I wasn't paying attention, but this first week of September I passed my mileage from all last year. I finished last year amid health problems and whateve else with 3,024, which was about 600m less than 2009. I remember being disappointed. This past week with the HnHFCH and some commuting I'm up to 3,059, not up with FatGuy and certainly no Bikeolounger, but sheeyat, I'll take it. And the Fall may prove promising. On deck (hopefully) is a late-October gravel/trail weekend with some camping thrown in and in late November we're talking a GravelGrovel with the extended RCCS crowd. And of course I have to train for such events.

I like to ride, and ride I will.


David Crowell said…
Train? Why would we train? Let's just ride.
bikeolounger said…
I strongly dislike that "t-word."

Any year one sets a personal best is a good year, regardless of others' milestones. I know folks who have more than six thousand leisure/hard riding/long ride miles YTD instead of my CO2 miles, and it would do me no good to compare my ability to theirs.

Congrats on the milestone!
Patrick said…
I suppose the question of "train or not to train" depends on one's goals.

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