er, that was hard...

I'd like to thank my wife for the (roundabout) impetus to go a-graveling today. I've been needing some vitamin G and today became the day. I used this route as the basis for my ride, having researched the many gravel sections of this area. I've been trying to organize a posse to do it with me, but the schedules have been busy and poor Dave is out for the moment.

Sitting here now, I'm tired, sunburned and understanding that I pushed myself to the limit today. The temps mid-ride were absurd, with my phone giving me 98F out of Dale, IN. The road surfaces, certainly in the first half, were far chunkier and rougher than expected, I have a feeling, with fresh graded gravel. The 32s on the Blueridge couldn't quite handle the surface today, just as I couldn't quite come to terms with the heat. I did alright until the stretch from Lincoln Boyhood to my 2nd visit to Mariah Hill when somewhere in there I got hot, too hot. I didn't have what it took to climb hills and process heat, so I walked a fair amount in there. What saved me was a stop at the gas station/Napa dealer in Mariah Hill, where I availed myself more than anything to resting.

I had intended a long, involved prose retelling of the abbreviated 40m adventure, but instead I took lots of pics, and they'll have to do the trick. Enjoy.

Can you say, "Uphill?"

I couldn't figure out the rank smells coming from certain areas. Was it oil or crop chemicals, or are they one and the same? If so, that's disgusting and we should all be eating from the farmers' market.

Catholic church in Mariah Hill. There's another one later. If there are any Peter Brueghel's the Elder fans out there, I couldn't  help but think of this church and so many of the Brueghel's town paintings. 


cockpit: Salsa Moto Bell Ace, SRAM levers, interrupters, MtFeedBag, 'lil loafer.

Do I look like a young Eddy?

Chinn Rd.  I *hated* this road with a passion. The surface was better suited for a monster truck. Big fat annoying rocks masquerading as gravel.

Yellowbank Trail was a nice stretch. Too bad the heat was starting to take its toll.

Deer Fly Ln. I appreciate the shade, but I was attacked by flies here, but not necessarily deer flies.

More DeerFly Ln., in all its chunky misery. This stretch into the wind with increased lumpiness  and chunky gravel broke my spirits. I resigned to shorten at this point.


I had to ride to the side where it was smoother, but an errant bump would put me in that green ditch.

Little Pigeon Creek, part of a Wetlands Conservation Area. There were a variety of explorable trails in this area.

A bit sandy, but smoother terrain none-the-less. Like those power lines Michael?

more wetlands

I saw a brilliant black and white bird take off from this tree.

Some famous house. I keep thinking of Cl. Parker, Elvis' handler.

Park not too busy today.

Lincoln Boyhood Nat'l Park

Maybe the right rig today, maybe not. I'll have to post further thoughts when not wasted.

BR in front of large farm near Santa Claus, IN. I have a strong suspicion that it's owned by the Koch family, same as Holiday World.

More mixed terrain, my first experience with melting chip seal. It made for a noisy trip what with all the spitting rocks.

Another, and better, Brueghel inspired pic.

I liked this road. It was north of Mariah Hill, but I don't remember the name and I was walking from shade to shade at this point, at least on the hills.

C'est tout. Es todo. Me voy.


Laura said…
Love the pictures (and comments)! I also agree with your Brueghel views -- very Flemish (and pretty).

Is Holiday World owned by the Koch family? Hmm. I had thought of taking the lad there one time on our yearly visit, but not if the profits are going to them. Bleh.
Pondero said…
98 degrees?! You might as well be in the Lone Star State.

You are the master of route selection, and 40 miles of rough roads in that heat, in my experience, is usually plenty.
Anonymous said…
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Anonymous said…
Ack, typo in the previous message. Retyping:
What Koch family are you thinking of? The Kochs who own Holiday World have owned/operated it for 4 generations and it is one of the cleanest, nicest, fairest deal amusement parks I have ever been to. To my knowledge, they are involved in no other businesses other than their own little (growing a lot!) park. mgns
Laura said…
The Koch brothers give money to lots of right-wing causes, as I read in this article:

However, this may be a different Koch family. I'll have to do a little research.
Laura said…
Well, I've checked out articles about the Koch Industries brothers and articles (now) about the Holiday World Kochs, and there seems to be no relation. Sorry. Everyone I know at school has been boycotting Koch Industries and when you mentioned large tracts of land owned by the Koch family, I thought that's who you meant. But they appear to be completely unrelated. Well, probably distantly related, but not enough to keep me from visiting Holiday World sometime. Mea culpa.
Tex69 said…
the Kochs to whom you refer are based in and around Minneapolis, and might be connected to Target, or might not.
Doug said…
The Minneapolis Koch brothers are connected to Koch Industries, not Target. But they do "own" a lot of politicians from both major parties.

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