"Free Week" Shakertown Day 1

aka Shaker Village of Pleasant Hill, which sure wasn't the name when I was a kid (and which sounds like a subdivision name)

 So, Day 1 of "Free Week" was spent trying to hike, hike, and being patriotic in the heart of the Bluegrass, Lexington. Day 2/3 had even greater ambitions, with a trip...to hike and frolic at Shakertown. We even got a hotel, or "inn", reservation to make it an even more ambitious, "romantic" getaway.  After our usual late start, we arrived to find the conditions problematic.

You may or may not be able to see the puddles and rivulets running down the path. It was raining, a God's Fury, "Flash Flood Warning", riverboat closed, let's read a book raining. The wife, though, knows that I go stir-crazy without something to do, so I set about doing one of the trails once the rain let up a bit and, to my surprise, she was game. We set out to find and stroll the Meadow Trail. We started down a long, paved road to find a refurbished brick building at the bottom of the hill next to a pond, the tannery building which apparently is one of the room options (at $295 but with lots of space and a kitchen). From there the trail followed along two ponds where I saw a Kingfisher and lots of rain..and algae...green pond algae. It then curled along the hill through a forest where we almost ran into a doe and two fawns. I can only imagine being attacked on "vacation" in the pouring rain by a pissed-off mama deer. It crossed my mind.  From there the trail opened up and followed the famous rock fences of Central KY where it rained on us some more and the wife's glass fogged up and we ended up very wet. But we hiked.

After our hike we cleaned up and then ate at the restaurant at the Inn. I like the Inn, the ambiance, the scenery, the attitude, but the meal was mediocre for the $ we spent. And that's alright. After our rain, hike, food and lack of TV reception due to the continuing storm, I think I drifted off at 8.30. I wanted to read but there wasn't enough light. Damn Shakers!


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