Date: July 4 Independence Day!
Mileage: 16
Ride type: Road (urban)
Bike: Crosscheck
Temp: 73 very rainy!
June mileage: 42
Year to date: 780

"Be like Mike"..."Be like Big Tom Boonen". i like how Phil L says that, "Big Tom Boonen", and he is a monster. took yellow today. i'm very torn with Tom. on one hand he's the second coming of, maybe, Sean Kelly on the cobbles. yes, i could say Museeuw, but i'll get to that in a second. no, he is EXACTLY like Johan, and that's the prob. he's his most obvious heir apparent, but how did Johan go out? like a Bitch. that's right, a Bitch! he went out a big cheat like most the rest of these assmonkeys, and for that i can't completely get on the Tommy train.

i did try to find my inner Flahute today, going out in some nasty, driving rain. it rained most of the day. i wasted time watching the Azurri beat Germanay, and afterwards i finally got on the bike, this time the Crosscheck b/c i knew it would be wet. when i see the driving rain, i know those damn Flahutes, Flandrians, would be out there, so i go. and usually i like it, to be honest.

i went down towards the riverfront to see how small the crowds were, with the rain and all. on the way i tried to big a bigger gear and make some pace, especially to make up for some pansy riding yesterday. i slowed a little on the way home, but a great day in the rain and another day in July. gotta make up for a lazy June, you know.


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