I've been pretty uninspired to do much blogging, or that much riding for that matter. The dreaded *tennis* team is firing back up with all of its contretemps and hassles.

This afternoon, though, I found out that the brother of one of our players, a player who is the good friend of my son, found out that his leukemia has returned. He fought it part of '11 and into '12 and has since lived one solid year cancer-free. Now, as a 7th-grader, 13 year-old and same age as our younger son, has to face cancer again, I'm sure knowing the odds now are further stacked against him. 

Live life. Hug those close. Prioritize what gives you satisfaction, peace and "happiness", not a jolly, instant-gratification reaction, but a deep, profound sense of well-being. Perhaps religion provides an answer. Perhaps connections do. Perhaps the arts inspire. Perhaps a gravel road amid the earth's wonder can do the same.  But don't just let life happen until your name is called. Give of yourself. Find satisfaction is helping others. Take a ride, too.


David Crowell said…
Damn. More bad news.

I heard some other bad news today, but can't share it yet. It's nobody I've met in person, but it still sucks.
Pondero said…
Yes, priorities. Without a clear understanding of priorities, we drift on the surface and miss the meaning.

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