Forza Azurri!

well, they did it. a month of buildup and still a team i was NOT rooting for at all won. defeated the Frogs on PKs. the redeeming- and interesting- feature is that the only team to play Italy in this 2006 WC and NOT lose was the good old U.S. with that 1-1 draw oh so long ago. maybe the US's group was as tough as stated.

Date: July 9
Mileage: 21
Ride type: Road (urban)
Bike: LHT
Temp: 80
June mileage: 89
Year to date: 827

pretty good ride this p.m. after Wimbledon and before the WC final. i just put an very inexpensive Cateye computer on the LHT, so tested that out. of course the mileage is off 10%, so that's something i'll have to tweak. it's the first time on the LHT in a good while. it's a great commuter bike and good enough for road rides as well. i realized, after the fact, that the new comp. had no elapsed clock nor average speed. it'll be alright, but sometimes i don't think before purchasing. i tried to keep the speed above 15mph today, but who knows how right/wrong given the mileage disparity.


1. Golfers- i've decided they're the most ridiculous "athletes" in the open market today. stupid shirts. stupid pants. cheesy cigar-smokin'-wannabes allround. yes, bikers, runners, tennis players etc. have their foibles (lycra being one of them), but golfers, i've decided, take the cake.

2. Segways- what a stupid invention. we're INCREDIBLY fat in the U.S., but someone puts lots of effort into finding a way for us to walk even less? should be outlawed except at old persons home in Fla.

3. Racers- this one is unfair, but i'd love to be a budding sociologist and study the divide between the RacerandHardCoreRoadie set vs. the CommuterSurlyRivbike set, plus throw in those who just like to ride without too many accountrements. i have this strong suspicion that the Roadies are Republicans- you know, all power and domination, and that Commuters are Dems or Indies. you know where i stand. these stereotypes may not apply, but again, i'd love to do the study.

4. Fast Food- we watched "Supersize Me" last night. All Americans should be forced to watch "Supersize Me" while reading Fast Food Nation and The Omnivore's Dilema, all at the same time. as they say, millions are spent to make us love these fat/sugar/death devices. works on me unfortunately. i don't eat much fast food, but i can't avoid the processed snackcracker/potatochip/cookie paradigm. Weakness.


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