Covered Bridge

#SCS #SummerCyclingSeason has begun! Tennis, save a couple parties and meetings, is put away in the attic for next year. The boys' soccer is in the final death-throes for the Spring season, so now it's time to be selfish, human and newly fit. Last night I took the wife out to dinner and a movie (strong thumbs up for Silver Linings Playbook). This morning I needed to pick 'L' up from an event at 12, so I planned a ride leaving from PJ's, who lives quite close to the required destination. I'm sure we were cute in our Rivendells, he on his A. Homer Hilsen and I on the (tennis-paid-for) Atlantis. My fitness is truly abysmal, but I have the time now to do something about that. I consider this morning to be the first ride of many to get my fitness back up for some summer adventures, whether they be tours, gravel rides, hundys or S24Os. Anything to keep the body moving.

This route is a standard one for many Louisvillians and for PJ, who has easier access to the OldhamCo area than I do, or Dave for that matter. We both knew up front that my fitness is garbage, so we just did the pace we could, he extended on the climbs and I made forward progress. Funnily, I uploaded to Strava and found that my pace on the stair-step Covered Bridge climb was only a few minutes slower, but the steeper Sleepy Hollow showed a markedly slower pace. Who the eff cares!?!?

We stopped in Stepford, er, Nortons Commons for a coffee and then finished up with the jagged profile of Wolf Pen. You know, the legs weren't there and the cardio was even more pathetic, but it was as good a ride as I recently remember. Great, simply Great to be out there.



Riding our bike can be so much better than coaching kids who may only be on a team for a "Letter". I had one of those years with soccer. I had two actors, a dancer, a few skiers and some lax players. All the soccer players were still on the JV team. So I ride.
Pondero said…
Good to out there, and good to see you enjoying the Atlantis.

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