Time Trial

The way the morning went yesterday I could have stretched the mileage out, but I didn't know that until about 12.00 when we were about to leave for the in-laws. The long/short of it is that other than the 2m coffee commute I hadn't ridden and we were for a short trip to the in-laws, so I had to settle for an abbreviated country ride, but abbreviated is better than none, right? I loaded up the IF for its first Mason Co. country ride and arrived in Maysville to find absurdly strong winds streaming in from the south. I had a couple different courses taking the wind into account and I settled on a short 12m loop that would get me back in time for dinner out.

If you look at the map below, you'll find that my first 5m was due N and then NE. With a "robust" tailwind I managed to average just over 20mph on this leg. 20.1mph!! What a joke! I was flying! Maysville is tough because it's roller after roller and on this first "lap"/portion/leg I didn't even feel like I was climbing. You can set up the Garmin Edge500 to give lap times- mine right now at 5m- and it's the first time I went under 15min. I also hit a new high speed on the IF of 40mph. Fast and stable. Fun leg, to be honest.

With the downwind portion off the top I knew I would have my work cut out for me on the return. Strodes Run is mostly downhill run along some train tracks. I put my head down and tried to maintain some speed into the wind, which I did pretty well. At the end it kicks up and climbs moderately into Lewisburg (where my brother-in-law is a fireman) where I picked up the tailwind again. On the headwind portion I still averaged above 15mph, smart on my part to have the headwind portion downhill, eh?

I finished off with a bit of rollers again and then a final .2k hill up to the house for a very energetic 12m time trial. I'll take it. Fun.

IF via cell phone. Damn it sure can climb!!


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