Good to see the ol' blog is back to normal after a few frantic days of Gravel Grovel viewage. The results came in, and as expected, I was towards the back. Not surprising there, but I'm fine with that. I came in under time and didn't hurt myself. Apparently my post didn't sound like the most positive, but my race wasn't the most positive. I'm still battling the snot that's now been ongoing for 2 weeks now.

How did I battle the snot monster last night? I went out in the dark and rode an hour in the rain at 37F. I got wet and cold towards the end, but the first 40 minutes were quite fine, and the Blueridge+SON did its job to a 'T'. Great all-weather bike, that one. I won't top 600 for the month, but I have mid-500s and feel good about my November riding in general. I may scale back a bit of the distance for December, or at least as many all-day disappearance rides, but I'm enjoying two wheels and need to mentally gird myself for the colder temps.


Pondero said…
Hey, get over that head crud already. Getting mentally ready for winter is a good idea, but being physically ready is a great one. Let go of the handlebars and go take a nap or something.
Tex69 said…
In lieu of more manly riding I just got back from a nice 45min stroll. Often that feels just as good.

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