Friday, January 26, 2018

2017 Review

2527 miles
Most trips: Jones ATB (78)
2nd most trips: Jones Ti (22)
IF Club Racer: 17 rides, 418 miles. Not as bad as originally computed. Dumb.

My 2017 was framed around my broken arm in late June. Shit, I didn't even post anything here. Like the other cool kids, I've mostly moved to Instagram for the short-and-sweet. I had surgery in early July and wasn't back on the commuter until September 6. I did a mix of road and commute throughout the Fall but never got my mojo back. I did finally hit the (frozen trails) in late December, but my riding has been very tentative, and that's alright. '17 was my lowest mileage year since keeping data on, but that's what happens when you break you arm.

Top rides (in no particular order)

1. Ouachita Bikepack Tour with Pondero in April. (Days 1, 2, 3, & 4).  This image will ever stay with me.

2. A quick Napa, CA roll. Nothing special, but I rode in Napa.

3. My June S24O up-n-back to Clifty Falls. Actually I didn't have that much of a good time, but I'm glad I did it. (even the pic is bad)

4. An early summer, rainy 58-mile road ride with shop guys. Fun to feel like a cyclist even though I was garbage.

5. PJ and I had a really good time in Knoxville on a couple days of trails until my fateful accident. The first day was a bit sticky but we did most of what's to offer in the Urban Wilderness.  The second day we found rain so went a bit north to the well-draining trails at Norris Lake. The first run was fun, so we were doing things anti-clockwise and I bit it in a turn. Just lost it. No explanation except for a bit too much speed. I'll live with a gimpy, arthritic wrist the rest of my days because. Life.

6. I got antsy and did a solo S24O down by the Ohio River, bum style. I freaked out at 5am to what eventually proved to be a golf course mower. I thought drunk rednecks were coming. It was fun, a little adventure.

7. My big adventure post-surgery was a road trip to TX to Pondero's Ramble. I first stopped in my birthstate of AR and did a morning ride in St. Francis NF under sunny skies. That was fun. And I used the trip as one of my 'coffee outside' stops to help complete the #coffeeneuring2018 challenge. The Fall wasn't awesome, but the challenge and the road trip did help to break things up.

8. While low numerically, I did enjoy Pondero's Ramble. But dammit if my '17 luck got the better of me. I returned home on a Sunday at 4pm. By 9.30pm that evening I had the beginnings of my first kidney stone. That ensuing week sucked. While I am really glad- and appreciative of the hospitality- I attended Pondero's ride, unfortunately it is inextricably linked to that damn kidney stone.

9. PJ and I hit some gravel in late Fall near Rough River, KY. Like the rest of my rides, I felt like shit. But the ride was pretty damn nice, one of the nicest VitaminG rides I can remember in fact. It definitely makes the list.

In my mind, aside the Ouachita Lake, AR trip, the year seemed like bicycling garbage. On second pass, though, I took some nice rides with nice people. While not pictured, I also rode new mountain bike trails in KY (Skullbuster, Mammoth Cave) and TN (Knoxville), and generally had a fun time on the trails until that damn corner.


A bit more exploration has me add a melange for:

10. I did some really nice mixed terrain rides early in the year. Again, the damn arm hazed over yet more fun rides, in this case a Muscatutuck mixed-terrain with DC, a Livingstone mixed-terrain again with DC, and a hootin' good time with DC and Andy doing some muddin' in S-Tree, all in winter.

There's always 2018. My health care providers have told me that it's time to drop some weight. I guess it's time to ride more, then. Challenge accepted.

I wish I weren't such a damn pessimist. I had some *really* good rides in 2017, and I need to get over myself and get to riding.

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