gettin' some trail

Sometimes you just gotta get some trail!

Today has been an active one. This morning opened with a 50min walk under perfect, 67F, breezy, blue conditions. Perfect.

Later I moseyed down to OYLC on the Troll, first with a stop at Quills, for some tape and a few Honey Stingers. Drew did a fine job with a much more 'pro' look than some janky job of mine. My return led me to the Beargrass Trail for some heron watching and then home via a Cherokee cut-through.

Post smoothie, Luke and I took a brief bike ride, his first since The Accident. He lasted about 3m, which is great considering his bed-ridden status of the last few weeks.

And finally I "dusted" off- funny, very dusty today, in fact- a 1.15 mtbike ride in mostly Cherokee. Mtbike performance is so enigmatic. Today I felt great. I hit things hard, muscled the bike around, took things at speed and climbed well. I kept rolling until a few bad lines around the new "switchback" trail, but still cleared it alright. By the time I climbed the Seneca golf course trail the wind had left my sail, but a good day on the trails. Go figure.

**A side word about the trail conditions is that they were really rough. I think it's so dry that the ground is contracting and leaves these big, gaping ruts and holes all around. Rough.


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