Heading out

It's the QB that did it. From the first moment I rode the larger-than-should-be QB, I knew the Bleriot was too small, and my decreasing miles reflected this reality. It has the second most mileage of any of my mounts since joining mycyclinglog, but only 300+m in the past 1.5 yrs.

I'm selling the frame and accouterments to a nice man but am keeping the drivetrain and wheels and some other doo-dads. The hope is to go in a low-trail, 650b direction sometime this Fall, only cheaper than some other people have done.


rigtenzin said…
Darn, that would have probably fit a little fat guy like me.
Tex69 said…
Sorry dude. Went through the mostly moribund BOG group.

And I certainly do resemble a little fat guy, for sure. Brothers of the Heft!

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