Thursday, November 30, 2006

Commute 2.0

Date: Nov 30
Mileage: 21
Ride type: Commute/Mixed
Bike: LHT
Temp: 65 and falling
November mileage: 425
Year to date: 2238

last commute of a very-warm November. good times. i woke up early, so i took the longer way through Cherokee Pk., up golfcourse hill, and on to school. 65 degrees for a morning commute the last day of November! the afternoon proved fun as well. i went down Logan (the northerly road i never remember the name of, but gracias a Dios for googlemaps), along Washington and up the Adams St./Spring St. biketrail. i could fell the effects of the brisk tailwind when i proceeded to travel at 18.5mph on the LHT slightly uphill. the BeargrassCreekTrail was in good shape, and over to Cherokee. i sort of cheated in that i didn't go up golfcourse hill, but instead went trail riding again, going up the old mtbike trail to Hogan's Fountain. I hadn't done that trail since before selling the orangish Cannondale oh so long ago. (after thinking about it for a sec, i remembered that I sold the C'dale to a guy in OK to help raise the funds for the Surly CrossCheck. i had had enough of "hardcore" mtnbiking and the Surly has done me much better).

i toodled through the park and Seneca Gds, bringing me near to home. after all the good mileage of late, i didn't want to come home and finish with only 19m, so i extended to the streets behind Farmington. that's where the day got a smidge interesting in that the radar has shown rain ALL day long just ot the west, but it never seemed to get here. well, if i had come straight home, i wouldn't have had the experience of receiving a little cleansing shower the last 2m. and i was close enough to home not to worry too much about dropping temps and wetness.

the 2.0 in the title refers, of course, to the 2" Serfas. i really like them. they seem to be able to handle any situation, and my commute is seemingly easier with the ability to plow through random street holes and cracks. and i get to go offroad safely when needed. good November on the bike.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

November 404
October 135
September 319
August 245
July 290
June 138
May 97
April 77
March 0
February 136
January 290

Mileage totals so far in 2006. These total 2131; the "year-to-date" totals 2203, so I'm 72 miles off somewhere. I'm not anal enough to go through every single day again. If someone else volunteers, please "comment" as to where I diverged. I'm taking the 2203 b/c that's how it is. Actually, now that I'm here thinking about this, I probably WILL go back and find the difference.

My totals reflect:

    • I get no mileage in the Spring during tennis season. There are only so many hours in the day and I am often just too tired. A big goal is to continue riding in some capacity during the season, thinking of late about a 1 hour ride each morning from 5.15-6.15 a.m. That could give me, let's say, 200 miles conservatively. and if I add a weekend here or there, I could get 300 w/out taxing my schedule too much. Damn I'm busy in the spring, though!
    • My summer riding mileage is ridiculous considering that I'm a teacher and am "off" various parts of the summer. Simply stated, I garden alot and watch too much TV. In order: French Open, Wimbledon, Tour de France, and in '06 the added bonus of lots of World Cup games. gotta ride first and watch later. and i even have TIVO. what an idiot.
    es hora de cenar.

    Ya vendra el Bleriot!!!

    well, today, miercoles, had all kinds of mixed-but-wonderful cycling news and events coming my way. to help facilitate some childcare/child bus, i drove today so i could pick the boys up after school. i could've ridden and then bused, but i ended up late and the good wife agreed to release me for an afternoon ride after work (and releasing me from some homework duties). today called for outstanding weather, so it was an opportunity lost for lots o' november-end mileage, but...

    getting home, i did a little thisandthat measuring and ORDERED THE BLERIOT from Jim at Hiawatha. this is a VERY big deal. i know that my LHT is not that old, but i think the Bleriot will complement was it going to be the 2007 year of the bike. i'm VERY excited!! according to I/Grant's PBH and SH, interestingly i ended up ordering a 57, which is larger than some of my others. for example:

    Trek 400 57
    LHT 54
    Bridgestone RB-1 54
    Blueridge ??

    My PBH ended up 84, which puts me squarely in the middle of the 57 category.the Bleriot will be more like the Trek, but you know, i think that's a good thing b/c it's the most comfy ride-around bike of the many. nothing racy but rock solid, only the Bleriot won't be on 20 yr-old rusty rims, specious hubs, and a mostly-tired drivetrain. Big Stuff!! I'm tricking it out with a Nitto rear mini-rack for the Carradice Nelson Longflap that will be moved from the LHT. It (the LHT) is getting the rack re-installed, maybe with a Surly-made rack in fact. also, the Bleriot will get Jim's cloth and twine job, a honey brown Brooks and Berthoud fenders. Big Stuff!! Jim is also building me a new SON hub for the LHT to go with the Lumotec Oval that I already have in my possession. Jim will have to baby me through the electrical wiring, and that will "shiny" up the LHT too. I feel like i'm going to do 2 bike makeovers at once, with the LHT getting newer, larger SKS fenders to fit the monster 2" Serfas on right now. it will turn into a monster commuter.

    and finally, after spending lots of $$, i got out for a quickie. i really wanted to get over 400 for the month, and did it today with a quick "mixed" ride in Seneca and Cherokee. i say mixed b/c i took the LHT with the monster Serfas on some of the trails, as well as on the road. good "mixed" ride, and with the tire size, hope to do more herenthere. tomorrow the weather changes, but i'm on the bike anyway as a means to celebrate. gotta get all the miles in possible until tennis starts in the spring.

    Date: Nov 29
    Mileage: 14
    Ride type: Mixed
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 72!!
    November mileage: 404
    Year to date: 2217

    last year, i had approx 900 in the 2nd half of the year, having started the blog in August. this year, for the same time i have 1175 and that totally doesn't include December. Can i have another 400mile month? I think so. to be wary, in '06 i came down with a nasty ear/throat infection thing in december, laying me low for practically 2 weeks. i'll have to practice better hygiene this time.

    Good Times!

    Tuesday, November 28, 2006


    Date: Nov 28
    Mileage: 23 (7.5am/15.5pm)
    Ride type: Commute
    Bike: Trek 400 Elance
    Temp: 66!! (spitting precip)
    November mileage: 390
    Year to date: 2203

    rode today with no great probs, but not much energy either. wanted to get another long pre-cold ride in, but only managed 16 or so in the p.m. Trek doesn't have computer, so mileage is all approx, with today's on the downside. rode with 'sheryl' a bit after school, and then went out river rd. and up Frankfort. took another spin through Cherokee and home. tired. day off?? no, not until december. i certainly want to finish nov. above 400.

    Monday, November 27, 2006


    interview with I/Grant as posted by fixedgear. haven't read it yet, but seems like so many of the blogs i read are associated with this kind of riding. why? it's riding, not racing. and pics are fun. have possible Bleriot specs from Jim. here's hoping the budget makes it happen.

    and found another interesting site for commuter/city types: Bicycle Fixation. don't remember who i got the link from. thanks, though.


    Date: Nov 27
    Mileage: 32 (7am/25pm)
    Ride type: Commute
    Bike: Trek 400 Elance
    Temp: 66!! (still wonderful)
    November mileage: 367
    Year to date: 2181

    to take advantage of the last few days of good weather (wednesday is looking like the "front" day), i took a longish afternoon commute ride on the Trek. i really enjoy the Trek set-up, but it emits many strange sounds, and i'm constantly worried the crank is just going to fall off mid-stroke, or that the back wheel is going to instantaneously 'taco', leaving me spread eagle in the middle of the road.

    i had cooked up plans to do the Iroquois/Chickasaw/Riverwalk/Shawnee thing, but frankly i'm chicken, and it's getting pretty dark pretty quickly. it's funny that i ride every a.m. in the dark, but the evening dark brings more cars on the road and random pissy pod people.

    following are some pics from Iroquois Park, the Olmstead "Forest" park of the big 3. i really like the tall-grass meadow they've put in up on the top. there are some neat mown paths which i intend to inspect more at a future date. if i ever have the good fortune to own a "farm", as my parents did before they divorced ("farm" being a plot of land and not a working crop/livestock farm), i'm going to have just that, a tall-grass meadow with lots of grasses and wildflowers, diversity and mown paths. it would be great.

    As stated, this is the meadow.

    A gravel path leading along a watering pond and to a picnic/viewing shelter.

    The Trek 400 Elance with 30C tires, rear post rack, a couple lights, and a very comfy old Specialized saddle (circa '86. must be heirloom Specialized variety).

    The 'Ville from the north lookout. You can barely see Churchill Downs as a white building more in the foreground. Home of the most exciting 2 minutes in sports, you know.

    This is Bellgravia Court, one of the more well-known streets in town. It's full of restored Victorian "Painted Ladies". Lots of alternative and boheme types living down here. It's an early neighborhood, so it's quite close to downtown.

    Don't see many of these, gas-fired streetlamps.

    I happen to run across this on the way home, the starting gate at the track.

    Sunday, November 26, 2006

    Trek 400

    didn't ride today. actually, i did perhaps going 1.5m on the fixie, but i was leg-tired after a long, successful week. really it's too bad b/c the weather was damn near perfect, 70 with sun. instead, i fiddled around with more machines today, primarily focusing on the old Trek 400 Elance. i decided to gussy it up and get it ready for some rain duty this winter. even though it doesn't have fenders, i would rather use an old bike to get the winter grime on it. so what did i do to get it rain ready? washed it, of course! spent a good while doing that, focusing on derailleurs, chainrings and chain. after a wash, i traded the tires out for some others i had laying about. the Conti 23Cs were quite old and dry rotting. put some 30C IRCs that have moved from the Blueridge to the CrossCheck and now to the Trek. i also traded out pedals, putting the 1/2clip and 1/2 flat combos. finally, i move the seatpost rack from the fixie to the Trek. i'm ready. even did a little Rivbike action and raised the stem a smidge too. really, for a 20 year-old bike it's in good shape. i would say the weakness is in the rims, which have rusted nipple eyelets, but here's hoping. i'm commuting on it tomorrow and plan to take a long loop home, aprovechandome de the last good weather.

    and had to change a tube from the rear tire of the mini-pug (LHT). had a small pinprick hole, but i have to believe i did it yesterday. the Contis that were on there were supertight, so i'm sure i knicked it with a tire lever. it's ready for bidness too. gonna finish November in a good way.

    Saturday, November 25, 2006


    after some leaf maintainence this tarde, i set about diddling in the garage a bit. you may (fortunately) be unable to see how pinche jumbled up the garage is. between my many bikes, the boys random crap, garden crap, and other crap, it's really quite full in there. i did improve things hanging some bikes this fall, but i need to get a few out of there. it's donation time, i think.

    i took the broken spoke from this morning's ride to Clarksville, where they gave me good, pronto service. while there, i decided to buy some new tires for the LHT. i've stated before that i've not been that happy with the Conti Avenues. the compound, in combo with the interiorlayerthingamajig, is too soft and has given me flats. No me gustan. so, i bought some Serfas "Drifter 2.0"s to replace the Contis, which i found were 1.3". well, the "Serfas are damn big, perhaps too big, but i mounted them anyway. they barely fit the brakes and fenders, so i'm undecided whether i'm going to keep them or move down to a 1.75" tire. here is a pic of the present LHT with the mondo tires. i'm calling it "mini-pugs" in honor of the Pugsley. those tires are damn big. if the Bleriot becomes a reality, the LHT will get the rear rack reattached and will become a battle axe/damn heavy commuter. i'll put the Carradice on the Bleriot supported by a mini-rack.

    p.s. nice extension cord, no?


    Date: Nov 25
    Mileage: 28
    Ride type: Road
    Bike: Blueridge
    Temp: 66!! (ride's end)
    November mileage: 335
    Year to date: 2149

    incredible! november 25th and by ride's end, at only 12.00 noon, the temp was already 66 degrees, with nothing but blue sky and refreshing breezes. simply amazing. this a.m. the LBC had a short or long ride (17/40) going out of downtown, so i took Bardstown all the way down to the river to partake. i figure i could get in close to 30 if i only did the short ride plus my commute, or take in the long one and get a good, long day in. my mechanical misfortune, a broken spoke at about mile 20, kept me from doing the long ride, but i still had a wonderful time. the saturday a.m. ride is apparently usually a casual affair, with the group doing a short loop out to Shawnee, hence the 17, and then it loops out to Iroquois, giving the full 40. it was a nice group and a comfortable pace. i think this might be my saturday winter usual, b/c i can access it from home and it's flexible. good stuff, even with a bad spoke. AND that's why i have bikes with tire room instead of supertight racies. i would've been stuck in my tracks with a Trek 7500LanceSuperSpecial.

    Friday, November 24, 2006

    'Classic' Ride

    Date: Nov 24
    Mileage: 18
    Ride type: Road
    Bike: RB-1
    Temp: 50+ WOW!
    November mileage: 307
    Year to date: 2121

    first watched a 'classic' race on the tele, and then took a 'classic' ride this a.m. the forecasts today were/are for exceptionally warm temps for late november, low 60s. i woke up to 30ish degrees, and frankly i wanted to wait out some warmth. so, i settled down with my coffee and watched Lance's '93 Worlds Campeonato ride. this obviously isn't classic like a Coppi or Merckx ride, but what i noticed more than anything is that even in '93, the bikes were quite traditional looking. no carbon, or at least shaped, modern carbon. no obvious titanium. really, very few fat-tubed aluminium frames. mostly what i saw were thin-tubed steel bikes. i know ONCE riders were riding carbon Looks, but lots and lots of traditional-looking frames, which is quite unlike what's in the peloton today.

    after the race, it had warmed up and i was ready. funnily, my mom had borrowed the truck, which still contained the blueridge. no riding that. i decided to pump up the RB-1 and give that Grant-designed mount a spin. and a great spin it was. average 15.6mph on my own, going very hard in the first half hour. the RB-1 feels so secure and steady, albeit its racing cluster is a little beyond me these days. the small chainring is a 40, which amuses me to think that i'm going to regularly climb on a bike with a low combo of 40x23 (might be a 25 actually). rode hard, suffered sore feet as always with look-cleat shoes, and had a wonderful, wonderful ride.

    tomorrow is forecasting even warmer temps, so i'm going to try and get in a 2+hr ride, maybe even the 40m with the club.

    Thursday, November 23, 2006

    Dia de Guajalote

    Date: Nov 23
    Mileage: 10
    Ride type: Bike Jog
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 33
    November mileage: 289
    Year to date: 2103

    it's Turkey Day. my big plan was to go out for about 20m this a.m., but yesterday's slugfest gave me tired legs. instead i moseyed around, one of my 'Bike Jogs'. the first part of the journey proved slightly interesting, as i decided to check on the progress of the 'zoo path' as i'll call the path being constructed along the creek behind the zoo. to my surprise, a bit more had been built, and it seemed that the area along the fence was passable. i took the opportunity to go exploring a bit, going down the fencerow looking for a way through. i then came to a creek/ditch, but again the fencerow up the hill looked doable, so i trudge, bike in hand, up the hill. oh well, of course the path was blocked eventually AND i snagged my jersey on a stray piece of barb-wire. i slowly and steadily trudged back to trail and off i went. the one benefit of that little sojourn was that i warmed up some. if i overdressed yesterday, i underdressed today, at least until my hike.

    from there i just roamed around the neighborhood, eventually passing this fine joint next to the park. i love the garden layout of this house, somewhat unviewable in this pic. the house sits in front of an unsymmetrical lawn-sort of kidney shaped- bounded on both sides by fine stands of trees and shrubs. it's as 'English Countryside' as you can get in the area. i'd live there. i could've gone for more miles, but my legs were telling me to take it easy, which i did. tomorrow is forecasting very warm temps, but we're going out of town mid-afternoon. henceforth, if i want miles they will be in the cold in the a.m.

    Wednesday, November 22, 2006


    for me, to call myself a "wrench" is bordering on the absurd, sort of like calling myself a "climber". nonetheless, spent part of the afternoon doing thisandthat in the garage, mostly looking for stuff i couldn't quite find. i did find the hardware to the patio chair, so now everybody in the fam has an official chair to sit in. i also decided to get out the dynohub stuff, thinking that maybe i should look into that. fact is, i have a present, functional dynohub AND light in my possession. when i got the LHT the system actually worked. then the Shimano dynolightbulb burned out. in doing my research i come to find (mostly via peterwhite) that the light i have is the worst ever. so i bought a new light. after setup, it also worked, but in fact it worked ALL THE TIME, even with a "switch". i talked to peter and had some emails from some seemingly knowledgable people, none of whom could figureo out why the switch didn't work. actually i sent one light back, on peter's suggestion, b/c the switch thing wouldn't work out. i maybe should've left it on and dealt with buying bulbs, that that is SO defeatist. eventually i bought another wheel (non-dyno) and just put the stuff up. my latest bikethinking has me considering putting it all back together again. i found mostly everything, but i'm missing a 'female' connector (tiny little copper thing). gonna try to get ahold of one of those and go forward. why the hell not? it's winter and pretty dark/dim most of the time, and dynohub lights are definitely the way to go for commuters who are as concerned with speed. with my skills, we'll see.

    a few other mini-projects included:

    doing a little this and a little that to the Trek, including taking off that wack back rack. i also sort of not really tried to mount a set of fenders. i need a very small screw for the chainstay bridge, but, again, i might try.

    i also fetched the old Cannondale roadbike out of porch storage. i have to find the derailleur and mount it. i think it may be still ridable, depending on the chainstay. at one time i thought it was toast. now i'm thinking i'm fat and flexing the rim too much. at worse, i can mount a 19C and give it a run. really, i would like to have it ridable for Z or L later on. it's beat up, but doable.

    probably none of these will come to much fruition, but Hey, it's a thought.

    el Culo Kicking

    Date: Nov 22
    Mileage: 36 (16.2avg)
    Ride type: Road
    Bike: Blueridge
    Temp: 40ish++
    November mileage: 279
    Year to date: 2093

    wow, what an ass-kicking this morning!!! being off from work for the holiday, i decided to hook up with the club for scheduled ride this a.m. it left from Iroquois Pk, an old 'hunting ground', which pleased me, and the Wed. morning crew is known for being much more slow-n-steady than the track meets that so many other club rides are. it's been quite a while since my last club ride, so i was a bit nervous at holding a line in the group, given that almost ALL my miles are solo unless i'm goofing with 'lance' or 'sheryl'.

    well, the end result was that it was the fastest ride i've taken in a while, maybe a long while. i had all kinds of mini-issues today, none of which downgraded my enjoyment of such a hard ride.

    #1 i dress too warmly. it was 39 this a.m. leaving the house. during a dark morning commute, that temp isn't going to change in the 30-40 minutes my commute takes. today, by the end it was close if not 50 degrees. my hands were soaked. my head was hot. my body was hot, and amanzingly enough was feet were warm. poor planning, but really more out-of-practice for such a thing.

    #2 although the avg was 16.2, the pace was definitely above that most of the day. it had that push-pull, 22mph-13mph kind of yo-yo all day. i haven't put in an 18mph day in a long time. i made it through, but i sucked LOTS of wheels.

    #3 i actually had 30 miles in me with the group, but i lost pace and the wheel with about 5m left. it was a little rise and i just didn't have the climb in me. i almost caught back on again a short while later coming over the Snyder, but lost that one too. i really poked in the last 2-3miles. that probably brought the avg down some. perhaps it was closer to 17 until late in the game.

    really, though, i enjoyed myself. the riders there were social enough. one had a Milauwakee Bicycle Co. 'orange one', a nice Orange single/fixed gear bike. good looking. (shop link not working). a great workout but my big fat butt is tired. tomorrow a.m. before the "troughing" will be an hour or two or really slow steady riding to give the legs a break. i WILL go out though.

    Tuesday, November 21, 2006


    Date: Nov 21
    Mileage: 26 (20pm)
    Ride type: Commute
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 32a.m./48p.m.
    November mileage: 243
    Year to date: 2057

    3rd nice, long, leisurely, meandering day in a row. no snow flurries like yesterday morning. i went straight to school b/c of a meeting, but the afternoon provided another day with coolish but acceptable temps, this time blue skies, and some time to meander. at least this week i've taken to heart the "adventure" crew's suggestions to seek and find. today took me on this general route:

    Hill/12th/17th/all through Portland/NWPwky/Riverwalk/Washingtonish/Baxter/Norris/home

    Hightlights include:
    • old factories. the 'Ville has lots of them, especially west of downtown. some are in use, others derelict, but all have intersting nooks and crannies.
    • old store fronts. fact is, the 'Ville was one of the largest 19th-century cities in the U.S. all over the place you find old store fronts, brick dwellings, abandon railroad tracks and junk like that. so much of it has a "character" that you cannot find in today's new gleaming cities and suburbs
    • the Ohio river. it's up quite a bit, not enough to cover the low part of the Riverwalk, but i was able to take a side trail right up to the shore today and watch a barge pass by.
    • a couple other commuters. one came by and was cordial, but then put his head down and motored on. of course the dumb dog in me made me catch up somewhat, changing my pace from 14ish to 17ish. to the day i don't get cyclists who are also commuters who seem to NOT want to shoot the shit instead of being even a little social. other walks of life shoot the shit when interests are at heart. most cyclists, Louisville cyclists at least, just motor on. ???? I'll still say "hi". he was riding a piece-of-shit old road bike BTW, with full cycling gear and shiny white running shoes. it sort of made for a jarring juxtoposition. saw another that i almost, almost caught. he turned when i literally was 5ft from his back wheel after making up quite a bit of ground on him. who knows? maybe he knew i was back there and the sight of me made him dive to the right. do commuters in other towns say "hi"? is there any espirit d'corps?
    i just read poor Pete's entry today that he's going to have very low mileage this month. i'm going to try and get good mileage the rest of this week and finish Nov. strong. we're off school tomorrow, then Th,Fr,Sat,Sun, all with what looks like decent weather and some to spare. the "new bike dream" has spurred me to actually ride the ones i own. swift, eh?

    Monday, November 20, 2006

    Let it Snow

    Date: Nov 20
    Mileage: 25 (19pm)
    Ride type: Commute
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 33a.m./43p.m.
    November mileage: 217
    Year to date: 2031

    first snow of the winter season. nothing more than a light dusting on the cars and a little bit on the ground herenthere. i've heard winter weather patterns may be severe here, so we'll see. may have to buy some Nokia studded tires for the commuter. probably not, but it's fun to say at least.

    in the p.m. i rode shortly with 'sheryl'. first time in a while. she's finally not talking about working out b/c she's apparently burned out from marathon training. she needs to chill anyway. i then meandered all over the place around the parks. let's see: around Collegiate School, through flat part of Cherokee, along just south of Lexington Rd. neighborhood near Dick and Janie's, St. Matthews behind Seneca, through Dave Crawford's general area, over to Cherokee, up steepass hill to chauffer's rest, home via Seneca Gds. took lots of side streets and a few dead ends just for fun. found the Breckenridge cemetary. they were an original family of Louisville and numerous things are named for them in town. the cemetery is near to where their huge farm was located. now, of course, it's a bunch of shitty restaurants and the like and a gated, walled McMansion community. i can barely remember the farm in town, probably one of the last large tracts of land (and farms) left inside the Watterson Expswy. i didn't climb in the cemetery, but one large tombstone had a date of death of 1833. old stuff! and a good brisk day of riding. we're out Wed,Th,Fr and the weekend, so i'm going to try and get good mileage each day, if anything to keep off the pecan and pumpkin pie.

    Sunday, November 19, 2006

    Zachary Taylor cemetery

    Roy Powell Tindall
    Clay Village, Shelby Co., KY
    brother of Mary Virgina Tindall Smith
    my grandma

    Date: Nov 19
    Mileage: 30
    Ride type: Road+Errand
    Bike: Blueridge + 9.2.5.
    Temp: 40, misty
    November mileage: 192
    Year to date: 2006

    nice mileage number i guess (2006). in a way i'd rather have Doug's or KM's mileage totals, but i don't and that's my life, and that's fine. that's what goals are for. got out this sunday a.m. for a nice casual road ride under grey skies. this pic is the gravestone of my great uncle, my grandma's brother who died in WWII ('42). many in the family say that in appearance, size, and personality that Roy was alot like my dad, so there's a bit of a connection there. the ZTC is in eastern Louisville among many of the nicest neighborhoods of the 'Ville. i have no clue of the number of graves there, but any military cemetary is an impressive, slightly awe-inspiring display. these truly are the people who sacrificed so that we can have unlimited internet porn, unlimited fast food, the biggest houses and the biggest cars. i don't mean to be flippant, but WWII more than anything created the largeness that is the modern U.S. i respect them completely for the sacrifice, and it's wholeheartedly unfortunate that they had to make such a decision, or at least action. of course, many did not have the choice. here is another pic of the larger cemetery:

    after 27m on the road, i ran up to church where the fam was chowing on a church Thanksgiving meal. took the 9.2.5. and it sort of rained on me. i didn't melt.

    Fast Food City

    item in the CJ this a.m. about why the 'Ville has some issues, pretty disgusting issues. apparently we follow only behind Birmingham as city with the greatest fast-food consumption of ANYWHERE in the country. what a stat to lead the country in. jodido pathetic. and i sit here weighing well over my ideal poundage. i judge not, but it just makes me think of my town here in pretty bad light.

    and i wonder why we don't have more bike facilities?


    it's 7.57 on a sunday. i'm ready to ride even though it's cold and windy. instead, i get to sit here and wait to take the boys to sunday school and not ride until 10.00, wasting 2 hrs of a day, 2 hrs which i'll spend on the stupid computer looking at bikes i don't need, don't deserve, and can't afford.

    actually, i have a few pics from the day trip to Maysville, the wife's hometown. she hosted her mom's 60th bday party. her mom has always been supernice to me, so i'm very supportive. Maysville is town steeped in early American history as an early town on the Ohio, and one that contributed to westward expansion. it's also known as an important stop on the Underground Railroad. i took some pics of the older buildings in town.

    this is the old hospital downtown. Maysville abuts a steep hill, so "downtown" ends quite literally behind this hospital. i guess it was placed up the hill to avert floods. L picked this one b/c of the vines, the door, and the ghost window (the open one). it's sort of crooked, isn't it?

    i like this one quite a bit. another writer (bike touring i believe) said these remind him of rowhouses of Pittsburg much more than something found in KY. i like the rhythm downward. i like the alternating pitches of the roofs. little L is somewhere down there.

    this time white rowhouses/townhouses instead of the red ones on the hill. this is literally 100yds away, down the hill. yet it looks like a while different, more refined part of town, doesn't it? and i like the tree too.
    on the same street. this gleaming white spire set against the earth tones of fall make me immediately think 'New England'. never been there, but the church, the white, the fall colors. good stuff. i think the repetition of the post is a bonus. that's the black spire, Dol Goldur.

    this final pic is perhaps of the strangest site of all. right next to my wife's church (growing up, you know), they are refurbishing an old house including the back yard. along the alley they've added this stone-carved ?balustrade? fence. ( finally found "balustrade" on an architecture website. it refers to "A railing composed of post (balusters) and a handrail". this isn't a handrail, so it's the wrong term, but i don't have another term to use. i know it's unimportant, but i like words, and correct word usage.) this looks into the backyard through this ornate gate into a relief against the wall. understandable for some italian villa, but very strange running down the alley of downtown Maysville. i'd have it in my yard though.

    Saturday, November 18, 2006

    window shopping

    been spending the last few doing lots of window shopping online for a potential new rig. (BTW, DSL is much better than dialup for looking at bike pics). my initial craving took me straight to the Vanilla page, as their bikes really are as pretty as they come. as much as i'd like one, they're damn expensive- perhaps worth it- but, still...

    the latest interest piqued has been a Bleriot, the QPB Rivendell 650B offering. very intriguing. you get a Riv quality bike for somewhat less than the full Riv price. you get this 650B thing. is it a fad? is it legit? one aspect that definitely works for me is that 650B is intended as a neutral size in between mtbike and full 700C, one for greater diversity of tire size, BUT you also have a size that makes better sense for smaller bikes. i ride a 54" generally, which puts me in the 26" range, like on the LHT. so the new 650B makes perfect sense as a way to get a greater rolling
    tire in an appropriate size. this pic is from a flickr site from a guy named Aki_1965/Andrew/Andreas (not sure which one it is). thanks. also found a good resource for those considering such a purchase, a Yahoo group. some interesting issues on there, especially with respects to the Bleriot's Top Tube. that's an interesting one b/c i know for sure my general reach has shorted quite a bit of late. i'll get on the Blueridge and feel like i'm 10 feet out in front. at this point i definitely prefer comfort over aerodynamics, so that's an issue worth considering.

    i found a really nice pic of another Bleriot, this one being JimD's. this one has that nice saddle bag/rack setup that i would do. i've already decided that if i bought one, i would switch the Carradice over to the Bleriot and refit the rear rack to the LHT. THIS is a good combo, blue front, honey saddle. rear mini rack. i like this alot. i may even copy it. i've been considering a SON for the Bleriot, but i'm indecisive. i want a generator light on one of the bikes, but really the LHT will stay the more fulltime commuter, so that's prob the bike to mount the SON on. BUT this would be a fromthestart setup, so there'd be more chance of doing it right, instead of piecemealing it like i did on the ebay-purchased LHT. and do i buy it from the local LBS- as capable with QPB-, or from Jim at Hiawatha, who is more attune to this kind of thing?? i think Jim, but the LBS has treated me well over the years. decisions.

    gotta go visit the inlaws (suegra's bday- good lady). unfortunately won't be able to ride up there, but i'm going out tomorrow a.m. for a long noodle ride.

    Thursday, November 16, 2006


    Date: Nov 16
    Mileage: 13
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: Trek 400
    Temp: 48, grey ick
    November mileage: 162
    Year to date: 1976

    rode the Trek again today. nothing too special. we're going to Nashville to see some Satanists. no, actually some pinche Xtian rock band my son listens to for some damn reason. i grew up listening to Black Sabbath and Judas Priest and he listens to Xtian rock for christ's sake. trying to call in/signing in sick from school tomorrow, but can't get the right PIN #, so i guess i'll get to go to bed at 2.00a.m. and go to school at 6.30. que me jode!.

    here is a pick of a bike i would like. don't really need it, but intrigue, desire and lust.

    i'm starting to work out in my limited mind what the next bike might be. i'll add some thoughts later when i'm not distracted by NOT getting to NOT go to work tomorrow.

    Wednesday, November 15, 2006

    DSL, and riding too

    Date: Nov 15
    Mileage: 15
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: Trek 400
    Temp: 48 very wet in the p.m.
    November mileage: 149
    Year to date: 1963

    well, propicious day and all. today, November 15th, happens to be my bday. oh to cumplir 37. i feel so DIFFERENT!

    the more signficant news is that i did my commute today in the rainy, wet weather to make up for being a pussy yesterday. it was about 48 both ways with rain. it could've been MUCH wetter, as the rain seemed to come at the tailend of my a.m. ride and stopped just before my p.m. i did have the Performance neoprene gloves and Sealskinz socks to keep my dry. worked pretty well. my p.m. ride actually was quite laborious. after feeling pretty spry in the morning, i just couldn't keep the pedals going. labor labor labor. i bet i was going 10mph herenthere. and to surprise, i happened to turn west about a mile from home to find that i had been going into a headwind all the way home- my route going Southeast almost the whole way. i began to feel much better the last mile home with the tailwind!

    set the Trek up last night for some watery commuting. it's my original "real bike", purchased in spring of '87 i think. Reynolds steel, early index shifting, a size too big. allinall i really like it actually. swapped pedals, mounted a rack (i won't get into that story tonight. suffice to say "broken screw"), mounted some safety lights and away i went. i bet it hasn't had appreciable maintanance for ?? 10 years? more? still rides though, and it sure is great getting it grimy instead of another of the bikes.

    and finally, we/i took the DSL plunge. seemed that dailup was leaving us behind. it's just the internet, but i think my patience level will be happy. don't know how it will affect uploads (not as much, right?) but hopefully more pics to come.

    feliz cumpleanyos a mi!!

    Tuesday, November 14, 2006

    Damn Wine

    did it again. drank a smidge too much wine and got that wine-induced, devoidofmoisture feeling this morning, which in turn led my lazy ass to stay in bed. no ride. going to rain the next 2 days. smart?...not.

    did go by Clarksville to get the wheel on the LHT trued. several spokes were pretty loose, so i'm in much better shape now. going to go out now and get the oldashills Trek ready for rain duty tomorrow. that should be my penence, right? rain commute?

    Monday, November 13, 2006


    Date: Nov 13
    Mileage: 20
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 37/48
    November mileage: 134
    Year to date: 1948

    nothing too special today. on way home i meandered around a part of Crescent Hill that i hadn't been in before. sort of strange really, that this urban area only has two exits, one from north off of River Rd. and one from south off Brownsboro. sort of chilly but 13 in the p.m.

    c'est tout

    Sunday, November 12, 2006

    I lost my nut!

    manoman, what a morning, losing my nut. after the morning coffee thing, i decided to get a ride in, mostly due to not wanting to deal with the 40 degree windy conditions. i had slicks on the Redline SS for neighborhood cavorting, but instead put some old Onza 2.1 mtbike tires on for fall trailing.

    well, i lost my nut, the left one that is. i looked and looked, searched and searched, gnashed and gnashed, pouted and pouted. i went to the hardware store (on the LHT). i went to a bike shop. i failed, utterly failed.

    later in the p.m., i finally broke myself out of my depression and did some yardwork and gardening. towards the end, i was pulling hte mower out of the door when, lo and fucking behold, there it was, right in the door frame, just staring at me, my lost nut.

    after some yardwork, i remounted the wheel and took an extremely quick ride at the local school. WOW!!

    on another note, it appears that a car turned left into a cyclist who had rightofway, killing the cyclist. and no charges are going to be filed. i really enjoy someone killing another person via negligence and getting away with it. great.

    Date: Nov 12
    Mileage: 3
    Ride type: barrio errand
    Bike: LHT/Redline SS
    Temp: 43
    November mileage: 114
    Year to date: 1928

    **and more amazingly, Z scored 4 freakin' goals yesterday in his soccer game. his team stinks, but they were all well-deserved goals. more impressive than any athletic feat i've pulled off.

    Friday, November 10, 2006

    " Newsletter"

    i receive a newsletter. it's full of mostly roadie/racy type stuff, but it's free and why not? the issue received yesterday has a fascinating bit of stuff about tire pressure, tire width, and the dreaded 23C. seems they gleaned some info from BicycleQuarterly that, in effect, Grant has been right all along. hence:

    ---Tire pressure has only a small effect on the rolling resistance of most tires. Narrow 23-mm tires seem to roll fastest at pressures of 105 psi (7.2 bar) or more. However, running these tires at 85 psi (5.8 bar) for improved comfort increased the test times only 2%. Wider 28-mm tires are as fast at 85 psi as they are at higher pressures

    ---Wide tires do not roll slower at lower pressures. In fact, testing indicated that a wide tire at lower pressures rolls faster than a narrow tire at high pressures, if all other factors remain the same. Even narrow tires can be ridden at comfortable pressures with only very small concessions to performance.

    ---Perhaps the most important result of the test is that tire pressure does not significantly affect rolling resistance. Wide tires in particular do not need high pressures to roll fast. But because many current wide tires are designed to handle high pressure, they have strong casings that lack suppleness. This results in higher rolling resistance than necessary

    Grant's been saying for years that the way to go to wider, mushier and more comfortable. this premise has been "proven" as valid, at least according to a study done by this "Bicycle Quarterly". guess i'm glad i went to 28C on the Blueridge after all. 'course, what would make me faster is dropping 5-50lbs.

    "the new golf"

    got this link from fixedgear. according to this, in Manhattan amongst the well-heeled cycling is becoming "the new golf" and has created a demand for extremely expensive bikes. it's interesting in that i was in NY, NY not a month ago and i saw an amazing array of wack rigs, with very few being $9,000 custom GURUs or Cervelos. more power to 'em, but i'll take my LHT any day. 'course, others would think my (now more than) $1,000 Surly ridiculous as well. that's why i have 2 legitimate bikes- the Redline 9.2.5 and the Redline SS that cost me $400 each. inexpensive, but they do the trick nicely.

    and "the new golf"? wow, that sounds quite painful to even say.

    Race Rides & Near perfection

    Date: Nov 9
    Mileage: 30
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: 9.2.5 fixie
    Temp: 70 p.m.!!!!
    November mileage: 83.5
    Year to date: 1897.5

    Date: Nov 10
    Mileage: 27.5
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 75 p.m.!!!!!!!!!!!
    November mileage: 111
    Year to date: 1925

    two "Effing" wonderful days on the bike the last two commuter days. after a tumultuous fall full of rain and grey and inexorably variable temps, the last two days have had afternoons in the 70s, IN EARLY NOVEMBER!!. even though my riding hasn't been as consistent of late, i couldn't help but use the temps to my good advantage for some increased mileage.

    thursday i decided to meander a la Jim's "adventure rides", with the route going through the West End of the 'ville. understand that this is an entirely black/african american area. i like to go down there as much as anything as a sign of protest, in that louisville is more segregated than it wants to believe, and my efforts to openly visit the area are merely a statement that they have a right to come to my neighborhood and i theirs. yes, it's empty and meaningless, but i would love to know the % of 'ville residents who would do the same. actually the area- parts of it at least- was heavily white before the 60s created created so much racial tension and "white flight" from the west to the south and east ends. fascinating and yet disturbing fact is that there are two Olmstead Parks in the area only .5m apart. Shawnee was whites only, Chickasaw blacks only. now both are used almost entirely by the local black population, but i hear that many still use mainly Chickasaw out of tradition for the past. i further found that city's Bike Louisville campaign has made some more progress, in this case newly painted bike lanes on both Broadway and Market. my route generally was west on Oak/continue on Virginia Ave/north on 38th (or so)/east on Broadway bike lane/north on 28th or so/east on Market/riverwalk/Spring street path/up the hill/Bardstown and homish. good ride and nary a problem on the "bad side" of town.

    today was even warmer, so i took a slightly different tack. north on Shelby and onto the Jackson st. bike lane (more progess). down to the river and out River road/frankfort rd. trail thing (i got not clue of the name)/mellwood/cox pk path/indian hills/st. matthews/parks/home. i found one spot to explore later, yes a la Jim's adventures, down in Indian Hills. it was too wet today.

    nothing really earth-shattering, but nice rides and good miles. front wheel of LHT has a click and a bad wobble, so going to have to attend to that pronto. going to buy some fatter tires for it soon.

    Monday, November 06, 2006


    Date: Nov 6
    Mileage: 17
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: 9.2.5 fixie
    Temp: 49/60 p.m. rain drops p.m.
    November mileage: 53.5
    Year to date: 1867.5

    nothing fancy, but straight-up commute on the fixie. weather and temps are really quite nice, with the a.m. in the upper, upper 40s, with this afternoon actually around 60; it was warm enough to wear shorts. the most striking observation of my rides of late has been leaves, or better still the smell of leaves. even with the dry weather the last week you can't help but run through "leaf smell clouds".

    i needed to just ride a little this p.m., fixie and all, so i meandered north towards Market, hooking up with Spring and the Beargrass Bike Trail. There was an ominous sign- Trail Closed!- at the terminus, but i knew the only real way to not get through was if the big bridge was down. i took it and had no probs, although i did keep running through more clouds, this time either of gnats near death, or probably seeds of some type. the path was listed "closed" because the southern terminus of it, at Lexington and Grinstead, is being newly constructed. this is explained at the Bike Louisville Site. as much as i've bitched of late about facilities in Louisville, at least they're doing something.

    The Beargrass Trial exits at the north end of this pic. i guess the new setup will be alright, but it still looks like it will make it impossible to reintegrate into traffic without having to act like a pedestrian (at "Red" crossing top/center). the trail is designed to cross (east in this) caddycorner to Cherokee Pk. it's a pretty good route i guess. i actually had quite a nice ride. by the time i got home the ride had really mellowed me out. Perfect! actually it rained just a tad, but in a nice way. cleansing.

    tomorrow looks doubtful as i have a dentist appt. at 2.30 in a location nowhere near work, at which I'm supposed to leave at 2.20. it's election day, so no students but lots of stupid meetings.

    think the Dems'll take back some real estate? i have my doubts. it's the party of non-beliefs vs. the party of rigid, toxic beliefs run amock. man i really hate Shrub II president select, but the Rep. machinary is an amazing beast.

    Sunday, November 05, 2006


    having problems with keeping up. first it's what DSL to order. which company to go with?? who's gonna screw us the least?? then stress over the Yamaha 5-disc changer we've had for a while. it's confused or broken or something. i'd planned to use the DVD/CD player in its absence, but on face value it doesn't have output jacks for both DVD sound and separate CD sound to a receiver. frankly i can't believe that's true, but i can't do any better. so now no CDs for the time being, at least through the actual stereo. i instead can play them through the DVD+TV route, which gives non-existent sound. no, there IS sound, but it's crap.

    now the project is to dive back into the DVD-RW video camera my mom bought us at Xmas. it's has those small RW discs, which are meant to burn to a larger disc, thereby reusing the small discs (which i hear are something like $25.00/3). the prob, the pinche problem is that i can't seem to get anything done concerning extricating the data from the small disc and ripping it on the computer. as best as i can tell, it (the camera) doesn't come with a USB, b/c of course you're supposed to be able to rip the file straight off the minidisc into a file, but i can't seem to get ANYWHERE with that. frustration.

    i'm 36 and there is many a person making their living at this shit, and it seems to have just passed me up.

    oh, and my RIO mp3 (256) player that i've used for jogging, gymtime and morning commutes just up and quit. it's most certainly not a battery issue. it's just dead. so no thumpin' tunes to work out to. NPR is great for the mind, but does nothing for the body.


    Exercise time: 40 min-30jog/10walk
    Total time: 80 min-60jog/23walk

    Friday, November 03, 2006

    una aventura

    Date: Nov 3
    Mileage: 20
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: 9.2.5 fixie
    Temp: 25/46 p.m.
    November mileage: 37.5
    Year to date: 1850.5

    an even colder start today, arriving at school at the ripe temp of 25. actually i'm sort of glad how it went in that i though the radio had mentioned "30", but found 25 listed on when i arrived. i dressed better for the top this a.m., but only had 1 layer on my legs.

    this p.m., especially being a friday, i decided to heed Jim's advice and make today un dia de aventura. i didn't really have anything in mind, but since i'd missed so much of october, i need to get some goofy miles in the legs. instead of the usual westerly/riverwalk thing, i headed toward the track, Churchill Downs track that is. it's the bastion of the original South End, and the recent updates and construction have made the buildings there even larger and more ominous. once around that general area, i then decided to make a "'round the Downs" route, playing in and out of the parking lots. just prior to making the main area, i said "my, lots of folks go to the track on fridays, knowing that my workfriend Tim was going too." then i saw the sign "Breeders Cup", which is 2nd only to the Derby, and maybe the other Triple Crown races.

    i then headed moreorless over to the Kentucky Fair and Expo Center. why? don't know. it just seemed a way to link up with a way more towards home. in discussing "home", let it be known that i was on the fixie today, so my routes were slightly controlled by this fact. i did my second "tour of", this time around the KFEC on the ring road.

    that put in near Audabon Pk. the 3rd aventura aspect of the day came to pass mostly as a means of avoiding steep climbing on the fixie. i trapsed through Joe Creason Nature Preserve, on foot pushing steed, until coming to appropriate riding place, and then wound my way through neighborhood. didn't have camera. didn't capture images. BUT did have great, low key, mileage day doing this and that on fixie. gonna move to drop bars and bigger tires on LHT at some point soon. don't know if that's the key to the world, but gonna start there.

    (and sorry for rotten pic above...i'm at a loss)

    Thursday, November 02, 2006

    brrr...but good

    Date: Nov 2
    Mileage: 17.5
    Ride type: commute
    Bike: LHT
    Temp: 32/46 p.m.
    November mileage: 17.5
    Year to date: 1830.5

    finally on it, after a long, miserable hiatus. it was chilly in the a.m. actually, my a.m. ride was sort of annoying. i was wearing a pair of nylon pants over my tights and for some reason, the combo of the nylon pants and slick B-17 made it such that i was constantly sliding down towards the stem. after a while i just started to laugh at myself, but nonetheless the constancy of it made for a somewhat less-thanspectacular ride.

    afternoon, though, was FREAKIN' georgeous! great sky, nice coolbutpleasant temps (46). pretty well dressed for weather. just great. my ass is telling me i haven't been on the bike in a while, the legs are a smidge sore from the jog tues., but a good day and hopefully a good one tomorrow.

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