After my commute yesterday I assumed I was done with 2-wheel wandering. Instead I received a very generous offer from Lithodale to come over to his manse and do as men should do on a Friday night, which is drink cold refreshing beverages courtesy of New Albanian Brewing. Hats off to such a fine host. We talked bikes, bikes and more bikes and it was all good in the fresh evening air. At some point whilst our time was winding down I received a text from Dave that he was finally escaping his ailing shoulder Hell and going to Cumberland. I stayed at Dale's a while longer (intermittently interrupted by young boys who really didn't want to go to bed. I don't have that problem. I just go to bed before mine do.) and then biked to Cumberland for another. Poor Dave is suffering. Let's all hope he goes on the mend b/c there are too many summer rides to ignore. An excellent last-day-of-school night, and I didn't have to buy even one glass. But I'm good for it.


Pondero said…
Days that flow from one happy moment to the next are worth celebrating. Nicely done.

Yes, let's get Dave fixed-up. There's gravel out there to explore.
David Crowell said…
I don't know when I'll be better, but there is a plan now. Unfortunately the plan involves a big needle stuck into my shoulder. :(

Thanks for joining me at Cumberland. It was good to get out.

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