The day's proceedings

I'll admit it. I am taking a "personal day" and am playing hooky from work. I am turning 42 years-old today. I am riding my bike for approximately 102 miles. We'll be mixing in some very well-known terrain such as 148 into Shelby Co. and later Goshen Ln. and ol' Rose Island Rd. We have stops in Shelbyville, Crestwood, and I'm sure a few more spots along the way as needed.

The image at the bottom is presently filled with green and yellow, a real smorgasbord of precipitation. The temps will be in the mid to upper-50s, so it's one of those "really wet, not that cold" moments, so wool is on the menu. I'll take a rainy, chilly Hundy mostly any day, especially on a birthday. Why not?


Pondero said…
That...looks like a recipe for adventure. I'll be a good story will follow.
Apertome said…
Great way to spend your birthday. I hope you had a blast!
Doug said…
Happy Birthday. I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday.

Okay, maybe I can, but a bike ride would be near the top of the list.

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