no, there isn't any info at the top of the page abt mileage. no, i haven't done any mileage. BUT

i prepared a great meal tonight. whole wheat and spinach linguini. basic marinara and red pepper sauce. italian bread with "olive oil infused with rosemary and oregano". mild italian sausage. 1998 Bran Caia. great meal. the pasta was a little too salty. i felt bad about that, but the rest was quite good. oh, and most of it bought locally. was it prepared locally? no. was it devoid of Industrial Corn? probably no. or maybe yes. don't know. tomorrow i'll watch some World Cup and actually take a ride. and on that ride i'll think about HOW to shape an ethical and appropriate existence.

last night, Saturday, we took in a VERY good show at the old, crappy phoenix hill of Scott Miller. we first ran across Scott as the head of the V-Roys , an absolutely great rocknroll band from Knoxville, TN. we enjoyed very much their brand of southern, beatleesque rock. they broke up many years hence, but last night Scott hit all the bases, a little trad country, a little new country, alot of straightup rock, some nasty blues. it is/was evident that he LIKES music and enjoys playing it. "Are ya' with me?" a great straightforward rock show, without pretensions, prestented by a guy who likes music. i've seen lots of shows, and can't at the moment categorize them ,but this was a VERY good show. if he comes your way, please go!


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