Productive, fun tempo ride in the parks during Z's track practice under nice conditions- 48F with some sun. Warmed up efficiently and then kept on the gas while doing a reasonable mix of flats with some hills spiced in. The wind was definitely assisting on the Seneca to Cherokee swing. Now it's time for some Xmas lights, given that I'm too spastic to watch the UK/UNC game. No team I dislike more in the universe than UNC. Cocky bluebloods (who back it up).


David Crowell said…
Good for you. I slept in. I'll have to go out for groceries, but I have no real motivation for more riding.
I'm riding every day again. The mornings are still very mild and riding is a joy. Won't be long though. Old man winter is simply slow getting here but he's on the way.
Tex69 said…
@AMR, will you use studded tires and ride all winter? Or shut down for only those 35F, non-snow days?

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