After 2 days of post-vacation lethargy, I took the SSFrankenTrek out for what amounted to an errand ride this afternoon. Skies were mixed and the radar showed electrical, barometrical nastiness at some point, so the SS Trek seemed logical. I had purchased a few things before the trip: tube, old-school mesh gloves, and finally a box of CO2 cartridges, figuring that in an alien city and with morning time constraints, a quick fill would prove better for all. Upon departing the shop, I noticed that my total was a bit high, and looking at my receipt, noticed that my box of 8 cartridges totaled $20. Yikes!! Guess it's been a while since I bought those. I assume buying threaded increased the price a bit, but Wowee, I just had a hard time paying more for throwaway cartridges than I did for a decent pair of gloves. So I stored them on the trip and mcguyvered the carry method for an old minipump I had found in the "parts" box.

Today, box and receipt in hand, I returned the box of cartridges, figuring that I can handle a frame pump if need be, and at worst I can buy 2 cartridges for a quickie a.m. commute fix. Taking in St. Matthews, I turned onto Frankfort and encountered a nice headwind to work into. I made my first stop and headed towards the river, taking a quick look at the new Lincoln statue there. I turned for a turn up Washington and went to my 2nd shop of the day (preferred one this time, although the other one isn't bad at all) to pick up a couple tubes for tomorrow's potentially carnage-inducing RCCS gravelfest. Under normal circumstances, I prefer to patch tubes and save the $$, but experience has told me that some folks who might come might also come unprepared. The RCCS experiment is sort of static right now. We've had a couple rides with good turnout and good fun, but it's sort of laying there, under the radar, and not gaining as much momentum as I would like. I think it's one of scheduling, in that people need time to put in on the calendar, and with my life and with Dave's, we just haven't been very firm in making the calendar discipline happen. That said, we're going on a near-70m ride tomorrow, with much of it S.IN gravel (via the DIRT site). I think there is a potential for "epic", at least on the level Dave and I can muster. I'm riding the LHT for the benefit of fat tyres, and hence the extra tubes.

From there it was back through Cherokee and one more stop, at Morris Deli this time, for libations, to be had later this evening. 19m total and a good warmup for tomorrow's fun.


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