunities in the last few so...

I have more to say, but it's late and I rode.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

No Show

Didn't ride today, the first day of July, and this the day after Holiday World. I was pretty tired this morning, so I had "later". Then I spent almost the whole afternoon selling my dad's tractor to my in-laws (don't ask). I still had the the "evening", but my mom showed with L's bday present, which then begat a long evening of discussion and conversation. I have to ask myself, "Which is more important, a bike ride for sake of an abstract goal or meaningful time w/ Ma?". The answer is obvious and I will live to fight another day.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

#10- "You canNOT be Serious"

Date: July 10 Tues
Mileage: 1 (LHT)
July mileage: 201
Year to date: 1148

It's a bit ridiculous, but my best effort today was my 1-mile training epic, thereby continuing my goal of riding every day in July. Fact is, even with our trip today I woke up with enough time to get a short ride in. Feeling the effects of my recent efforts, I adjusted that to a coffee run, which could net me 5-10m. Then I hit the first hill and knew I was done, empty, nothing there. My calendar says I've ridden 11 days in a row, including today's epic. Of those rides, mostly all were road rides, with 1 errand ride and 1 ride thrown in as well, and 2 of those were 40m, so the mileage is creeping up. I'm glad to take a day "off", but if I were around this afternoon I think the body could wake up to a more appreciable amount.

That said, my elbow is still bothering me, so that will have to be attended to. Sucks getting old.

Monday, July 09, 2007

#9 Quickie

Date: July 9 Mon
Mileage: 16.5 (Bleriot)
July mileage: 200
Year to date: 1147 (I rounded my numbers up b/c I'm lazy)

Damnation I was lazy today!! We had our get together yesterday where I drank more than my fair share of refreshing beverage, so today's activity up until my ride was virtually nothing but spending the morning reading some transamerica stories and later watching some this and that on the tele while the good wife was at work.

eventually, in keeping with my goal, I got off my ass and went out on the Bleriot for a quickie, putting in about an hour in Seneca/Cherokee. I'm getting a little bit if left elbow pain, I think, from not bending and flexing my arm. Today I tried to be mindful of it and adjust as needed. Yet again I wore Tevas, per IGrant, and they worked out fine. I was going to take out the Trek, but its pedals sound like seals dying from club abuse. I think I fixed the Bleriot pedal "tic". I had fun doing a couple hot laps around Seneca and keeping a roadie or two at bay. Distance and speed can be done sans cleats, although some other dude blew me away even though it didn't seem like he was working that hard. I did both 40s last week in sandals sans cleats. Not having a computer on the Bleriot makes speed, mph, and average all guess work, but who cares? I had a good ride spending some time in the big ring. Still can't climb for shit but that's my own problem.

Tomorrow we're headed to Holiday World for L's bday. If I'm going to keep my All-July then I'm going to have to get some miles in in the a.m. I'll have to bounce out of bed for another quickie and then get another long one in Wednesday or Friday. Just today I started to actually think of adding miles and maybe making the Labor Day thing a reality. I have to finally do an epic adventure to keep with these other bloggers who aren't so poseur as I.

Sunday, July 08, 2007

Date: July 8 Sun
Mileage: 5 (9.2.5.)
July mileage: 184
Year to date: 1130

We had our X-annual college gettogether, this time at Ames' house. We hosted it a couple times @ my dad's (and mom's) farm before "the divorce" and the selling of the said wonderful farm. I had numerous frosty beverages, but hopefully I offset some by riding la bici to the site not too far from home. i took the 925 fixie with newly mounted flat bars and am presently pleased by the change. I'll have more to come mid-week about setup and changes, but I got there clear-headed and home not clear-headed, and am pleased with my effort.

Roger & Rafa

Wow!!! I didn't watch the match b/c of a more-productive ride, but Rafa pushed Roger to 5 sets on Roger's "turf". El Toro is coming, don't you think? I will state here that Rafa will win The Championships before Roger wins at Roland Garros. Certainly a match to make up for an otherwise mediocre 2 weeks.

#8- Le Club

Date: July 8 Sun
Mileage: 41 (Bleriot)
July mileage: 179
Year to date: 1125

Joined the club for the first time since Spring Break, or maybe even winter. It's interesting (to me) that some people do many of their miles alone; I'm thinking of Doug and myself, while many LBC members wouldn't do any miles to speak of unless they're with the club; I'm thinking of fellow teacher Glen who only rides club. I tend to not ride much club due to 2 reasons (and subconsciously a 3rd): #1 I get many miles commuting and that in itself is a solitary endeavour and #2 give the rate of suburbanization and growth, many rides start far away from home, and I have a big problem driving to ride my bike when I have the parks and the city at my doorstep. The 3rd is that, being a commuter, I probably have a negative attitude towards many club members who put more miles in than I, but are people who I see as the problem. They drive their SUVs from the 'burbs to participate in a "training" activity and don't contribute much to what I see as an ecological, dare-I-say spiritual activity. Really I'm full of shit b/c they're putting more miles in than I, but imagine if even 10% of the 1000-member strong LBC were to begin commuting by bike?

Today's ride was listed as a 35-miler "My Louisville Ride". The 'Ville has put up several wall-sized (I mean building wall) portraits of famous Louisvillians such as Muhammad Ali and Diane Sawyer. The intention was to do a city ride and take some of these in. The first leg was yet again down towards Shawnee/Chickasaw. I've done that ride enough that I could stand some fresh, new viewage, but it's a serviceable urban route. We then went to the top of Iroquois Hill and then back home. I failed to mention that today's route started 1 mile from my house, up at my fav Douglass Loop. It certainly made it easy for me to get my coffee and muffin for a post-ride fill up. For all my snobbery, there were some familiar faces on this ride, including "Rick" who often rides a fixie. He's just a plain nice guy and is without any of the pejorative characteristics that I attributed earlier in this blog to "club types". His fixie, of which I did not take a pic, is a refurbished Windsor, which is otherwise a Mexican Cinelli, a model relatively sought after by the lugs and steel types. Bernice also attended. She is a 70ish rider extraordinaire who still puts in thousands of miles and duathlons/triathlons. My colleague Glen also attended. He teaches US History and Psychology. I knew that he rides regularly, but I can't convince him to commute, so he's not associated with the 'lance' and 'sheryl' clan from work.

I forgot that riding in the group has its advantages. The paces is a little stronger. You can "hide" some in the draft. I personally go up hills harder so as to not be seen as pansy ass. Today I received some nice comments about the Bleriot. The rest of the mounts were Treks and C'dales, with a smattering thrown in for good measure. It was a nice ride and it may behoove me to ride once or twice a week with the club for aforementioned benefits.

Ultimately, I ask myself July 8th whether I can train to do the "Family Camp Ride" Labor Day weekend. I'm sure I've stated here my wish to ride to Family Camp. It would be about a 100-mile solo century, with the tougher miles in the last 3rd. Can I do it? I can ride 40 somewhat comfortably, but those are 40 flat miles. I want to be able to do that ride strongly and confidently, not for sake of macho speed, but more so for the purposes of safety. It would be a very rural route on unknown roads and I would need to be as strong as within reason. We'll see how the rest of my July rides work out. I'm thinking of doing the 60 with the club on Wednesday. Maybe le Club can help me herenthere to meet my goal.

This is the group this morning at Wheelman's Bench. The rider leader's camera batteries were dead, so the honors went to me. Read up on the 'Bench' info.; it's sort of interesting. Co-worker Glen in to the left on the ground in the red jersey.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

#7- Tic, Tic, Tic...

Date: July 7 Sat
Mileage: 23 (Bleriot)
July mileage: 138
Year to date: 1084

good ride on the Bleriot, pushing the pace for most of the first hour and then slowed considerably after that. I'm pretty dialed in, but I have this annoying creak- more like a tic- in the pedal/BB area that is getting worse. I was going to take the pedals off and grease the threads and get them good and tight, but we went out to dinner instead. If anybody has any ideas otherwise, please lend a hand. I think the chain is adequately lubed, so the problem isn't there either. It's once or 1.5 per pedal arm. Otherwise the bike is running great and I really enjoy the ride. I'm wanting to increase my mileage and am having problems imagining several hours of "tic tic tic" with every revolution.

Friday, July 06, 2007

U.S. 2 Brasil 1 (and Roddick)

Wow, what a result for the youngsters!! I've not been a full-on futbol aficionado for all that long, so I'm sure these youth results don't always play out to the senior team results, but I was impressed at the quality of play from the Americans. Bradley really worked the mid-field and up front Adu and Altidore were excellent and so much more explosive and "forward" than the usual work from the seniors. Adu may be sealing up a Euro contract with his footwork and service, aside from his hat trick the last game. Altidore is a big ol' stud, all 6'3" of him. And big kudos to the goalie, b/c he was busy in the 2nd half.

After the Copa America embarrassment, it nice to see the colors looking like they know how to play. It'll be interesting to watch this group especially in the 2014 once they have some grown-up experience.

**But I won't mention that fold by Andy Roddick. I've watched far less tennis this summer b/c outside of Roger and Rafa the game isn't doing much for me. And Case-in-Point today. It's pretty tough to be up 6-4 6-4 4-2 with the biggest serve in the 'game' to go to 5-2 and lose the whole damn thing. And don't even mention the women's game. Marion Bartoli?? I saw her play one of the "ich"s in the French and it looks like she needs to lose 20lbs. At least she has a good cycling last name. Anybody remember Michele Bartoli from the 90s? Won some excellent classics right in the middle of the new EPO era.

#6- 29ering

Date: July6 Fri
Mileage: 20 (C'dale 29er)
July mileage: 115
Year to date: 1061

I'm going with the 20-mile mileage credit for today's mountain bike ride. With no computer on the C'dale, there's no real way to calculate save getting a very intense googlemap, but nah. I was out about 1.5 hr and worked pretty hard. I'm alot more tired now than on a standard road ride at the moment. I had wanted to go long, but the good wife had to run bday errands for L, whose party is tomorrow and real day is the 10th. Nothing special to report except:
  • I was much more tentative this time than last on the 29er. I'll live and nothing is broken on me or the bike so that's good.
  • I almost ran into a guy on a trail. It was a pack of 4 "real"-looking mtbikers who were hauling ass coming through a blind corner. I said "My fault" at the pissed look on his face but immediately regretted saying that. It wasn't my fault and no real harm was done. I think one of the reasons for my chicken-shit attitude today was the fear of taking out that same group again somewhere else in the park.
  • I fortunately yielded to pair of girls jogging on one of the trails. Yikes that could've been bad to have plowed into them and have landed poorly...
  • Something on the bike put out a low-level tinny (as in scratching on tin) whine. I personally think it was the front disc brake in some way, but I have NO real clue about the overall mechanics of those- perhaps a misaligned caliper rubbing on the disc .
  • Didn't pack a Camelback, but should've. I'm not even sure my original small CB is functional and the large one is too large for anything save an epic Alpine adventure.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

#5-Bike Jog

Date: July5 Thurs
Mileage: 13 (Rans)
July mileage: 95
Year to date: 1041

Nothing more than a 1-hour "bike jog" on the 'bent through the neighborhood. Hope to be going long tomorrow, so I took it easy today. I would say it was close to the flattest route one could possible take. Table-top Flat.

"Cycle of Abuse"

I found an interesting and informative article/interview with Lemond and Paul Kimmage (author of the first "from-the-peloton" tell-all about the drug problem) from the Sunday Times. As much as I want to believe and support our American victors- Lance and Floyd- these types of articles sure to cast a long shadow. Lemond seems sincere and his experiences plausible. Does anyone really have any interest in the sport these days? Petacchi out. Vino under Ferrari's spell, like so many others. Practically the whole leaderboard from the Giro under investigation for hormone issues. A new "treatment" anyone? And who is tired of riders whining about "degrading" treatment? If so many of Kloden's compadres hadn't been proven to be on the soup, then there wouldn't be anything to sign, now would there. And hey, last time I checked Mr. Kloden was part of that Telekom/T-Mobile mess that has now been aired throughout the world press.

There are too many posts and articles to cite. You and I know that has the best coverage. Or perhaps others more in the know spell an imminent doom for CN for such excellent knowledge of the filthiest sport in the world. Oh, I forgot WWE.

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


The good wife wanted to visit one of our usual 4th haunts, the Crescent Hill Traditional or the Frankfort Capitol Celebration. Instead we stayed here and went up to Atherton's parking lot to watch 2 different neighbor extravaganzas. It was sort of fun watching dueling munitions. Apparently, the girlfriend of one group asked that the other group leave b/c they "were there first", thereby setting up the duel. Both are good neighbors, so I'm not taking sides, but the affronted neighbor "won" w/ several barrages of multiple high rockets. It's rather amazing what the layman can buy these days, all from Indiana, of course, b/c most of the good stuff is illegal in KY.

Even better, IMHO, was the show we were treated to upon leaving the festivities. In the south Nature's own fireworks, via a great in-the-cloud lightening storm, were kicking up, sending tendrils of flame to and fro, lightening up the entire sky, albeit at a reasonable distance. I'll take Nature's finest over the "ancient Chinese secret" any day. We are bereft of observatories in our delightful river valley location. I looked for an approximation for perhaps 10min, but never found one. Henceforth, I chose this to represent Nature's own.


I would put David Bowie's "Heroes" as one of my top-ten songs of all time. There's no simple reason; it just rocks and rolls and oozes and soothes. Great stuff.

Facilities and Realities

Following are numerous different articles, entries and links to happenings nationwide with respects to bicycles and their place on the streets. It's interesting that they've all cropped up recently. Higher gas? Greater ridership? Summer heat?

Jim G's take on SanFran cyclists and how they use the road.

Somebody else's take on the SanFran issue.

3-Speed Blog's bike lane pondering in MN and Bicycle Fixation's Safety Discussion.

ReflectorCollector's bike trail take in Roseville, MN.

The Blasphemous Bicycler's observation of the perils of muli-use paths.

Safety issues in the East Coast nirvana of Connecticut.

Velocipete's find of "Guerrilla Bike Lanes"in Toronto. This showed up on the local listserve as well.

Two Cities Two wheels has a good discussion of the stop sign thing.

A batch of reviews of the Chicago Lakefront path.

I found several posts via BikePortland about both Multi-use path issues (here via a link to a BostonGlobe article) and stop sign issues as well. Take a look and follow the links on both.

The Globe mention originally was posted on Streetsblog, a NY green living blog.

And finally an interesting article via TreeHugger about the cycling renacimiento found in Berlin, where city gov't has made major efforts to increase the bikeability of the city.

Several of these issues have been brought up recently on the Kycyclist listserve. Most around here are in favor of nothing- that is to say take your lane and ditch the dangerous painted bike lanes. I've spent some time on the Riverwalk recently and can attest to some tense moments like those mentioned in Boston. Locally, a local cyclist was hit by a car and killed while en route on our only bikeable bridge, the 2nd-street bridge downtown. It sounds like one of those "no winners" situations, with the cyclist hitting something and falling in the path of the auto. Some local cyclists are full of vitriol for the car, others a bit more moderate. If you were driving in the inside lane (of a 4-lane bridge) and a cyclist fell in front of your path, what would/could you do? The victim lived just a few blocks over from us. I've been on that bridge a few times. It has large, heavy metal joint plates that could easily, very easily, know a cyclist out of whack. Very unfortunate and not easily solved.

Much food for thought.

#4- No I in Clmb

Date: July4 Wed
Mileage: 20 (RB-1)
July mileage: 82
Year to date: 1028

After spending the morning wasting time online, especially looking at info relating to the iBOB fenomeno and I took the RB-1 out for a shortie today. I've spent so much time on "more comfortable" bikes that the Bridgestone felt positively racy, bending me over in a crooked "egg" shape that surely would break some kind of speed record. Que no! Once situated I again found the RB-1 to be an incredibly stable and intuitive ride, so much so that I could bend through the corners much faster than on my other rigs. Hey, it should be that way. And no, I can't climb, too heavy and too accustomed to triples and midget gears. The smallest gear on the RB-1 is a 40x23. Can you imagine something that big after years spent on the generous LHT, Bleriot or even old 'Dale hybrid? It's the engine, I know, but some extra climbing gears back there would be nice. Am I going to pay any $$ to do so, No. I enjoyed the chance at a different kind of mount, but I'll be spending most of my time on the Bleriot, thanks. I've had thoughts of selling the RB-1 b/c I know it will never be a high-mileage machine for me anymore, but it sure is fun to pull it out of "mothballs" to get the racy legs going. My av. speed wasn't too bad until one of those final hills and the legs went fwhpht. After that it was spin low gear home.

I think if I could get decent $$ for the RB-1 I would sell it. It's in good shape, and save tires, wrap and stem it's all original. And the original stem is laying around in the garage somewhere.


The U.S. U-20 team put the beat down on Poland recently. After the droll, uninspired and downright poor showing of the Americans in the Big Boy Copa America, it's good to see some localsiders getting down to business. Adu went for a hat trick and it was the most offensive American team I've seen. Remember, too, that this is a Poland side that beat the mighty Brasil just last week. Not too damn bad. Watching the match, U.S. was always filling every gap and playing so many balls forward. But let's not again discuss C.A.

And on a different futbol note, the Spanish game is changing quickly, with Barca signing Henry and Torres going to Liverpool. The only thing Los Merengues have done is fire their coach, one who just won them a championship. They seemed to have hired Chivu, but that ain't signing Henry, if you get my meaning. For that matter, they've sent off several long-timers like Beckham and Roberto Carlos as well. It seems like a total house-cleaning. It will be interesting watching Real take on Barca with Eto'o, Ronaldinho, Henry and Messi up front. Madre Mia!.

(El Nino is awfully pretty to be a really good futbolista. Is he like Becks? All photo and no go?)

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

RBW Sighting

Other: 2.5 mile walk

Z and I walked home from the Barb-B-Que place tonight, Mark's Feedstore. We walked home last week too, and from ice cream last night. It's a good plan to let the food settle, but invariably we need bathrooms to empty the intake.

Anyway, I saw a Rivendell blow past us on our walk, someone on a Romulus (I'm pretty sure given the blue). I know of one 'Ville Riv, owned by a guy named David. I see his name occasionally on the cycling listserve. He was putting in a pretty good pace, certainly one faster than my usual. It may be interesting to contact him and put together a RivRide. All it take is a little momentum, right?

#3- Flat Distance

Date: July 3 Tues
Mileage: 41 (Bleriot)
July mileage: 62
Year to date: 1008
iPod: Beatles Shuffle

I can't report anything unusual or distinct, but today I took the longest ride in a while on the Bleriot. It was about as flat as possible, going out west towards Shawnee/Chickasaw, then east on the Riverwalk, continuing up River Road and back towards home via Indian Hills and Seneca. Almost all hte mileage was along the river, so the only "hill" I encountered was Westwind Dr. coming away from the river in Indian Hills. My butt was pretty tired by the time I got home, but I still had some in my legs. The plan is to take another long one, maybe Friday, and build from there. A good effort and a pat on the back for me.

Monday, July 02, 2007

#2-The Firecracker and the Angry X

Date: July 2 Mon
Mileage: 17 (Trek400)
July mileage: 21
Year to date: 967
iPod: Shuffle of Beatles, MMJ, Beethoven, Shins, Pavement, Ravel

In Seneca and Cherokee on un dia muy bonito on the Trek. After changing pedals there was an enormous racket emanating from the pedals/crankarm area. Horrible, but I marshaled on. I did nothing more elegant than ride around in the parks where my mood took me, feeling good enough to take on a few hills on my creaky arthritic steed. As so many of our modern fellow cyclists of many ilk would say, BUT:
  • coming down the hill towards the T at Seneca golf course I gingerly merged more in to the center of my lane. It's a quick descent and I don't want company on my left shoulder at high speeds. To my surprise, a large white Suburban entity starts coming around me in the other lane, a solid stripe pass down a busy, traffic-laden hill. The "priceless" image was of the 12-ish daughter in the passenger sea who looked at me like I was leprous or was into kiddie porn...with ugly kids. Bitchette. And her mother turned towards me and started making these not-so-nice faces. Bitch. I yelled some and of course caught up to her at the stop and yelled some more. "Learn the traffic laws idiot", I believe is what I came up with, although I dropped the F-Bomb on them on the downhill. She breaks 2 laws and yells at me. Bitch. Oh, and of course given my world she had a St. X sticker on her truck. Don't get me started on that in this town. That would be my reason #2 or #3 leave my friendly cowtown.
  • Riding along Cherokee with a group of 3 15-ish weasels on their BMX bikes strewn across the road. I see something gauzy, go past them and "BANG!!". Cute. I don't think they were throwing it at me or I would be more pissed. Stupid-ass teenagers. I just looked around and moved on. There really is no appropriate response, but I sure was looking for a cop up the road in the park to light their own proverbial fire.
A nice ride I'm trying not to ruin with the image of that dumbass illegally passing me downhill in the park yelling at ME for being in her way. I should, and will, move on, but the nerve.


I'm not whining per se, but I wish sometimes I could ride in a place like this. That is to say, Kent's land sure has more interesting roads that I do. I won't say the scenery is better, b/c that kind of beauty is in the beholder. Guess I could move, but the good wife likes the bluegrass too much.

Sunday, July 01, 2007


Date: July1 Sun
Mileage: 4 (Trek400)
July mileage: 4
Year to date: 950
Other: 1-mile walk

I did a fair amount of work on the bikes this afternoon, although none of it too major. The Bleriot got its Carradice Longflap ready for riding and commuting, plus some air in the tires. The LHT got extensive brake work, one wheel tweaked, panniers reattached and more brake work. The Trek got air. The F29 (doesn't that sound like a damn plane? Remember, I didn't pay for it) got new pedals coming from the Trek. The Trek got new pedals. No, the F29er got pedals from the Rans. The Rans got pedals from the Trek and the Trek got cage pedals from somewhere, not sure where. The reasoning is that the F29/Caffeine/F29er had proprietary pedals which didn't have a happy cleat interface with Shimano, so I traded all around. Now, the Bleriot, Trek, fixie have cage pedals and Rans and LHT 1/2 cage ones (with other side cleat). I like them very much in the summer b/c they're good with sandals. I also fiddled with the Crosscheck, but things are bad. The chain is too rusted for me to disassemble it, so I'm going to eventually give up and take it the the LBS. It will need a new chain, freewheel/cassette and maybe a rear derailleur. Don't you think the "real" bikes should be ridable? right? I also mounted the other pannier on the Rans, giving it both. The LHT, Rans, and 1 other will be my commuting bikes, probably the Trek or the fixie. On the 3rd commuter I'll mount the seat-post rack, but I have to decide, but not until August.

What I have decided is that I'm going to ride every day in July, whether it be 1 mile or 100. I'm unhappy with my June performance, but I'm also not going to beat myself up over it. I'm just going to ride every day in some form and see how it turns out. Wouldn't it be great if I could take a Sunday morning ride with the MN/Hiawatha crew? Those sound like folks good to ride with, but the 'Ville is lacking in that character. Maybe I should provide some leadership and create a group like that, although I don't think they're many Rivendells, Surlys or vintage 3-Speeds around. I AM going to ride every day though, and I'm going to ride every (ridable) bike at least once. That shouldn't be hard. This summer I've already been on the Bleriot, Blueridge, Trek, Fixie, and the Rans. I would need to add the LHT, F29/F29er/Caffeine (I don't know the name. I just looked it up and it's Caffeine 29er, but mine also has "F29" on the top tube. puzzling. and remember, I didn't buy it, but also didn't steal it nor take it.), and very unhappy Crosscheck. The good wife might not let me spend the necessary $$ to fix the Crosscheck just yet. I am glad people who read and write these blogs understand why I have so many bikes. The good wife told me this evening that she s "glad I have a bike hobby, but just make sure to ride the pinche things." She's right.

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