Ah Hah! Mileage

Nothing shocking. Dave and I met at 7.00ish, headed northwest on B'town, north-east on Mellwood, east on Brownsboro, meandered through Indian Hills and then swung back via the parks. We had grey, threatening skies until about mile 18 when the heavens opened. We dashed to Quills for a Sunday morning cup, a scone, and one of the most relaxing 20min I've experienced in a couple months.

The 3m+ home was a bit colder, but the ride was just as good. I can't say I felt great on the bike- the legs and tush felt the two-week lay-off- but it was a great way to spend 2 hours on Easter morning. A very successful 22 miles on two wheels.

The fam then went to church and mom's after that for ham of course. I had a nice time talking about whatever with my 83 yr-old papaw and I'd call it a day well spent.


Pondero said…
There are all kinds of ways to measure success, and it sounds like you found one of them. I might actually try to stretch my hours in the saddle a little.
Apertome said…
Glad you got out. The weather's been abysmal this weekend, but that doesn't matter because it's been working on projects the entire weekend, just about. Not exactly how I wanted to spend my weekend, but it had to be done. Glad you found some time to grab some miles.
Lots of biking here now that the weather has improved. Most importantly however, we got tickets to USA/Spain and ManU/Revs matches at Gillette. It's going to be on of those summers.

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