Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Would you?

vote for a presidential candidate that:
  • wanted to expand off-shore drilling?
  • offered no real plan/program for creating a greener economy?
  • escalated a war in yet another Middle-Eastern country, but did not stop a preceding unpopular ME war?
  • wanted to gut public schools and create, or at least support, the possibility for de facto federally funded religious charter schools, blurring the lines of church-and-state?
  • supported executive privilege concerning the potential continued use of torture?
I wouldn't, and next time I won't. Disappointing.

(no cycling. one of the most bereft of my recent years of riding. weight as high as ever. Mired, if you know what I'm saying)

Saturday, May 01, 2010


Not much, no, no riding since 2 weeks ago during the Bloomington epic with Apertome. It's just that tough time of the year with 2 boys in soccer and me in tennis, so no one really has time to do anything. Yesterday I did do the 2m commute up to the nursery for a couple garden-related products. The Ute fulfilled its cargo-bike purposes.

I encourage you to take a look at two random "top bike blog" lists, if only because there might be a new, fun find in there. I found the original post from EcoVelo, one of my favs. I was glad to see that Kent's blog ended up on both; he is a great bike writer. Up in Alaska got her props too, but I'm still coming to terms with some comments made during the last election that seemed to support Palin. And on one list, Doug in MN got some props. That's very well deserved. Many of the other suspects are more general bike interest blogs. The lists are from LondonCyclist and Extanz. It's raining buckets outside, so maybe it's a good day to take a look.

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