Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday stroll

Tennis, tennis, tennis, same tune, different year.  April:
  • 2005- 0 miles
  • 2006- 77 miles
  • 2007- 140 miles
  • 2008- 18 miles
  • 2009- 86 miles so far
I added 21m  to my total today with a really nice ride with Dave.  The fam had plans for a few hours, so I called him to see about a spin.  He parked at the house and we took a basic version of the Indian Hills Loop, this one including a tiny bit of extra climbing off Mockingbird Valley and back into Indian Hills.  I think he's feeling some fitness in the legs, and my lack of riding showed, as he worked me pretty hard on any type of incline (much less flat spot).  Our ride presented us with mid-80s and brilliant sun and to honor such a ride, we stopped at Dundee Tavern for a make-up pint, since we were unable to grab one after the Paris-Redux ride.  Once there, Dave informed me that today is his birthday, so I treated some chips-n-dip and was very pleased to have taken a spin with him.  I doubt I'll break 100 for the month, but I'm already mentally planning for a big summer of riding...and maybe a new bike!

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