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I didn't have great legs again, this time on my Precious. She's a lot livelier than the "Green Hog", but it was definitely the rider and not the bike this morning. I was going to ride with Dave but he (smartly) elected to sleep in so I dragged myself away from the Ronde Van Vlaanderen live feed and hit the road around 8.30 for an hour and change of fitness riding before our soccer trip to Lexington.

Not too much to report really. IF felt good. I felt mediocre but still averaged 15.3. I stopped for a coffee on the way home and negotiated a coffee stop with road cleats and no cargo capacity; I worked it out. Now we're off. 2 for 2 on Spring Break riding.


David Crowell said…
Wha? You averaged 15.3 on a bad day? I'm glad I slept in, you would have blown me away.
Tex69 said…
Disagree. You were laying tracks yesterday on the SS.

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