FCCHundy pics

Rehl Rd. in the morning. For those of you not from Louisville, this is about 2m tops from "the 'burbs'. Quaint, isn't it?

Cockpit. I'll move the Garmin mount to the stem next time I'm in this configuration. Also, I won't use the mtfeedbag. It knocked against my knee a bit much on this ride.

"Canoe Park", or something to that extent. It's part of the developing Floyds Fork Park project.

Canoe launch. I discreetly used the bushes, if you understand me.

Old Taylorsville Rd.

Taylorsville. Looks pretty peaked in this pic, much like the rest of rural America.

Tobacco staking, for those who don't know what that is. I've never done it, but I've always heard it's back-breaking work.

This is an interesting stretch of KY458. It's a long, mild false flat. On my last FCHundy it rained on me here. This time, I think the heat was mounting. I took a quick breather at the top. And it smelled like cow shit. I don't mind cow shit, but not in the heat.

This is a painted message on 1754/Chaplin Rd., with me climbing and this on the opposite side. This stretch is apparently used for C.KY rides like the MS150 and maybe the OKHT.

lunch stop in Willisburg

Fresh asphalt along 433/Willisburg-Mackville Rd. 

My rest spot. I lay down in the grass just off the front wheel. I rested. I needed to.

Backroads leading into Perryville.

Steep crap along Oscar Bradley Rd. on the west side of Perryville Battlefield. I walked here, in socks.

Questionable activities along same stretch of OscarBradley

Pinto nuzzle along Oscar Bradley. My inability to ride and need to stay in the shade allowed me multiple pic opportunities.

Butterflies cavorting, just barely.

Approaching Perryville. Looks flat. It isn't.

Perryville and Chaplin River

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Shade, with a bit of sunny inspiration.

Last obstacle, Mt.Salem Rd. just south of Hustonville at mile 94. What is less evident here is that I was trying to capture the darkening clouds. It began to drip on me within seconds after this, and by mid-climb it was raining. By the "summit" at 1m it was absolutely pouring. No more pics for me.


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