I was stir crazy so I took matters into my own hands. I dragged Dave out of the house and we rode from 8.30 until about 11.00 yesterday evening, rolling along for 25 easy miles. I was on the Blueridge w/SON setup. The lights worked great and I really like the general position on that bike, but I had seat/underseat issues yesterday which never quite went away. Oh well. It was a relaxed two-wheeled evening and I'll thank Dave for the company.

Wed 8/3 25m
**mycyclinglog isn't opening and that's my means of logging mileage, so I'll have to keep a running count here for the time being.


David Crowell said…
Thank you for dragging me out of the house. I was planning on going to bed early, but the ride was much better.

I hope mycyclinglog comes back, or I'll have to quit using it. :)

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