Puny JRA

Puny. My early week misery turned into a sore throat/ick/quack/uck yesterday and today. I left work a bit early yesterday, came home, and napped for a couple hours. Today after some morning teenager drama Dave and I took a very easy ride, he on his new (to him) Big Dummy and I on my reciprocal cargo bike Ute. We mostly roamed, eventually reaching the 'Cross park down on River Rd, where we went cargo 'crossing for a few minutes. Pretty funny, if you ask me. After that we stopped by the shop where Dave ordered a new stem and I picked up a fresh tube for the IF. Dave followed me home where we checked out the new drilled bottom bracket drain hole on the IF. I guess I should blog about the general experience, but I'm not up for it yet. After that, Dave helped me mount some Paris-Roubagi tires on the IF. I bought them when I got the bike but hadn't tried them out. They were the most difficult tire I've ever mounted, but they're supple. I'll try them out tomorrow if I can.
Dave 'cargo 'crossing' on the Dummy. Schweet!!


Pondero said…
Love the cargo crossin'!

Hope you recover quickly.

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