Mas entrenamiento

Nuttin' fancy. Amid the crazy-ass traffic this evening I got 19m in during Z's soccer. I added an extra climb just for fun and only popped at the end. Teknoligy says that I had pretty good legs until the long drag out of Mockingbird Valley when I went uphill *and* into the wind. The same wind propelled me nicely along Rudy and Westport. The one interesting moment happened around the St.Matthews corridor. I was coming up on the Westport turn when I was buzzed on my left by a middle-aged dude on a nice Bachetta 'bent with what had to be 23c's. I'm good with his 'bent and his narrow-ass tires, but how about a "on your left" or something useful. Instead it was a kind of drive-by. I didn't say anything b/c I was enjoying myself, but next time... It hit a new record today, 82F. Amazing really. I saw probably 20 cyclists out including what I assume was the remnants of a club ride, but lots of singletons in the Indian Hills area, hitting the hills just like me. In the JimRome parlance, "War IF!". Another great ride on the fancy bike. It's the perfect bike for the 1-2hr training ride. It's good at other things too, but great for those moments.



I trade in my soccer coaching hat for the lacrosse one on Monday. I have never even seen a lacrosse game but the head coach says not to worrry. I taught him soccer. He will teach me lacrosse.

Here is our soccer team site for your perusal.

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