Big George!

a day late or so, but what a great image! yes, a couple days a go i was poo-pooing the whole Tour scene. and yes, i'm sick to death of all e l dopage, but last year's stage win in los Pirineos was spectacular on the part of George, and this day in yellow is just as great. i chose this image over countless others b/c it shows the Disco boys in their expected action, protecting their yellow-clad leader. and what team can boast such a strong roster: Hincapie, Salvodelli, Azevedo, Rubiera, Popovych, could be a great year.

not a prediction, but a dream:
1. Hincapie
2. Landis
3. Leipheimer
4. Valverde
5. 2nd Disco

actual prediction: too chicken, but names include Kloden, Valverde, Menchov, Karpets, Evans, Moreau, random Italians who prob won't do anything (Cunego por ejemplo)...and the Americans of course


Pete said…
Scratch Valverde off your lists, he's out with a broken collarbone.

I knew you couldn't stay away from the Tour...
Tex69 said…
you're right. couldn't stay away.

and the Valverde loss was a biggie. he was a rider to watch. yet another example of how incredible Lance's reign was. no serious crashes, or at least injuries from those crashes
Pete said…
I'm not sure I buy that Lance was the reason for less crashes. Even during Lance's reign USPS never really controlled the peloton during the first week. It was pretty rare to see USPS/Disco in charge and Lance in yellow until week 2 after a time trial and entering the mountains.

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