Another first century (L.B.)

I'm mired in a loop of sneezing, sniffling, aching and blahing, so in lieu of any real cycling, I wittle the day away vicariously cycling through others. What brightened my day the most was the recounting of Lovely Bicycle's first century report. While usually designing and facilitating georgeous bicycles in MA, she's in Germany for some reason, and decided to undertake her first century ride, in this case solo (not unlike my own in '10; I've yet to do a group century). Hers gets more interesting with her sense if panache in completing such a ride. In typical cycling terms, a century would entail lots of Lycra, carbon and non-food gels. LovelyBicycle, though, pulls off a sense of Euro styling, riding her first hundy in woolens on a steel city bike. Stylish and invigorating. Interesting too, just as the rest of us "mortals" face dark times on long rides, she also hits her bad spot somewhere in the second half, but a little tea and food reinvigorate her spirit. A great blog, a great ride, and certainly great style!

Near Tulln
© 2010 Lovely Bicycle


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