Sleepy Hollow

Another pic-less post. Another round of good ol' solid tempo. Patrick and I did the L'ville classic Sleepy Hollow loop, with a newly-discovered extra-mileage wiggle at the top of Sleepy Hollow and then a later detour for brown water at the large Seattle company brand shop. I felt really solid the entire ride and my "10 achievements" perhaps reflect that.

Yes, Pondero, "no achievements" is good, but growing fitness is good too. It's all bike riding.


Pondero said…
I'm with you on this, and especially lately. I've made some diet changes that have resulted in a leaner me, easier reach to my QB drops, and pondering improved fitness. It is encouraging.
Tim Smith said…
Yes. Leaner is gooder. I'm down 10ish since June and the bike is noticing. I hold no illusions, but more biking=good biking. Congrats to you!

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