I'll have some stuffing with that Coffee

I'm fighting a bit of a cold again, so today's 30-miler pre-Turkey burn-off turned into a very lazy 21-miler with not one but *two* coffees stops. We- Dave, Timothy and I- met at one of the open Heine's to do the 30ish miler to Utica and back. By the bridge crossing I knew that today wasn't my day. Yesterday I was mostly vegetative and last night I awoke with a nice chest rattle. I thought I was fine but one in Jeffersonville I decided to turn around at some point and cut things short. I was weak, cold, and ready for the warmth of liquids and sweaters. Once announced, my compatriots both decided to do the same. Timothy carved off for TDay prep, while Dave and I found that Quills' was open, and to my surprise, was restocking the Savory Scone! The cup and snack there was excellent.

From there it was time to crawl home. I decided I need *more* warm liquid to keep things going, and Dave decided to stop with me again; he loves his coffee. Now I'm home and it's time to clean up and mentally prepare for what will be an excellent feast prepared by Mom. She's a great cook and everything will be even more savory than that scone.

Peace and Give Thanks. Most of my readers are employed, have your health, have a healthy activity to participate in and loved ones and friends to support you. We're lucky, I think.


Pondero said…
Fortunate, indeed. I'm hoping you get past that cold fast. You've got a big ride coming up!

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