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I worked my tush off on that last post and I got nary a comment. Goes to show I shouldn't be wasting my time on trying to sound literate!

Dave and I took a fun ride last night, doing a soccer practice ride. Instead of 'cross we chose a road ride, as the 'cross course is pretty dang dark with the time change. I rode the Blueridge, which I an exceedingly in love with. It does everything I need it to do well, including participate in a spirited road ride like last night. We yo-yo'd the pace with hard and easy efforts via Indian Hills and St. Matthews. Once in the parks we saw a gaggle/mob/throng/group of lit-up cyclists, I presume a LBC club ride with everyone fully lit, many with bar and helmet lights and reflective vests. It looked like Close Encounters as a ship comes up over the horizon. Fun. After tempo through Cherokee we took the Beargrass Creek Trail and then to Mellwood for the return. After passing Brownsboro, Dave put in a big-gear attack; obviously he was feeling saucy. I had to dig hard to pull him back, which I did in about a half-mile. Once I took a brief breather I did the same to him, digging very deep for a while before leveling off. He and never ride like this, but it was fun. The evening's efforts gave me a very enjoyable 59min ride. Dave turned and rode home, prolly giving him 30m+ on the day.

As to the Blueridge, I just mounted a new front fender to replace the one I trashed on the Orleans ride. I need to tweak the front line a bit, as the rack in pushing it down a little close to the tire for comfort, and giving me some rub here-n-there. I'd also like to try a new bar. The Salsa Bell-Lap, for me, has no drops position whatsoever; I hate it. Patrick has a FSA Wing Short-n-Shallow which I might try. Many of the newish bars are 31c (or whatev the new standard is), but the present stem is 25.8c, so I'm leery of changing out a stem that is definitely working for me on basic tops and hoods riding position. Not sure what to do. I do want new bar wrap and to remove the interrupters. Fresh tape and easier access to the rando bag make the BR a perfect rando mount, or near-perfect enough.

I'm closing in on 4000m for the year as well. I'm excited about that and hope to have a productive Nov and Dec, as I usually do.


David Crowell said…
Your previous post was a masterpiece. I think you didn't get any comments (as of yet anyway) because Timothy and I had posted our write-ups a couple of days before you posted.

I've also noticed less traffic in general to my blog. I don't know if people are busy with other things, or if I'm just boring. :/
David Crowell said…
Last night's ride was a lot of fun. I often get cranky about fast rides, but I felt much strong last night.

I wish it had carried through to today.
Tex69 said…
That's how it should go. Hard day. Easy day.
Pondero said…
Regarding the lack of comments, I've theorized (in my case) that the lack of comments has more to do with how busy others are, than the quality of my work. I am sometime surprised by what generates comments. While comments are not my objective, I'll admit that I enjoy them. I wish I could keep up with all my blog pals better.

You post was excellent, by the way. And I'm with you, I enjoyed the BQ article very much. It made me want to go ride that very same route.
Timothy said…
I put the new Salsa Cowbell 3 on the new bike. It feels great, and the shorter reach and drop actually allow me to have useful control of the levers from the drops. 6mm less reach and 18mm less drop than the Bell Lap, same flare. Tighter radius on the top mean wider flats up there.
Tex69 said…
@Pondero, I've found that since I went to an Ipad RSSreader I leave fewer comments b/c the interface isn't conducive. I also surf less, which is a good thing I guess. Maybe?

@Timothy, another endorsement for the CB. More and more tempting for both Blueridge and Crosscheck.
Laura said…
I agree that your post was excellent and also that the lack of comments doesn't mean much. I've been kind of swamped and have time only to quickly read a blog post before doing something I'm supposed to be doing.

I love the "Kentucky-ness" of the post -- you could enter that into some writing contest for really giving the feel of a place!
Tex69 said…
@Laura, thanks for the kind words. I know you're not just a bike geek, so your opinion is appreciated for a different perspective.

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