'crossing it

Blast from the past!!! Lithodale has inspired me to dust off ye ole 'cross bike for a bit of muddy groveling action. Out of nowhere I decided to revive the forlorn Crosscheck for its original purpose. L had soccer prac at 6.00, for which we would have to leave at 5.30. Unfortunately I was drawn into a Law&Order-CI from which I could not extricate myself until 5.00. In those 30min I

  • found and dressed in sufficiently ratty cycling clothes given that it had rained all day and that it would be a mud bath.
  • removed the rack and rear fender (that fender will get new life somewhere. it's a nice city rack)
  • removed the 30c tires and mounted the 45c Panaracer Firecross, the heaviest, slowest tires of all time, but *perfect* for the soup.
  • mounted an Edge500 computer mount
  • removed the old, rusted flat pedals for future (i.e. 20min later) installation of (old) TimeATC pedals.
  • find my old Shimano cross shoes with Time cleats and the other crap I needed, including something to protect my key fob from the muck
It was as active a 30 as I've had of late. We arrived, I paid for the tshirts (other story) and got ready to ride. Basically, I did a short warm-up and dove into the first "hot" lap at mostly full gas. Because my gas isn't all that gas, well, it was mostly "gas" to me. I pulled off and prepared for the next "hot" lap, for which I used the "lap" function on the Edge. That lap was at 9:03 doing the "road" link first. I think the wind was coming pretty heartily from the west, so that route provided me straightaways into the wind. On my cool-down I noticed two other 'crossers doing an easy lap. Last week (on the mtbike) there was a whole pack of youngsters; they must have stayed away from the mud. I hit the lap again and went into my third "hot" lap. This time I ran up behind the two 'crossers, holding my spot for a while until I got a chance to pass. Funny that I hadn't been in a race situation for YEARS but that's where I was, looking for room to pass. The dude let me by and I finished my 3rd "hot" lap at 8:45, 18sec faster than #2, and with the slow traffic behind the 2 'crossers. 

I spoke to Lithodale later and he encouraged me to do StormtheGreens in late October, the weekend after our RiverRiverGorge weekend. The Cat4 race is 30min, which is basically 3 of my "hot" laps plus a bit. The challenge, I guess, would be to avoid the DFL (google it if you need), but if I feel good and have a non-injury race, who gives a crap? Mas training? Maybe?


Pondero said…
I want to like cross as much as I like watching cross, but someone has to stand behind the ropes and admire.

(hand raised)
lithodale said…
There is zero dishonor in DFL...only in DNS & DNF...
Apertome said…
Sounds like fun! The GPS track looks hilarious ...
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, I'm sort of with you there. It looks fun but that is one "pain tunnel" if ever existed.

@Lithodale, I agree with you too, but the DFL has to be accomplished with a bit of panache of some sort.

but...remember that bit of dialogue from one of the Star Wars movies. "They tried and failed?", asks Luke. Master Yoda, "They tried and died." Never underestimate Master Yoda.

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